What You Need To Know About Hormone Therapy… Man or Woman

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I’m a 56-year-old man. Based upon my age and gender, what would you assume Facebook thinks are the top three things I’d be interested in? If you get Cialis Hormone Therapy and for whatever reason, Two Girls Boxing, you’d be correct. Because those are a majority of the ads showing up in my feed. But Zuckerberg, come on, dude, you got to up your game. Because I don’t have ED, I already own a hormone clinic, so it’s not like I’m in the market for HRT and Two Girls Boxing. Okay, maybe I stopped once or twice and watched that one. Irrelevant. Like I said, I own a hormone clinic. So, of course, I’m going to critique HRT ads. And every time I see one, I’m like, lie, that’s a lie. I can’t believe they said that. So why do hormone companies lie? Because they have to. And here’s why. At least once a week, I get an email from some aspiring entrepreneur telling me they want to open a hormone clinic and ask me if I’d be willing to help get them started. Now, under normal circumstances, I’d be an idiot to accept a proposal like that. I’d be creating my own competition.

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I’d be slingshotting a competitor on to the road of success, saving them from making all the rookie mistakes I make, which cost me a ton of time and money. But that’s never been my concern, because by the time I have a conversation with them, they always choose to do something else. Why? One word, attrition. I explain to them the hormone therapy business is a repetitive process of putting people on the front of the bus. And of course, I’m speaking metaphorically faster than they’re falling off the back. But, Sam, you might wonder, if HRT is the fountain of youth, why the revolving door? Well, brace yourselves. Another one-word answer, laziness. Now, I will give you this. Hormone therapy ads, like the ones I referenced earlier, imply you get this vial testosterone in the mail, you inject it into your body, you immediately lose 50 pounds, and by the following morning, you’re a Greek god with the sexual stamina of a porn star. When that doesn’t happen, a lot of people are like, screw that. Nobody told me I had to make lifestyle changes. This is bullshit. Which is odd because that’s the same mindset that drove them to seek hormone therapy in the first place.

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They’ve neglected their body for decades and they’re looking for a magic pill to make all the damage disappear instantly. Your first instinct would be to blame hormone therapy clinics for false advertising. Sounds logical to me, until you look at it from their perspective. Imagine you’re a company and you’re advertising to a bunch of overweight, middle-aged men, and your message is this is going to change your life. Then you whisper, But there’s a caveat. You have to eat correctly 80% of the time, and you have to exercise at least three times a week. We both know you’re not selling shit if you do it like that because you’re not talking to a motivated demographic here. You’re talking to men who haven’t seen their toes in 20 years, men who get winded walking to the refrigerator, men who think lifting a remote is an upper body workout. Do you really think this guy here has any interest whatsoever in exercise and nutrition? My philosophy as a clinic owner is a bit rogue. It’s a bit unorthodox because I’d rather slack you with reality than promise you to rainbows, kittens, and lollipops. If you aren’t willing to make these small incremental changes in your lifestyle?

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Save your money and your time. Because when you fail, we both know you’re not going to blame yourself. You’re going to blame me. Then you’re going to make sure you tell everyone that will listen that hormone therapy is just a pipe dream perpetuated by a bunch of used car salesmen. Let’s be clear. Hormone therapy isn’t a genie in a bottle. It’s the cornerstone, the bedrock upon which you build the castle of your renewed vitality. It’s not success in a vial, and it certainly isn’t instant. It makes up for the decreased amount of critical hormones your body stops producing the end of the age. Why would your body do that? Because in Mufasa’s shit, Circle of Life, your body has started the slow but inevitable process of dying. Let me put it this way. You have a base of flowers on the counter. They look awesome. A day or two later, they start looking a little ragged. You open up that magical packet of crystals they gave you when you bought them and poof, they look great again for another week. You’ve extended their life by feeding them correctly. They don’t have to exercise, so it’s not a perfect analogy.

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I see you, keyboard warrior. Save your smart-ass comments for someone else, but you get the picture. Yes, they’re still going to die, but not nearly as fast. With hormone therapy and a couple of lifestyle changes, you’re still going to die. But just like the flower, not nearly as fast. You look and feel a hell of a lot better before you do. Don’t be misled by fancy advertising. There will be hard work and it won’t be easy. But if you’re willing to put forth the effort, I guarantee you the results will be legendary because getting old is inevitable. But feeling old and looking old, that’s a choice.

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