Viking TRT In Canada? Is it Possible?

Discussing the possibility of opening a TRT Clinic in Canada. What are the issues, procedures, and concerns? Can we legally open a Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic in Canada? How would it work?


Putting the United States aside, the two countries I get the most requests from, when it comes to helping with TRT, are Canada and surprisingly… Australia. Now obviously it would be a logistical nightmare to try to work with Australia, as well as a legal catastrophe because they’re extremely strict when it comes to Hormone Replacement Therapy. But Canada… Canada is a different story.
So the reason for this video is to discuss any legal hurdles known by anyone out there before I move on opening Viking Canada. From my research, I can’t find any issues at all. Viking has an extremely competent medical staff, our medications are distributed from licensed and accredited pharmacies, we conform to all legal requirements at both the State and Federal levels… and HRT has been shown in numerous studies to be ridiculously healthy, and effective, for those suffering from Low Testosterone. And truthfully, I have absolutely no idea why Canadian Doctors have such an issue with TRT. The only answer I can think of is… Welcome to Socialized Medicine.
But back to Viking Canada. Let’s assume there are no legal issues with the distribution of product. We still have to make sure people qualify. So do we provide Canadians with a list of lab tests we need? And can they simply take the list to their Primary Care Doctor and have those labs run? I don’t know… I’m looking to you for feedback.
Let’s go even further and assume the legal aspects and qualification requirements Are satisfied. How do I envision this whole thing operating?
First, I would hire somebody to be in charge of Viking Canada. I would make it it’s own company. It would appear to operate entirely autonomously from Viking Alternative Medicine. But the engine, the knowledge, the medical staff, the pharmaceutical grade medications… those would still be handled by Viking U.S. So rest assured, Canadians would be getting the same quality care and exceptional customer service as is available to those in the United States. And I would still be the guy with the sign on his desk that states “The Buck Stops Here”. If something gets screwed up… it’s my fault. I don’t make excuses.
The process of Joining Viking Canada will be the same as joining Viking Alternative. Everything is completed online and via Tele-Medicine. You’ll complete an Intake Form. You’ll send us labs and a copy of your government-issued identification. You’ll schedule a consultation date and time, and if all goes well, you’ll become a welcomed member of the Viking Family. It just doesn’t get any easier than that.
Protocols would be the same as they are in the United States. We are all human beings and our bodies all work in a similar fashion. Geography doesn’t change that. What works extremely well in the U.S. will also work extremely well in Canada. If it “Ain’t Broke… Don’t Fix It”. Keep in mind that we’ll still modify individual protocols until we have you dialed-in perfectly. Make no mistake about it… this is a form of art, mixed with experience and science. There is no magical solution. This is why it’s so critical to have a capable medical staff overseeing your treatment from the very beginning.
Pricing… obviously pricing will be slightly higher in Canada. Not a lot higher… our mantra of Patients Before Profits will always hold true. But our shipping costs will be increased… so our pricing will need to be adjusted accordingly.
Delivery speed. It will take longer to fulfill orders in Canada.  Why? Because orders will need to be sent to our U.S. based shipping warehouse first, and then sent from there to Canada. Nothing drastic, I anticipate it might add an extra 3 days or so to the delivery schedule. And if Canadians take advantage of our 30 week TRT protocol… you’ll only have to order twice a year anyway… not a big deal.
And Viking Canada will cater to both men and women… just like we do today. Amazing things are happening in the female HRT market at Viking continues to forge new ground… especially with women in their 40 ‘s and older. No more hot flashes, no more sleepless nights, far easier to lose weight… women are quickly becoming some of our best success stories.
So I think we’ve covered a lot. I think I’ve shared with you where my head is on this thing, and I’m looking to you, Canadians, to do as they said in Jerry McGuire… Help Me Help You. This is in no way a done deal… I’m merely floating the idea and getting feedback at this point in time.
But what I can tell you is… we already have the hard part figured out. So all that’s left are the formalities. As soon as I feel like this is a Green Light endeavor… Viking Canada will open its doors within 30 days of the date that the decision is made.
So I hear you Canada… let me gather information over the next couple of weeks to make sure we can legally pull this thing off. But until then, always remember, “You Are Never Too Old to Live Like A Viking”.

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