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About a month ago I made a video suggesting that we, and I mean all of us, start our own TRT clinic. The reasoning behind that was there’s a noticeable lack of integrity and education across the entire industry as a whole. There are companies out there that charge you five times what they should. There are primary care physicians telling patients to do a total of 200 milligrams of testosterone each month in one single injection. There are doctors handing out testosterone and not even knowing when an aromatase inhibitor is. It’s like there’s a free-for-all out there of greed and ignorance – no not everywhere, but it’s prevalent enough to warrant concern and I thought it was time we did something about that. You can either sit around and bitch about something or you can make a difference.

My idea was to start a clinic that:

  • Puts patients before profits.
  • A clinic where experts highly educated on the subject of hormone replacement therapy could evaluate a patient, suggest an intelligent protocol, and periodically modify that protocol as necessary to optimize results.
  • A clinic where you actually know the owner and you trust that person’s morals ethics and integrity.
  • A place where you finally feel like you actually matter to someone.

I put a video out there and I received so many offers for financing partnership employment. The response was overwhelming and sincerely appreciated.   In fact while we’re on the subject, everything I’ve asked you to do as a group has far exceeded expectation.   In fact you guys, quite honestly, are truly amazing.

I knew I needed a partner if I wanted to do this thing properly.   I normally don’t like partners, but with this venture, I needed somebody that knew the industry. Somebody that had the patience of a saint.  Somebody that was already well respected in the hormone replacement therapy sector. Ultimately, I needed someone that would accentuate my strengths fill in the gaps where I had weaknesses so along comes this guy named Andre Miller.   He has an incredibly loyal following with a large population of people that trust him implicitly and for good reason – he runs the planet TRT Facebook page, which by the way, is a great resource for gathering information and learning things in a collaborative environment, and I highly suggest you join.   Andre is an extremely hard worker he’s intelligent he’s knowledgeable and he’s just a great guy overall.   Anybody that knows him will vouch for that.   We decided to form a partnership and start a TRT clinic from scratch, but we soon came to realize it’s not the hormone replacement part of things that make starting a clinic difficult.   It’s the bureaucracy, the licensing, forming the doctor network – it’s everything that has nothing to do with hormones themselves that makes the process such a pain in the ass, so we scratch that idea and we decided to purchase a franchise.   Franchising takes care of all of the things we didn’t want to concern ourselves with and allows us to focus on what matters.   Assembling the right team that will best serve our future patients.   Franchising keeps costs down because we have collective purchasing power across the entire organization.   This saves everybody money while still allowing us to create our own identity and to operate with virtual autonomy.  Andre and I own our own business.  We make the decisions.  We’re held personally accountable for everything – both the good and the bad.   The first rule of leadership is everything is your fault and we fully intend to shoulder that responsibility. Franchising is beneficial because we now have an extended network of professionals to help with difficult cases.   You as a patient, get access to the knowledge and experiences of an entire network of doctors and medical professionals –  a group that shares information for the betterment of the organization as a whole.  we named the company Viking Alternative Medicine and we’re currently narrowing down office space for our first location in San Antonio Texas.   The good thing is we’ll be able to operate in all 50 states from day one and you will not have to physically go into our office to become a patient.   In fact, because of our decision to franchise, we can actually start accepting new patients right now. I mean come on this was a crazy idea a month ago and today we can start accepting new patients!  God, I love America and I love capitalism!  Things are pretty backed up right now with all the people trying to come on board with our parent company so you might want to wait until we formally open our doors to the public.  I’ll put all the contact information for Andre in the description below , just in case.


What will we offer?

First,  we’ll work with both men and women.  Based upon the doctor’s recommendation during your initial consultation,  we can offer a full array of pharmaceutical grade medications from testosterone to HCG, Anastrozole,  HGH, TB500  BBc157 and many others,  all doctor prescribed and all fully legal.  All at the price point that’s second to none.  In fact,  I’ll make a deal with you –  if you can find a doctor prescribed Testosterone and HGH package cheaper anywhere else,  I will personally fly to your hometown and run naked from one end of your street to the other.  Believe me,  nobody wants to see that!  Especially me.  In fact,  there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever that every one of you out there shouldn’t eventually be with us,  joining the revolution that will change the way an entire industry conducts business from this point forward.  Finally putting patients before profits but I don’t expect you to take my word for it in a video.  Your business has to be earned and that’s exactly what Andre and I will work to do.

That’s what we’ve done and that’s where we are. the only remaining question would be where are we going with this whole thing?

I can honestly say my vision is to create the largest alternative medicine organization in the entire United States.  I want the best talent and want the best customer service and I want it all at a fair price point.   I want to make it where testosterone and HGH – the two components I attribute the vast majority of my success to  – I want these to be affordable and available for the average person.   You can take testosterone and HGH independently but the synergy between these two is unparalleled by any other compound I’ve ever heard of or personally experienced.  I am NOT a doctor I am NOT making medical claims,  but from personal experience and the testimonials of hundreds of other men I’ve spoken to over the past year,  if you want to feel great, if you want to feel younger , if you want to drastically slow down the aging process and increase your ability to burn fat,  perform better mentally, sexually,  amongst a host of other benefits,  the answer my friends is testosterone and HGH.   There are no substitutes.

That is the secret sauce!

I just wanted to give you that update I wanted to let you know what’s going on of course Andre and I will continue to provide information on things as they progress.  I’m not a patient person at all, I fully anticipate things to progress at an extremely rapid pace.


Andre Miller – 1-830-496-0167 – Call Andre to ask questions and, if you decide to move forward, he can get you started.

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