What NOT To Expect From TRT

There are certain things you should expect from Testosterone Replacement Therapy and certain things you shouldn’t. In this video, I cover the stigma of TRT and what we can do to change the perception.

Today I want to talk about a common misconception that people have when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy.

First, the primary objective of TRT should be to feel better, period.   By fixing your testosterone deficiency  yoou are generally in a better mood,  you’re less apt to be depressed,  your libido improves,  you have better memory,  stronger bones,  more energy,  less body fat.

Yes,  you do have the ability to increase muscle mass,  but bigger muscles should just be a bonus.  It shouldn’t be your primary objective.  Why?  Because genetics plays such a large role in size and strength and we both know there’s not a damn thing you can do to change your genetics.  To set an unrealistic expectation based upon a variable that you can’t control – that is a recipe for disappointment.  I am mentioning this because we as men,  are just as bad as women when it comes to the superficial.  No –  we don’t ask our friend if our ass looks fat in these jeans but we will stand in front of a mirror and tear ourselves apart for absolutely no good reason.  We’ll look at a fitness model on a magazine cover and we’ll make that our mental image of what we should aspire to achieve.  We form unrealistic expectations of what we can honestly accomplish given our time,  desire,  and genetic limitations.   The guy in that magazine cover gets paid to be on that magazine cover.   It’s his job.   It’s what he does.   Those guys on YouTube that don’t seem to own a shirt because they’re half naked in every video they do – they get paid to do that.   Most of them realized at one point in time they were genetically gifted and they ran with it.   I don’t fault them for that but let’s not pretend like they’re average.   Hell,  I get paid to lift weights.   It didn’t start off like that but it ended up like that.   In fact,  let’s just get it right on the open  – I get paid to work out and keep myself in relatively decent shape.   Why?   Because nobody’s gonna listen to me if I don’t I have to create and maintain this perception that if I can do it at 51 years old you can do it too.


If we’re being honest my results aren’t even close to what you would call typical.   It isn’t that it’s unachievable.  There is nothing special about me.   The truth is it’s impractical for the average person.   I wake up every morning around 5:00 a.m.   I haven’t eaten anything since around 6:00 p.m. the previous day.   I’m freaking starving and I won’t eat anything until around 11:00 a.m.   The first thing I do is take a shot of testosterone while the Keurig is brewing up a cup of coffee.   I work in my home office for a while and around 8 a.m. I inject two iu’s of HGH.   30 minutes later I take a pre-workout and I go to the gym.  I do a full body workout every other day which takes an average of about 3 hours to complete.  Not 3 hours of social time –  3 hours of headphones on,
mouth shut,  30 seconds between sets, go to failure every time,  hardcore wipe the spit off your face, after every set.  That kind of 3-hour workout and that’s every other day.  Saturday,  Sunday,  Monday,  doesn’t matter,  I don’t take days off.   I get back home and I eat around noon.   I take a nap for an hour or so which helps speed my recovery.   I work the rest of the day and sometimes when I take my daughter to the gym in the evenings I’ll do 40 minutes on the treadmill in addition to the three-hour workout I did in the morning.   I eat 4,000 calories or more a day and I do that in a 7-hour window.   I inject two more iu’s of HGH right before going to bed which is around 9:00 p.m. On the days I’m not lifting I follow the same regiment with the exception that I do cardio and abs when I go to the gym.   Every day I’m working out for hours.   So why is that impractical for the average person?   Because you have a life.   You have a family.   You have a job.   You can’t take a nap for an hour so every day.   You can’t afford to spend 3 hours a day in the gym.   Some might not be able to afford 4 iu’s of  growth every day.   My point here is – stop pretending like you can.   Cut yourself some slack.   I want you to look at it like this – everybody wants to be a millionaire,  but what if you woke up every morning check your bank account and if you didn’t see 6 zeros you told yourself what a piece of shit you were.   There’s nothing wrong with goals but make them realistic.   Start off with the aspiration of being a thousandaire.   Once you achieve that shoot for a 10,000 aire.  Make small goals and move the stake as you reach your objectives.


We as a group need to make this whole TRT thing about feeling better,  not about how much muscle you can pack onto your frame.   All that mentality does is reinforces the misconception in society that TRT is for meatheads and gym rats.   Quite frankly it deters a lot of men from seeking the treatment they need because TRT is viewed strictly as a cheaters way of getting bigger or it’s for old men that can’t handle the fact that their muscles are shrinking with age so in a flurry of desperation they decide to stick a needle in their ass.   It’s become taboo in society and we as a gender are reinforcing this myth.  I often think it’s funny that somebody can openly admit they’re on a medication for something like high cholesterol and that’s somehow ok.  I know in certain cases it’s a genetic condition but in more times than not it’s due to lifestyle choices.   Let me get this straight, it’s ok to admit you made a series of bad choices over the years brought on by decades of undisciplined eating habits which ultimately has culminated into a condition that potentially could cause you to have a heart attack or stroke.   Instead of changing your eating habits you’d like to have your Lipitor with a Krispy Kreme. That’s somehow ok.   But to proactively fix a hormone imbalance in your body that will stave off Alzheimer’s, keep you mentally sharp,  increase energy levels,  decrease bone degradation,  and allow you to keep wiping your own ass well into your 90’s – that somehow is frowned upon.

Education people – that’s the key and it starts with us.   TRT is about feeling better period.   If you end up looking better too well that’s just icing on the cake.  Set realistic goals.  Work on your diet and your training.   If you fall off of the wagon get up.   Dust yourself off,  jump back on.  You’re human you will make mistakes.

Let’s change the perception of what TRT really is  – what TRT truly does.


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