Melanotan 2 – Tanning Without the Sun

Melanotan 2 is a Research Chemical, specifically designed for sunless tanning. Does it work and what can your Test Subject expect from this compound? Answers to these questions and more are in this video.

Today we’regoing to talk about Melanotan 2 or in this video let’s just refer to it as melanotan now this is an injectable peptide that has the ability to make you look tan without having to spend hours in the Sun.

Why is that a good thing –  because we all know the Sun is bad for our skin especially if you’re older.  It’s bad for your skin no matter what age you are but the effects are more pronounced the older you get. Overexposure to the Sun can increase your chances of skin cancer if you’re fair-skinned you know tan any way you just burn. It takes a lot of time to get a good tan,  time you could be using for other things more productive things like mono making money.
Under exposure has its downside too.  If you live in a place that has four seasons of the year You are pasty white for three of them.I f your schedule doesn’t allow you to get outside often you’re not even tan in the one season you could be.   I think you get the picture.
Getting sunlight is good for you – as with everything though,  moderation is the key.
The problem is you can’t properly tan with moderation. Before I continue I have to do the disclaimer thing – I am NOT a doctor I do not pretend to be a doctor.  Do not take medical advice from me my videos are educational, not instructional. Consult your physician before injecting or ingesting any medicinal compounds.
Normally I don’t get into why a research chemical was made but Melanotan is a bit different in that it was actually designed to make you tan.  I know, what a novel idea,  but understand that many research chemicals weren’t originally designed for the purpose they now serve – they were accidents. Melanotan is different in that regard.  Melanotan is a research chemical therefore it is not intended for human
consumption. I would never inject myself with a substance not approved by the FDA so I must do what I always do and conduct my experimentation with the assistance of Sven.   I should note that no animals were harmed during the creation of this
video and all testing procedures were entirely consensual.
Does Melanotan work well?  You know I wouldn’t bring you anything that I don’t have personal experience with so I submit to you a picture of Sven approximately ten days ago.   I want you to take notice of Sven’s pasty white skin.  Here is a live shot of spend today. I’m entirely confident you can see the darkening of Sven’s  skin tone over the course of those 10 days .  Personally I find it to be borderline
remarkable but there are some things we learned during this experimentation phase that I’d like to share with you:
While Melanotan does seem to work by itself it was too slow for Sven’s  liking so we found is Sven went to the tanning salon just once a week it put Melania tan into beast mode and it exponentially increased its ability to darken his skin.
Melanotan will turn your freckles almost black.   It works by increasing the amount of melatonin in your body so it only stands to reason that the dark spots get well darker.   Not an issue for Sven but definitely worth mentioning especially if you have freckles all over your face.
You will get to the point where people ask you where you’ve been for vacation. Others might ask how dark are you gonna get.
I’m not entirely sure the lighting in the studio does Sven’s tan full justice but he’s friggin dark right now
The bad stuff – It said that Melanotan can cause nausea,  vomiting, bloating, flatulence,  back,  liver,  kidney pain, oh and of course there’s a risk of cancer which seems to come with 99% of everything you put in your body today.   I tell you this for precaution but I can also tell you that Sven experienced none of this. He said there was no post injection pain and everything has gone flawlessly now.
As always I’m not going to go into dosing or sources because that insinuates that I’m condoning the use of a compound which as previously stated I am not.  So in conclusion,  if your hamster needs to add a little color to his fur Melanotan will definitely do the job!

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