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Laurie Miller shares her personal tips for getting enough protein in your diet, which is essential for muscle-building. She suggests aiming for a gram of protein per pound of body weight, and recommends some foods and meals that can help achieve this. For breakfast, she often goes for eggs, including an omelet made from whole eggs and egg whites, and sometimes adds store-bought turkey sausage breakfast burritos or Eggwiches. If short on time, she grabs a protein bar and shake, such as FairLife or Core. Laurie also enjoys overnight oats made with high-protein milk. For lunch, she opts for low-carb bread sandwiches with turkey or chicken, and sometimes tuna salad served with protein chips. Snacks might include beef jerky. Dinner can be as simple as chicken chunks in salad, air-fried chicken, or turkey smoked sausage with fermented sauerkraut, which is great for gut health. Other options include salmon and homemade tortilla pizzas using protein-rich tortillas and turkey pepperoni. Laurie’s advice centers on planning meals in advance and choosing high-protein options that are both tasty and healthy.


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It’s Laurie again. I am in my own kitchen, and I’m doing a little bit of meal prep today. And I just wanted to show you a couple of things. I did an earlier video about how it can be challenging to get all the protein that you need to eat. If you’re trying to do body recomp or you’re trying to build muscle, it’s recommended to get about a gram of protein per pound of body weight. So that adds up. And it’s not always easy to get that because typically our diets are full of carbs and fats. I just want to show you a few things that I have incorporated that are really easy. Every little bit of protein adds up. So for breakfast, I do eggs and I’ll make omelets. I’ll mix one egg with a bunch of egg YTS because this is just straight protein. I’ll throw some veggies in there and just make omelets, just peppers, onions. Mushroom are really good. Egg are always a good choice. These I get it like Costco or Sams. A turkey sausage breakfast buritos. They’ve got 18 grams of protein. This is called an Eggwhich. It’s just like an egg sandwich with turkey sausage, 17 grams of protein.

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The turkey sausage gives it less fat and less calories. For loaded sausage bites, Jimmy Dean, a turkey sausage, egg and cheese. These are really good, quick and easy. My kiddo eats these a lot on the way to school. If I’m in a hurry, I do a protein bar and a protein shake. I love the FairLife. They’ve got these and the Core that’s like 42 grams of protein. So these are 30. And then this pure protein bar is 19. So that’s a really good high protein. Quick, easy on the go. Sometimes I’ll do this for lunch after the gym if I’m in a rush. And then protein oats. I love these. I’ll do overnight oats and get some ready ahead of time, maybe three or four nights ahead of time. And do that with the FairLife milk, which is higher protein, lower calories. So this has 13 grams of protein in it. So that together is a pretty good little breakfast there. Kodiak has protein oats as well. There’s always fruit. Fruit is always a good choice. Not for protein, but to round out your breakfast. For lunches, any kind of lower carb bread. So this is Lewis Honey Wheat.

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I really like this. Keto breads, too. Some are just really high protein, but just turkey or chicken and a slice of tomato. And then mustard adds a little kick for very little calories. So I’ll do a sandwich like that. And then I’ll have that with some almond. Or I also like to make tuna salad. So I love crackers, but sometimes I don’t want those calories. So these are flex chips or you can get any protein type chip to eat it with. And this adds 10 grams of protein to the tuna. And tuna is just really high protein. That’s a really great choice. For snacks, I’ll do some beef jerky. And then for dinner options, I’m all about quick and easy. So I’ll do these chicken breast chunks in a salad with some hard boiled eggs, and that gives some good protein. I will do these in the air fryer with some broccoli or something, and that’s really quick and easy and gives a lot of protein. I do the kraut and Polish sausage sometimes. So this is turkey, smoked, sausage. So it’s less fat, less calories. And I’ll do that with kraut. It’s really good for your microbiome, your probiotics there.

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But it only has the good probiotics if it’s refrigerated, if it’s canned or out on the shelf, it doesn’t have the probiotics. So you always want the refrigerated kraut. Then salmon is always a really good choice that gives you your fatty acids and is just really good for you. It’s got a lot of protein. This I also check in the air fryer, that’s super quick and easy. I make these tortilla pizzas. So I’ll use either this or I use protein tortillas. And then I’ll use turkey pepperoni and I’ll put all the veggies on there and use the low fat mozzarella. You get a really good feeling dinner for very little on your macros and lots of protein. That’s just a few ideas that I have for meal prep. And I hope it helps. Have a great day. Bye.


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