Viking nectar

Viking Nectar is a very specific string of 191 Amino Acids, which is exactly what HGH is. Viking Nectar is compounded in an ISO 9001 Certified Facility and has 98.9% purity. I would put this compound up against anything available on the market today. When you take into consideration the purity and price point, there's really no better cost-effective solution anywhere. To purchase Viking Nectar, please complete the form below. Viking Nectar is $325, shipping included, for 100 IU's. There are 10 vials in a kit, each vial contains 10 IU's. You will need Bacteriostatic Water to reconstitute the powder. It will require 10 ML of water, in total, to reconstitute all ten vials. A number of companies offer bacteriostatic water including (Use Coupon Code VIKING when Checking Out at PureRawz for 15% off of your ENTIRE order) or Viking Store You will also need insulin syringes. Those can be purchased from many companies, including Vitality Medical.

Disclaimer: The product is a Research Chemical Only and is not intended for Human Consumption.