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Free Hormone Therapy for life? Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. And here’s how you could become the lucky winner.

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So as I’ve said in previous videos, Viking doesn’t sponsor athletes, we don’t hang out at bodybuilding competitions and we don’t glorify or encourage the abuse of anabolic substances. It isn’t that we don’t respect the drive, determination and passion these people pour into their craft. It’s just that these markets are specifically geared toward pushing people past their genetic limitations. And the problem with that is you have to keep pumping yourself up with more steroids and more cycles if you want to keep the progress you’ve made.

And in the end, your body becomes unhealthy, your liver function suffers, your cholesterol range is out of control, your red blood cell count skyrockets. And once you get to the age where your body can no longer handle all of this abuse, you get tossed to the side like a used piece of toilet paper. So the next generation of young, healthy people can abuse themselves to the point of no return. And personally, I don’t want to be part of that.

So I’d rather sponsor normal people, regular people, because there are literally hundreds of millions more regular people out there than there are athletes and bodybuilders. Now, I’m talking about the average person here, both male and female, that come home every night feeling absolutely fatigued, those that have been steadily gaining weight for the past decade, people whose cognitive abilities are diminishing, their libido and sexual function practically nonexistent. Now, most people don’t know this, but Viking currently subsidizes the hormone therapy of half a dozen people or more and will continue to do so.

And today I’m going to start the process of adding one more person to that growing list. And when I talk about covering all the expenses of hormone therapy, I’m not talking about your run of the mill hormone protocol. I’m talking about sparing no expense by paying for your labs, hiring you a diet coach, balancing your hormones, providing IV therapy if you live close to a Viking facility, implementing peptide therapy, increasing your IGF one, I’m talking about the platinum package.

And not only is all of this entirely free, but as long as I own Viking, there is no expiration date. Now, hopefully you’ve been watching my recent videos with our latest success story – Scott Kipart, who’s had his entire life changed in just five short months now. Not only has become an entirely different person, but he credits Viking with literally saving his life. And that’s not an embellishment or exaggeration because thousands of others, including myself, have had that exact same experience.

So here’s what I’m looking for. I want a male. And for the record, our next sponsorship will be a female. But for now, I want a male over the age of 45, not currently on hormone therapy. I want someone that feels fatigued, somewhat overweight, some with aches and pains they’ve been living with. I want a mess, but I’m not talking about a dumpster fire. If you’ve got full blown diabetes, a heart condition, you’re on 10 different medications.

That’s going to require the collaboration of multiple specialists. I want to fat out of shape, dude, not a science project. And I’d like to have someone with a good back story, a compelling explanation of why I should pay for hormone therapy for the rest of their natural born life. And it would be nice to have someone that wouldn’t be able to afford this treatment if it wasn’t offered to them for free. Because if you have the money, then just bring your cheap ass to Viking and pay for it like our other 5000 patients.

But as I repeatedly remind my unmarried daughters, nothing in this world is ever really free. So what am I going to expect from you? The answer to that is nothing more than your unconditional commitment to the process itself, as well as a few on camera interviews where you give an honest representation about your experience and progress. So if all of this sounds like you, how do you complete the application process? You simply send your story to me via email.

It’s Sam@Viking alternative.Com and please make it the Reader’s Digest version because there will probably be a couple hundred applications. And unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t permit me to read a couple hundred novels. And yes, I personally read each and every application submitted. But there’s one single caveat to this offer. If you don’t follow the process like a religion, if you don’t do everything you’re instructed to do, if you aren’t willing to give me 110%, then I reserve the right to cancel our agreement in its entirety.

I don’t feel like this is too much to ask, especially given the investment I’m willing to make in your success. So that’s it. Short and simple. If you want your life changed, just send me an email stating why. I’ll give it a couple of weeks for the applications to come in. Then I’ll choose the lucky winner. In fact, let’s put an expiration date on this application thing. I’ll take submissions until August 27, 2021 of twenty twenty one.

But whether you win or not, even if you never apply for the program. Always remember, you are never too old to live like a Viking until next time.

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