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Sam’s experience with the Sex Shot – PT 141 detailed here!  PT-141 available 
Today I want to share my experience with a compound called Bremelanotide, better known as PT 141. If you haven’t heard of it it’s been dubbed the woman’s viagra because it treats low sexual desire and females.  It doesn’t stop there. It’s supposed to work for men too.  In fact, Suzanne Somers recently boasted that it’s 73 years of age she and her 83 old husband have sex twice a day.   She claims none of that would be possible without good old PT 141 but before I get into my own personal experience,  I want to give a brief overview of what this substance is.
PT 141 is an injectable peptide and it was approved for medical use in the United States in 2019.  You use an insulin syringe to administer it subcutaneously.  The medication I used was doctor prescribed from my HRT clinic Viking Alternative Medicine so it’s both pharmaceutical grade and legally dispensed.  It arrived from the pharmacy in a cold pack and the instructions said to refrigerate immediately.  The label said to inject point 2 cc’s about an hour before sexual activity.
The most basic description of how PT 141 works is –  it stimulates lordosis.   It’s a hormone in the body that says  – get ready we’re about to have sex.   In fact,  it’s the exact same hormone that tells animals when it’s time to go into heat.  Instead of just increasing blood flow like Cialis or viagra,  PT 141 chemically kick-starts the sexual process itself.   It literally tells your body to get horny now.
Back to my story….
It’s probably around 4:00 a.m. in the morning I wake up to go to the bathroom.  I don’t know why but I think to myself I got a great idea,  why don’t I inject some of that PT 141.   I just got go back to bed and when the wife wakes up in an hour or two I can see if this stuff really works.   I do the injection.  I immediately feel a flushing sensation consume my entire body.  I also feel a mild and brief period of nausea. Both of these things subside and I’m able to go right back to sleep.   So far, so good.   I wake up around 6:00 a.m., a couple of hours later.  The wife’s getting a bit frisky now – I’ll spare you the details but I didn’t feel anything special.  Nothing out of the ordinary,  no increase in sensation or duration.  It was just the normal amazing event it always is.  I’m like well that’s disappointing,  what a bunch of bullshit, and I continue to think that until about three hours later.
What I haven’t mentioned is we have the grandkids for the weekend,  so in retrospect, I’m not really sure why I thought it was a good idea to inject a drug that allegedly makes you uncontrollably horny.   I suppose,  in my defense,  I assumed it would be a one-and-done kind of scenario.  I expected it to work well for an hour or two  and then just go away but instead I’m sitting in my chair in the living room watching a Disney movie with the wife, a puppy,  and two six-year-olds and out of the blue I get one of those uncontrollable erections like I’m 18 years old again.   It wasn’t in response to anything specific,  it just happened.   So I’m like okay this is new.   After it happened a few more times I began to change my mind about the effectiveness of PT 141.  But now I had a problem,  it was the middle of the day we had plans.  I had to be at my grandson’s soccer game in 45 minutes in public and I certainly couldn’t have this thing going on while I was there.   I mean imagine trying to explain why 52 years of age you can’t control parts of your body at a six-year-old boys soccer game.   Your little story about how you injected a sex peptide and somehow it went rogue and you didn’t expect it to last that long  – yeah good luck with that.   Your ass is going on a special registry where you have to notify someone where you live for the rest of your life.   To make matters worse I mistakenly told my wife who not only thought the situation was hilarious but decided it would be funny to nonchalantly touch me in an inappropriate manner so that my parts would Auto activate at the most inopportune time.  Really funny KJ!!!   really funny!!!  I made it to the soccer game and the rest of the afternoon enduring wave after wave of annoying sexual urges and equipment malfunctions.  When is this shit going to stop???   Fast forward to about 7 p.m. – that’s when everything started to look up my wife comes to me and says hey why don’t you give me some of that stuff,  we put the kids to bed and… you get the idea.   You know I’m all over that.   I’m thinking if this could do for her what it did for me,  I’m gonna be in for a very long and productive evening.   I couldn’t get to the refrigerator fast enough.  I got the shot ready gave her the injection and that’s when I was once again reminded that we all react differently to the exact same substances.   In less than three minutes she’s in the bathroom throwing up from nausea.   This continues to happen, again and again,  over the course of the next 30 to 45 minutes.   She’s absolutely miserable.   She’s apologizing.   I tell her it’s not her fault.   I tell her just to go to bed.   I got the kids.  Finally, she reluctantly agrees and heads for the bedroom and not for the reason I had originally hoped for.
Let’s recap  – I’ve been ready to explode for a vast majority of the day. I finally get to the point where it’s all gonna be worth it and my wife gets whatever the opposite of horny is leaving me alone with two six-year-olds,  a puppy,  and an entire collection of Disney movies. I put the kids to bed,  take the dog out, and by the time I lie down she’s asleep.  It felt like I woke up every hour throughout the night,  and each time I did it was like I was 18.  I thought I had Priapism, or whatever that commercial says when your erection lasts longer than four hours.   Keep in mind,  this has been going on since 9:00 a.m. the previous day.   Finally, it’s 4:00 am and my wife gets up to go to the bathroom.  She comes back to bed,  starts messing with me,  praise Jesus.   We’re finally gonna get to see what this shit will do.   I don’t have erectile dysfunction so I can’t make the claim that PT 141 fixes that,  but I did ask the wife for an honest assessment of the effectiveness of this peptide.   She gave it a resounding five stars which didn’t surprise me because I even noticed the difference.   It was like while I normally operate on all eight cylinders,  PT 141 somehow allowed me to run on ten and without getting too graphic the equipment was functioning at maximum capacity.   I went back to sleep,  woke up about an hour later,  and I honestly could have repeated the process multiple times with no problems.
In conclusion,  at least for me,  PT 141 works maybe even too well.   Just because my wife got sick doesn’t mean your significant other will do this thing.   In fact, this compound would be perfect for a Saturday where there was nothing to do but sit at home with the wife and watch movies all day.   Get some wine some cheese and crackers – the good stuff,  not that cheap shit-  and just let whatever happens, happen.
If you’d like to see if you’re a candidate for PT 141 talk to one of our medical professionals at Viking Alternative you can find us online.

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