Here is The Beginner’s Guide to VIKING TRT!

If you’ve never done Testosterone Replacement Therapy before, things can be confusing when you receive your first Viking Kit. I put this video together to explain what each component does and how to use them. This should give you a good overview of how to successfully and safely administer your Viking TRT Medications.

I was asked by our staff to create a video for those of you that are new to TRT, have never done this before and you want to know what’s all this for, how do I measure things, what do I do with these different medications, and so on.

Let’s go ahead and make this as short as we can while still giving you as much information as we can.

First of all, I want to say thank you for joining Viking. We sincerely appreciate your business.

Let’s get started!

Testosterone, Vikro-dosing, IM injection

The first portion of this is going to be testosterone. It’s going to come in a vial. We use three different pharmacies. We use them for different reasons. One might have items that another one doesn’t have or one might be backlogged. A number of different reasons but they’re all US licensed pharmacies and all of your medications are shipped directly to you from the pharmacy. They are all pharmaceutical grade.

This testosterone vial is going to come with a top on it. Again this may look like this from one of the pharmacies, It may not. This is more of a theoretical thing explaining how to do things. You should be able to figure it out from there even if you get a product that’s slightly different. I have 200 milligrams of testosterone per week. How do I know that? Because it says it right on the vial it says my name, it has the pharmacy that it came from and my address. These are medications just like anything that you would get from the pharmacy. It says to inject half a milliliter intramuscularly twice per week. When it’s brand new I’m going to have to rip this red top off. That exposes this rubber stopper and that’s where the syringe is going to go. When I get a syringe it’s probably going to come with the drawing needle on it. The drawing needle is going to be a lower gauge so when you look at the package it could say 20 gauge or 18 gauge. You do not want to inject with that needle. That is a drawing needle. It is only to get the testosterone out of the vial. You are going to throw that needle away once you get the testosterone into the syringe itself. Turn the vial over. Most people wipe down the rubber stopper. You’re going to pull out however much you need in air first. If I need half a cc I’m going to go to the 0.5. Just to let you know when you dose medication – it’s the top of the rubber stopper in the syringe that you’re going measure to. What I’m saying is do not include the rubber stopper in the medication dosage itself. If it’s 0.5, make sure that from 0.5 to the top of the syringe is all medication, not rubber stopper. So you turn the vial over you, inject it – you push the air into the vial to equalize the pressure and then you pull it out to 0.5 cc’s. Now you have your dose of testosterone. You can put the vial down. You store it – it’s oil-based testosterone so you store it like in a cabinet at room temperature. You do not put oil-based medications into the refrigerator. Light effects it. This particular vial is an Amber colored vial, which is going to help, but still in a cabinet – as little light as possible. We now have our testosterone. I’m going to pull a little bit more to get some air into this syringe then I’m going to cap it and I’m going to pull that needle off. We’re finished with that needle – that’s the drawing needle. We come to the injection needle which is going to be another needle that’s included in your kit. You just peel back the plastic – try to touch stuff as little as possible with your hands. Twist on the injection needle and now that’s far skinnier. Again, you do not want to inject yourself with a drawing needle. You do it once and you’ll probably never do it again. This is going to be maybe a 25 gauge 26 gauge, something around there is going to be the injection needle.

Where do we inject? You can inject into your quadriceps which is your thigh. You can inject into your glutes, which is your butt. You can inject into your shoulders which are your delts. There are a thousand videos on YouTube about how to inject in your thigh. I will say my favorite place to do it is in the glutes – in the butt. My wife did it for me – she took one for the team- she hated it but she did it. If you are standing away, facing away from yourself, if you can imagine a crosshair on one of your butt cheeks like the right one, a crosshair on one of your Butt cheeks, the left one, if you look at that the upper right-hand portion of your right butt cheek is going to be the zone that you’re going to inject in. The upper left-hand portion of your left butt cheek is going to be the zone. The reason for that – there are fewer nerves arteries capillaries, veins, and so on. It is an easier injection when you do it in those different quadrants of your butt cheeks. I personally, and you can do this you want to, do this at least twice a week. You do not want to do it once a week – at least twice a week. If you do that evenly spaced it out throughout the week like Sunday and Thursday or Saturday and Wednesday, just get as even as you can. It doesn’t have to be an exact science but just make sure that you space it out. So, that’s the testosterone portion of the protocol. You have injected that. Now what I do is what’s called Vikro-dosing and it’s just another option. It’s not mandatory. Vikro-dosing keeps my red blood cell count down, keeps my testosterone levels extremely stable, and it keeps the estrogen conversion at bay. I aromatize far less when I Vikro dose – that’s basically taking an insulin needle instead of these bigger needles, taking an insulin needle and using it for my testosterone injections. You can put the insulin needle directly into the vial of testosterone if you’d like. Always swab the vial down with some alcohol pads. You can inject it into the vial, again you once put air in there first. If I have what I take is 200 milligrams a week that’s 1 cc so if I’m going to do this every day I need to divide 1 cc, which is 100 on an insulin syringe, by seven. That comes out to about 14.3 ccs. It’s a little bit. That’s 14.3 right there. I mean it’s nothing, you just go in and it’s done. I’ll either pull it right out of the vial which could take a little bit or I’ll do what’s called backfilling. With backfill I actually put it into the larger syringe first then I pop the back off of the insulin syringe. I fill it through the back up to 14.3. Then I’ll take it and put the plunger barely on the back of the syringe, turn it upside down so I can see the liquid run down – it doesn’t fall off if you have it right. Once it gets to the bottom, I just push it up to my dose and that’s what I would inject. Where do I inject this for Vikro dosing? My shoulders – deltoids, my pecs – in the meaty part of your pec. If you if you’re a little overweight, not the fat part, Do a shallow intermuscular injection, so right there closer to the sternum is where I do it. Then I would do the other pec on the next day and then I would do the other shoulder. I take 14.3 every day and it keeps my level so stable. Nobody has ever gone back to a 1 1/2 inch long IM syringe in their thigh or their glutes. Nobody. You could be the first, I don’t know. That’s exactly what I do. Again, store this in a cabinet – no light – that’s testosterone.


With HCG we’re going to need bacteriostatic water. The bacteriostatic water is in your kit. How do I know how much to use? The HCG is it’s going to come in powdered form so you have to do what’s called reconstitute. You have to add water to make it a liquid. Once you’ve added the water you can put the bacteriostatic water back in your refrigerator. There is an expiration date on this. You might get HGH at some point in time – you could get a number of different things that you would need bacteriostatic water for. The expiration here, for instance, is March 2021 so I can have this in my refrigerator until March of 2021. Don’t throw that away just because you’ve used like a little bit. So how do I know how much of this water to put into this vial? It’s on the medication – it tells me to put 2 milliliters of injectable solvent into this vial. Right on the label. I can either take this syringe and go up to the 2 or I can take this insulin syringe which is 1 cc that’s what the 100 even says 1 cc at the top and I could do 2 of these into this vial. Don’t try to shoot it directly into the powder. Try to shoot it at a little angle onto the glass and have it run down then you just swirl it gently for 30 seconds to a minute. I mean however long it takes. It will be reconstituted. it will be a liquid and will stay in liquid form and that’s when you can start using it.
How do I know how much to use? It says it on the pill bottle. It tells me in my particular case, and you’re going be different probably. I take 500 iu which is 0.5. Yours is probably going to say 0.25 and you’re going to take 250 IU’s. If that’s the case you go to 25 on the insulin syringe. 25 that’s it. If you are looking at it you’re going to want to go to where the bottom of the stopper is on the 25 so all of this is medication. You are going to inject this subcutaneously. That means to the right or left of your belly button or if you can imagine a bikini line on a woman, on the sides, on the hip portion. The reason for that is there are far fewer nerves there. Less nerves less pain. I use a half-inch syringe but with this HCG you could use the smaller 8 milliliters. The 8 milliliters is half the size. Even though we send you syringes you can buy syringes online. Just email us at and I’ll send you links to a couple of places where I get them on the internet. I get boxes of them, in fact, if the local hospital ever had a syringe shortage I’d probably able to keep them going for a month or so. I just have a stockpile of syringes of all different sizes shapes and volumes. That’s HCG – so you’ve now taken HCG this will be stored in the refrigerator it is water-based. Always keep the amber pill bottle with it because that’s where your prescription is. That has your name on it. It has how much you take if you ever forget. Just keep it in the pill bottle.


The last portion of this is going to be Anastrozole. Let me go back to let me go back to HCG. What does HCG do? It keeps your sexual function in order. It allows your body to produce its own testosterone so your testicles continue to produce testosterone on its own in addition to you taking exogenous testosterone. You get a little bump in that. It also keeps your testicles from shriveling up like raisins, which my wife appreciates. It also keeps all the fluid normal for sexual function all at what it normally would be so you don’t lose fluid volume. It keeps all of your sexual function going the way that it’s supposed to go. I always recommend HCG. Some people don’t want it and I have no idea why but to each his own. I personally recommend it. Anastrozole. What happens when we put testosterone into our body as our body will aromatize, it will take that testosterone and it will convert that to estrogen. We don’t want that so what we do is we take these pills – Anastrozole – half a tab usually. It says it on the bottle. It says to take one-half tablet by mouth twice weekly. I mean that’s pretty black and white, there’s no discrepancy as to what I’m supposed to take out of this bottle. If I’m supposed to take half a tab, if I try to use a knife I’m going to shoot part of it across the room which I originally did. Get a pill splitter from CVS or Walgreens. 99 cents to $2 – something like that. You put the tablet into the splitter which has a little razor blade. Close it down and it perfectly cuts a pill in half. Lifesaver. So when do we take these medications? We take them on the same day. If you don’t Vikro dose every day and you do the two injections a week- let’s say you do this the Sunday Thursday or you do the Saturday Wednesday, you’ll do all of your meds on the same day. Testosterone, HCG, Anastrozole all on the same day. What we want to do is block those estrogen receptors with the Anastrozole before you start converting the testosterone into estrogen. There is a method to the madness and there is a reason for the timing. Make sure you take them all in the same day. If you Vikro-dose, still HCG and Anastrozole spaced out throughout the week like on a Sunday, Thursday or Saturday, Wednesday sort of schedule. Anastrozole just goes right in your cabinet. Try to keep as much light off of it as possible.

So those are basically the three components that we use for hormone replacement therapy. TRT also. Once you do it once or twice it’s simple. You will just be able to within two minutes, have everything done. It’s really no big deal. It’s just that first time or that first couple times that you might need some guidance or might need to watch this. If you have any questions whatsoever always call the office 210- 826 8900 or email We are always here to help you and we can explain. Watching this video is the first step. This should at least acclimate you or give you a pretty good overview as to what you should expect.

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