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The reason most people that need HRT, don’t go on HRT, is because of NEEDLES. What if there was a way to do Hormone Replacement Therapy without having to poke holes in your skin? At Viking we now have NEEDLE FREE TRT! For the ABSOLUTE BEST HRT Clinic in the ENTIRE Universe, Viking Alternative Medicine.


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If you had one guess… what do you think the number one reason is that prevents a person from starting Hormone Replacement Therapy?


Is it because they don’t want an optimized metabolism? An enhanced sense of well-being? Improved self-confidence? Better cognitive abilities? More energy? Increased lean muscle mass? Maybe it’s because they don’t like losing weight? Or it could be that performing sexually, like they did when they were 20… is whatever… take it or leave it.


Of course not. The single biggest issue that keeps a person from experiencing all of these benefits is one thing and one thing only… a needle. I mean we can get a woman through menopause without a single hot flash and we can have her sleeping like a baby every night… and yet when the word Needle comes up… the conversation is over. And men are even worse!


See, traditionally the only widely accepted option to fix a Testosterone Deficiency was with injections. But today… Viking is introducing the Topi-Click. This device allows you to get the equivalent amount of testosterone found in an injection… without requiring you to poke holes in your skin. You simply twist the bottom of the device to dispense the medication, and you use the applicator on the top to administer the dose. Pain free and effective. Now I’m not claiming creams are new, I’m saying they’ve never been offered through Viking and you rarely find this option at other clinics.


So the logical question would be, if you can simply apply a cream to your skin, why would anybody use the injection method ever again?


First, there’s the argument that the injection method is a superior way of getting the medication into your system. I mean how could you possibly do better than injecting something directly into your body?


Second, there’s a small group of people that may have an adverse reaction on their skin. A vast majority won’t, but it has happened.


Third, you have to apply the cream twice a day instead of twice each week as you do with injections.


Fourth, you need to be careful that you don’t transfer the medication to someone else through touch.


Fifth, there’s a period of time after the application that you shouldn’t sweat… for obvious reasons. Some people don’t like that.


And lastly, the cream is more expensive than the injectable equivalent. Now none for these would be a deal a breaker for me, but I want to give you all of the pros and cons so you can make an educated decision.


But I don’t want to paint the cream method as an ineffective delivery mechanism… many people experience extremely positive results. And if your options are to either live with low testosterone because you can’t stand injections… or to spend a little more time dosing on a daily basis… as long as the results are similar… I feel like this is a no brainer. I mean even if the cream is 90% as effective as injections, you’re still 90% better off than when you started.


But we’re not finished with needles yet… let’s move on to the second part of the TRT equation… HCG. HCG keeps your sexual function in order. It tells the testicles to continue their own production of Testosterone instead of completely shutting down, which gives you a natural boost in testosterone levels. It also helps prevent the side effects of testicular shrinkage and infertility that may occur as a result of the TRT process. All good things. And most people find HCG to be a necessary part of a solid TRT protocol. However, the issue in this video is that HCG is an injectable… so we have to find a way to remove the needle if we want to be completely injection-free.


Our solution is an HCG Troche. A Troche is a small, square, ingestible dose of medication. You put the Troche into your mouth and let dissolve on its own. Pretty simple stuff and… it eliminates the need for an injection.


So far we’ve covered the administration of Testosterone and HCG. But what about an estrogen blocker? Fortunately for us, it already comes in tablet form. Again, Needle Free.


And let’s not forget about the people adding HGH to their daily regiment. While Human Growth Hormone isn’t an automatic addition to the TRT protocol, people love it because of its incredible synergy with Testosterone. Better skin, better sleep, faster metabolism, faster healing, better recovery after workouts… HGH even has the ability to create satellite muscle cells. And the more muscle cells you have, the more muscle you can obtain, which makes you look better overall. But, just like Testosterone and HCG, HGH has traditionally been administered through injections.


The solution again is a Troche. Viking offers Sermorelin in a dissolvable form and we’ve had many patients experience favorable results.


So there we go… an entirely Needle-Free TRT solution that’s effective, reasonably priced, and now available through Viking Alternative Medicine.


So Ladies and Gentlemen… no more excuses. Hormone Replacement Therapy can change your life in ways you never thought imaginable. Because no matter how far you’ve let yourself go, You’re Never Too Old to Live Like a Viking.



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