Testosterone Replacement Therapy vs. Nugenix

Today I want to talk about the male testosterone booster called Nugenix.  Well, actually I want to do an experiment with new Nugenix and I’ll need your help.
I’ll explain that a little later now I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercials, but if you haven’t this is a product it says it can increase free and total testosterone.  It can maximize energy and it can increase lean muscle mass and it can boost libido.    They even have a spokesperson-  his name’s Frank Thomas.   He’s apparently a Hall of Fame former baseball player.  He claims he was feeling sluggish, his workouts weren’t productive anymore, and he found it was all due to low testosterone.  Miraculously,  Nugenix has fixed all of his issues.  He even goes so far as to say and I quote”guys she’ll like the difference too “.  He says this as he gives you a wink, insinuating that eugenics has some form of bedroom enhancement properties on top of all of this other good stuff.
Basically, he claims Nugenix has turned his entire life around.  If you’ve been watching this channel all these claims seem strikingly similar to testosterone replacement therapy with the exception of you don’t need a prescription to pick up some Nugenix.
Taking that into consideration they also seem strikingly similar to Somaderm HGH gel. It has  never my objective to become a watchdog for bogus products and I can’t make a claim one way or another as to whether Nugenix  works but since it’s the top-selling male enhancement product sold at GNC, Walgreens, and Walmart, I think we should at least look into seeing whether it’s truly legitimate or not so here’s the part where I need your help.   I’m going to need two individuals for this experiment – and don’t worry it won’t cost you a dime.  Having more energy and boosting libido are subjective conditions we can’t measure those however we can measure total and free testosterone.
I haven’t come out public with this yet but LiveLikeAViking.com has partnered with a company that provides at-home testing kits for growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, etc.
They ship you a box with a test kit,  you do the tests in about five minutes.   You put the box back in the mail with a postage-paid envelope and your results are emailed to you in a few days.   You can purchase these tests right now my website but that’s an entirely different video.
What I need right now are two individuals that aren’t currently on testosterone replacement therapy, steroids, or SARS- nothing.  I need two guys that are over the age of 40 that are totally natural so here’s how our experiment will work
I’ll ship both of you a testing kit to measure your starting free and total testosterone levels.
I’ll also ship both of you a bottle of Nugenix.
You’ll take Nugenix for 30 days and then I’ll ship you a second hormone testing kit to update your free and total testosterone levels.
We’ll compare the differences between starting and ending levels and determine whether or not Nugenix works or whether it’s a scam. Our experiment is valid because the underlying claim made by Nugenix  is that it does all these wonderful things because it raises your free and total testosterone levels.  Therefore,  if it doesn’t raise both of these then the entire product is a scam.
I’d like to get this started as soon as possible because the faster I can get candidates the faster we can get results!

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