Think You Have Low T? Viking Will Buy You a FREE Testing Kit!

Viking will buy and ship you a FREE Testing Kit for finding out how much Testosterone is surging through your body, worth $65, with absolutely no strings attached. Why? To get more men that suffer from Low T to identify the problem and get the help they need.

I’m not going to start this video out by explaining why I’m willing to buy you an At-Home Testing Kit for Testosterone. I’ll get to that reason later. What I’d like to do first is get right to the rules.


  1. Rule #1. I will send you a $65 testing kit, to your house… for Free. No strings attached, no hidden agenda… I don’t know how else to explain the word free except to tell you not a penny of the cost will come out of your pocket. This test will measure the Total Testosterone flowing through your body.
  2. Rule #2. This is for Non-Viking patients only. If you’re already a member of our wonderful Viking family, you do not qualify for this promotion. The objective here is to get those people thinking about TRT to finally do something about it. Plus, Viking patients were just given a free 30 day nutritional coaching session by the legend, Shelby Starnes… don’t get greedy.
  3. Rule #3. I need you to understand that This test ONLY lets you know if you’re a candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It does NOT fulfill the lab requirements by any TRT clinic, including Viking. This is just for people that feel symptoms of Low T, but don’t want to go through the entire application process just to find out whether or not they qualify. So please, don’t take this test, find out your low, and tell a clinic you’ve already completed your labs… because you haven’t.
  4. Rule #4. You have to promise me that when the test arrives at your house, you’ll actually do it.
  5. Rule #5… if your test comes back under 550… we, at Viking, consider you to be a viable TRT candidate. And we suggest you do something about it… quickly. Because I promise you, the problem is not going away on its own.
  6. And finally Rule #6… If your Testosterone does come back low, I ask that you consider using Viking as your TRT provider. I say the word “Consider” because I’d rather have you go somewhere, anywhere, even if it’s not to Viking, than to do nothing about it and let this condition persist.


So those are the rules. Now let’s go over how you order the Test. Simply go to and complete the short form. We’ll purchase your test, get it shipped out, and send you an email with your User Name and Password. You’ll need this information to log in and see the results of the test once it’s processed by the lab.


And finally, How is the test performed? Well, you get a small box sent to your house with everything you need. You use the lancet to prick your finger and you bleed into a small tube. You cap the tube, and send it back in the postage paid container. You register your test online so the lab knows it’s on its way. This takes about 5 minutes, in total, to complete all of these steps. Detailed instructions are in the box.


When the test has been processed by the lab, you’ll receive an email letting you know. Simply log into your account to see and download the results.


Does it get any easier than that? I don’t thinks so.


Now let’s get into the reason I’m doing this. Why would I spend my money, buying you a $65 test, with no guarantee you’ll even take the test in the first place? Well, because contrary to common belief, I’m convinced most people are inherently good. I believe most people will do what they say they’ll do. I mean you have your anomolies like Scott Reinhart, but fortunately those are few and far between.


Second, I’ve been blessed with a thriving HRT clinic and a large following of very loyal patients. And when a company does well, it should give back to the community. So what I’m effectively doing here is helping men that are lethargic, those that can’t seem to get the extra weight off, maybe some that have sexual dysfunction… I’m helping those people identify the cause of their problem so they can fix it. And if they fix it with Viking, so be it. If they go elsewhere, at least they’re on their way to a better life. And I’m at peace with that.


Third, I want to increase awareness. And there’s no better way to increase awareness than to give shit away for free.


And lastly, I need you to repeat after me… You are Never Too Old to Live Like A Viking.



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