Phentermine – Lose Weight Like it’s Your Job

Rarely does a medication exceed expectations… Phentermine was the exception to the rule.

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For the BEST Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic in the Universe… visit you’ve been trying to lose weight and can’t, if you’ve been telling yourself you need to lose weight and you never seem to get around to starting, if you start and keep falling off of the wagon… you’re going to like today’s video… and here’s the reason why… I have so many men and women ask me if there’s a medication out there that can help them with weight loss. And my answer has always been, “There are things that help, but don’t expect miracles; these are tools, not solutions”. But then… here comes Phentermine… and I’m like “Wait a minute. This stuff is awesome”…

But before I explain what it is, how I felt, or how much weight I lost, I have to give you my disclaimer…

Now Phentermine is one of, if not the most… prescribed medication for weight loss in the world. It has 50 years of data and research behind it. It belongs to a classification of drugs made specifically to suppress the appetite. I don’t think anybody knows exactly how Phentermine works, but one of the theories is it increases the neurotransmitter levels in your brain, which includes the release of norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. And when these three chemicals are increased, almost like magic, your hunger decreases. It essentially tricks your brain into feeling like you’re full.

I was prescribed a daily dose of 37.5 MG of Phentermine through Viking Alternative Medicine. My expectation for this medication was extremely low. Why? Because everything I’ve ever taken to suppress my appetite in the past, only works for a day or two and then it stops being effective… my body builds up a tolerance. And if I take enough to get it working again, I have the jitters like a crack addict. So I expected Phentermine to do the same… but it didn’t.

Phentermine can also help with certain eating disorders like Binge Eating, which is usually my problem. It isn’t that I eat that often, but when I do… it can get out of hand. I can easily put away a thousand calories or so in less than 5 minutes… especially at night…

But as with any medication, Phentermine has side effects. So let’s talk about the main ones… Dry Mouth, Sleeping Problems, Dizziness, Heart Palpitations, Skin Flushing, Constipation, and Irritability. And you shouldn’t take Phentermine if you have Heart Disease, Hyperthyroidism, glaucoma, you’re taking certain depression medications, or if you’re pregnant or nursing. It is a Schedule 4 drug, which means there’s a remote possibility that you could become addicted. And you don’t want to drink alcohol while taking Phentermine. Now that doesn’t mean you’re going to get all of these side effects. It means out of the millions of people that have taken it… these are the known issues that some have experienced. I was also informed that if you drive big vehicles for a living, Phentermine is banned by the Department of Transportation. So make sure you know the rules of your employment… I don’t want to get anybody fired.

That said, what are the side effects I experienced? I got Dry Mouth… That’s it. And the solution was pretty rough… I drank more water. I suppose you could also throw in the fact that at around 6 or 7 pm I started to get tired, but I think that was just because I usually had such an abundance of excess energy throughout the day, my body just got tired in the evening.

Now on to the good stuff. Both my wife and I took Phentermine every day for over a week. And what were the benefits? Number One: We were rarely hungry. And for me, that alone is worth the price of admission. Number Two: We lost weight. Number Three: Neither of us built up a tolerance. Am I saying nobody builds up a tolerance? No. I’m saying we didn’t. Number Four: The worst side effect we experienced was Dry Mouth. Now I did quite a bit of research for this video and in doing so, I watched the testimonials of many people that had taken Phentermine… and a vast majority of those were very positive.

So let’s get into real numbers. I started Phentermine on a Saturday. My weight that morning was 303 pounds. The following Saturday, after a week of Phentermine, I weighed in at 290 pounds. Did I lose 13 pounds of fat? No; that’s virtually impossible. But my pants fit looser and I just felt… skinnier. My wife dropped 8 pounds.

The main Take-Away from this video is… I wasn’t hungry. I know this might come as a shock, but It’s easy to lose weight when you’re not hungry. In fact, there were times I had to make myself eat because I knew I needed the calories; but I wasn’t obsessed with food like I normally am.

And because I’m on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, I knew my muscles would be preserved instead of being cannibalized for energy. This was honestly the first time in years where I felt like I was in total control of my diet.

But you can’t stay on Phentermine forever… so what happens when you come off? Well, overeating is usually a habit. And habits can be changed. So let’s say you get a prescription of Phentermine for 30 or 45 days. Hopefully by the time you finish the medication, you’ve retrained your body to eat less. Hopefully you’ve lost a significant amount of weight so you have more incentive to keep your diet in check. Maybe because you had more energy, you were able to intensify your level of fitness. I believe if you leverage the power of Phentermine to help reprogram your brain and body, you can keep that momentum going… even when you come off.

So for those of you I’ve told there’s nothing that can really help you lose weight… I stand corrected. Phentermine could be the catalyst that allows you to change your eating habits… for good. Is there still willpower involved, of course there is. But it’s a hell of a lot easier to have willpower when you’re really not that hungry. So think it over, do your research, and always remember… You are Never too Old to Live Like A Viking.

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