What She Really Thinks About Your “Dad Bod”…

What do you expect her to say? It’s time to change your life. This isn’t difficult. You just need to work with professionals. #HormoneTherapy

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I can promise you, when you say, Hey, honey, how do you like my dad bod? That is just as awkward for a woman as does my ass look fat in these jeans is awkward for a man. Of course, she’s not attracted to your dad bod. Who would be? You want proof? Look at the sales of Matt Riff ticket. Women have never heard of him, but they want to see him anyway. Why? He has a great body. He’s attractive. This isn’t rocket science. Next time you’re at the grocery store, look for a guy who’s in great shape. Look at how many times women initiate conversations with him in the checkout line. That’s your wife briefly fantasizing about another man’s body. Now, is your wife going to cheat on you? Of course not. I’m not saying she doesn’t love you. I’m simply saying she’s not attracted to you. Why let yourself get to the point to where you’re unattractive to your significant other? Why expect your wife to sell you model for something less because you can’t control your own behavior? Believe me, when both of you are in shape, when both of you are sexually attracted to each other, your relation is some next level shit.

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So call Viking, get your hormones checked, ramp up your metabolism, have more energy, increase your libido, perform like you did 20 years ago, and get back that self confidence you’ve lost over the years. Because getting old is inevitable. But feeling old and looking old is a choice.

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