I Stopped Taking HGH for One Month. Here’s What Happened

What happens if you stop taking HGH? My wife and I did just that and here’s what happened.

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I took my first injection of Doctor Prescribed Human Growth Hormone 717 days ago and I uploaded my very first video three days later. When I look back on that first video, I’m reminded of the significance of TRT and HGH… which allowed me to literally regain my Quality of Life.

My leg was healed, my arm was healed, my back stopped going out… my skin regained more of its elasticity, my hair became less gray, I recovered like a Wolverine after workouts, I didn’t have to watch my diet as closely. I slept better… I just felt better… in fact, I can’t think of a single facet of my life that wasn’t positively impacted by Human Growth Hormone.

Seeing my transformation on a daily basis, my wife asked if women could take it too… I said, “Of course they can.” And she’s been taking HGH for about 7 months now. She’s also experienced many of the same benefits I have.

So a couple of months ago I asked myself… “What If I Stop? What if I quit taking HGH injections for one month? What could possibly happen?” And in the interest of science, I decided to find out.

But first… Disclaimer Time. I am not a doctor, I don’t pretend to be a doctor. The information in this video is comprised of my thoughts and opinions and should not be misconstrued as Medical Advice. All medications discussed in this video are doctor prescribed and my health is being monitored by a team of a Medical Professional. Consult your physician before injecting or ingesting any medicinal compounds. Disclaimer Finished.

Now what I haven’t mentioned yet is that my wife stopped taking HGH around the same time I did. In fact, that was probably the motivating factor for me to do this experiment in the first place. So not only do I have an account of what happens when I stopped HGH injections, I have hers as well.

The first thing I noticed was a reduction in my ability to recover after weight training. Since I’m also on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, it’s not like recovery came to a grinding halt, but there was a noticeable difference. The second thing was sleep. I noticed I wasn’t sleeping nearly as well off of HGH as I did when I was taking it. The third thing I noticed was that some of the age spots on my hands were starting to come back again… slowly, but I did see changes.

There was a slight reduction in the elasticity of my skin. Again, nothing I probably would have noticed if it wasn’t my own skin… something I obviously see every day… but as faint as they were, they hadn’t been there a few weeks prior. And then there was my metabolism… I felt like I had to start watching my diet closer… I felt like I wasn’t able to get away with eating nearly as many calories as I was used to.

My wife had a similar experience, but as soon as she started seeing a reduction in the elasticity of her skin… that was it… she said, “Get me back on that stuff.” And that pretty much concluded the experimental phase of seeing what happens when you stop taking HGH.

So let’s briefly discuss the important things I learned from this experiment. First, my leg didn’t start hurting again, my arm was fine, and my back didn’t start going out. Therefore, it seems that what HGH helps heal… it heals permanently. That was encouraging.

And it wasn’t like the other negative things my wife and I experienced were because HGH was undoing all of the good it had done, but more so that it wasn’t continuing to protect us from the aging process. I came up with a term I think perfectly summarizes the HGH experience… I call it Fractional Aging. You still continue to age, but you do it at a much slower rate. I always believed that to be true, but now I’m convinced.

I recommend HGH to everybody over the age of 45, especially those on Testosterone. And as I’ve said in many videos, the synergy between Testosterone and HGH produces results that are five, ten times what either of them could produce independently. So I encourage you to do your research, ask questions, but in the end… if you’re feeling like your health is on a downward spiral, if you can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you do, if you spend a majority of your day feeling tired… fix your hormones… it will honestly change your life.

Now one thing I feel I need to mention in this video is there’s a study that showed very old people seem to consistently have lower IGF-1 numbers. Alluding to the fact that if you increase your IGF-1 over an extended period of time, you’re basically sacrificing longevity for Quality of Life. But personally I’m okay with that. I’d rather be at my best until I was 80, rather than be mediocre till I was 90. But hey, that’s just personal preference.

Well, that about wraps this video up. If you’d like to see more like this, subscribe to the channel… and make sure you hit that bell so you get notifications. But most importantly, always remember… You are Never Too Old to Live Like A Viking.

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