What Testosterone Number Means Low T

What Testosterone Number means you have Low Testosterone? What should your Testosterone Number be if you’re On TRT? Do you have to crash your T Numbers to move to Viking? For the Best HRT Clinic in the Entire Universe: Viking Alternative Medicine. www.VikingAlternative.com. Phone: 210-826-8900.



A common question we are asked is what number does my total testosterone have to be for me to be diagnosed as having low T.  If you present this question to most clinics they’ll give you some long-winded speech of how there are far too many variables involved to give you a definitive answer.   While that certainly carries some validity that wasn’t what you asked.   You asked for a number so let’s get you one.




I am NOT a doctor.  I don’t pretend to be a doctor.  This video is comprised of my thoughts and opinions.  Nothing I say should be misconstrued as medical advice.  Every medication discussed in this video is prescribed by a licensed medical professional.   Consult your physician before injecting or ingesting any medicinal compounds,  DISCLAIMERE FINISHED


You want an answer – 550 that’s your answer and by this I mean if your natural testosterone level is under 550 and you’re experiencing multiple symptoms of low testosterone then you are, in our opinion, a viable candidate for TR.   If your natural testosterone level is 550 or above there would need to be other factors present before we take you on as a Viking patient.


Let’s talk about at least one of these exceptions – it is possible to have a total testosterone level of 550 but a free testosterone level of, let’s say, 50.   In this case, it doesn’t matter what your total test is because your body can only use 50 of that 550.   In this hypothetical scenario, your testosterone level is 50 period.


How is that possible?   One reason could be your SHBG is elevated. SHBG surrounds the testosterone molecule and renders it unusable to your body.  As our clinical supervisor Chris Neal puts it –  if you had 100 pennies on the table but 95 of them are glued down you really only have five pennies.  To fix this issue we do one three things –  lower your values of SHBG,  increase the amount of testosterone in your body,  or preferably do both at the same time.   It’s situations like this where having an experienced knowledgeable medical staff is critical.  I’ve said it before doctors don’t learn this stuff in medical school.  It takes years of hands-on experience to become proficient at hormone replacement therapy. Make sure your clinic has these resources.


The next question we need to answer is where should my testosterone number eventually be if I’m on TRT.  I’m going to say anywhere between 800 and 1500.  Some might argue that’s high. That’s far outside of the range that LabCorp and Quest show as normal.  What we have to understand is your testosterone level when you’re in your late teens was probably anywhere from 800 to as high as 1500.  This level isn’t new to your body, it’s just been a while.  What we are doing here is taking your hormone levels back to the time where you felt great, you slept well, your metabolism was raging, your body repaired itself quickly, you were constantly horny,  you performed like a porn star and all the other benefits you probably haven’t experienced in decades.


Here is another tip  – if you’re currently on TRT and you’ve been under the protocol for over a month and your testosterone levels are under 700 call Viking because there’s something terribly wrong.   Don’t think more is always better.   This is very individualized.   One person can feel great at 900 but they could feel fatigued, moody, and irritable at 1300.  We need to find the level that works for you and there’s no way to do that other than good old-fashioned trial and error.


While we’re on the subject of testosterone numbers,  another frequently asked is if I move to your clinic from another one do I need to crash my testosterone numbers in order to qualify?   The answer is absolutely not.   If you’re already on TRT we expect your levels to be elevated.  Taking this even further there are a lot of people self-medicating with compounds they buy from the Internet  – better known as underground lab or UGL meds.  If that’s the case you do not need to crash your levels be accepted by Viking.   We would much rather have you convert from an illegal and potentially harmful substance to a legal and medically supervised protocol with pharmaceutical-grade medications.   Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what you’re injecting into your body?


In conclusion, 550 is a natural cutoff unless there are other circumstances.   800 to 1500 is where you try to get your levels while on TRT and more is not always better.   If you’d like to know more about hormone replacement therapy in general,  if you’d like to move your existing clinic to Viking,  or if you finally just want to get legal.  Feel free to visit us at www.VikingAlternative.com,  or call the office at 877-MYHORMONES.   If you are happy with your existing clinic then god love you,  but if you’re not,  it’s never too late to live like a Viking!!

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