Ripped at 50 – Day 51 – Progress Pics!

It’s the 51st day into the Ripped at 50 DocuSeries where I paid an IFBB Professional to tell me what to eat. He reevaluates my performance on a weekly basis and modifies my diet as necessary. In this video we look at Progress Pics AND I have a surprise! I have gotten the green light to offer the services of my Diet Coach for 5% off to LiveLikeAViking YouTube Subscribers! Simply go to, choose Products from the menu, select Diet, and choose a package. You WON’T regret it… as long as you follow what the coach tells you to do…

Hormone Replacement Therapy is important if you are showing signs of lethargy, gaining fat easily, you’re over the age of 40, experiencing depression, etc. The bottom line, there’s no harm in getting your Testosterone and/or IGF-1 checked. It could make a world of difference.

It’s day 51 of the Ripped at 50 DocuSeries and it’s time for another round of pictures as well as my assessment of how the diet is going. Now the last video I did was on Day 31… so some might ask, “Why the delay? Why wait over two weeks to post an update?” I’m going to answer that question right after I play my snazzy intro… and why do I have a snazzy intro? It’s for branding and to ask you to connect to me via Instagram, Facebook, and the website. So when things like more HGH Frag come in, I can send out a message letting you know… things like that… communication… Just watch the intro… it’s like 10 seconds… it’s not gonna kill you…

I’m just going to lay it all out here today. I even have a bonus topic I think you’ll like at the end of this video. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

The thing I’ve realized about losing weight, the frustrating part, is that you seem look worse before you look better. I know that might sound crazy, but when I was 375 pounds, I had some solid fat. I may have been big, but my fat was dense. It didn’t dimple, in fact it didn’t even really giggle. When you start losing weight, that fat for lack of a better term, melts. It takes what was once a solid, dense mass and turns it into something far more, for lack of a better term, squishy. Now it’s all going to work itself out because I was genetically blessed with good skin. I don’t get stretchmarks and I doubt I’ll have sagging skin, but while my body is sorting all of this out and adjusting to the lesser volume, things, at least from my perspective, are going to look worse until that process has been completed. But I said, “You know what, it is what it is and that’s just the process.”

The diet itself… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… If I would have known this was possible, I would have done this years ago. I had to go to the mall yesterday and buy new jeans. I’ve come from a 46 waist to a 36. No, not in the 51 days I’ve been doing the DocuSeries, but since I started Hormone Replacement Therapy. I did start this DocuSeries out in size 40 jeans though. 51 days ago I had a size 40 waist. Today I wear a size 36. I shouldn’t even have to say anything else about the diet. That should be proof enough that it’s working well. On top of that, I’ve been stopped at the gym by numerous people, asking me what I’ve been doing over the past month or so. It’s all phrased differently, but there’s a common theme, which is “You’re really starting to lean out”. In fact, there are about 5 guys at the gym that go to PureRawz every day, waiting for HGH Frag to get back in stock because I told them it’s one of the compounds in my arsenal. This is all crazy to me because I’ve never had a time in like 20 years where I’ve had men incentivized to look better because of my results. I’ve always been the one looking for the solution… I’ve been the one looking at someone else and asking, “What am I doing wrong here? How do I do that?” And as I get older, those role models have become fewer and fewer. I have so much to say on that topic, but if I don’t focus, I’ll go off on some 5 minute tangent and people will be like, “Dude, I just came here to see some pictures. Not to listen to your philosophy on why older men accept fatness like it’s an inevitable part of the aging process.”

So pictures! Here we go. This morning I weighed 291 pounds. I think I weighed something like 310 when I started this diet. However, that’s very deceptive because my net loss is far greater than that. I’ve put on muscle as I’ve dropped body fat and for those that say it isn’t possible, you are 100% wrong. In the exact same shirts, my midsection has drastically decreased and my sleeves have noticeably tightened. How do you lose fat from your arms, while having your arms increase in size? You lose fat while gaining muscle. That’s the only logical solution. I wore Triple X shirts because 2X shirts were far too tight. My love handles would bulge the bottom of a 2X shirt out in what can only be described as the shape of a pear.

Now, in all fairness, let’s not lose sight of the fact that I am, admittedly, chemically enhanced. I take 200 mg of testosterone weekly, 1.5 IU’s of HGH, 5 days on and 2 days off, and I take 500 micrograms of Frag every morning. I was splitting Frag into two separate doses and taking those morning and night, which is optimal, but it became a pain in the ass so I just take it all in the morning before the gym. Seems to work just as well and I put it all into the same syringe as my Omnitrope… so it’s one less pinning every day.

Now the bonus topic I had promised at the beginning of this video. I’m having so much success with this diet that I want everybody that’s struggling with weight loss to be able to do the same. I’ve come to the conclusion that following what I’m doing won’t necessarily help you because my diet gets evaluated every week and modified, based upon how my body has reacted over the previous 7 days. If your body is reacting differently, your diet might be changed where mine may remain constant. Basically I’m saying we’re all different and if we all want success, we all need to be evaluated as individuals. So I got with my coach and convinced him to take 5% off of his services for LiveLikeAViking YouTube subscribers. That’s as long as you purchase his services through the website. Just go to, Choose Products from the menu, go to diet, and you have all of the options. I’m going to do a different video on this topic alone, but I wanted to debut this service in today’s video. Once you sign up, Shelby will get back to you in a matter of hours. In fact, I was doing the diet the day after I had signed up. He’s very accessible, answers all questions quickly, and he evaluates and modifies your diet on a weekly basis. He’s amazing. He even has a package where he tells you exactly how to work out on top of telling you what to eat.

So we’re making great progress here. In fact, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. If you’re serious about wanting to look better naked, purchase that 12 Week Fat Loss plan through Shelby. I’m telling you, it will change your life.

That’s it for this video. Questions, Comments, Suggestions… put em’ below.

And remember, You’re Never too Old to Live Like A Viking.

Until next time, Peace Out!

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