How to Move From Illegal TRT to Doctor Prescribed… For About the Same Price!

If you’re truly in the TRT game to feel better, have more energy, increase libido and sexual function, improve your metabolism, heighten your cognitive abilities, and grow your lean muscle mass… there’s no reason to do Underground Medications. Legal TRT is available, safe, and Doctor Supervised… all for about the same price you’re currently paying to walk on “The Dark Side”. This video explains how to switch from one to the other without having to crash your levels or lie about your past.


NPP, Trenbelone, Equipoise, Underground Testosterone… what’s the common denominator between all of these?


The seal… on all of them… has never been broken.




Because I’ve found over the past 2 years that you don’t need these things to look good naked. I thought you did at one point in time, but now… after tens of thousands of email messages, patient data from my Hormone Clinic, and my own personal experience… these things do nothing but put a heavy strain on your body.


And for what? So the little girl ringing you up at the grocery store thinks your 40 year old body has big muscles? Is your self-confidence really that low?


And besides, you have no idea what’s in any of these vials… nobody regulates the quality of these compounds.


Pharmaceutical Grade Testosterone… and something that raises your IGF-1 levels… that’s all you need. I promise you… that’s all you need. And that, along with a sensible diet and consistent training program… will finally make your wife want to have sex with you again.


So today we’re going to talk about what it takes to go from Illegal meds… to legal ones… while still getting amazing results.


Hello YouTube, Sam Ridgeway here, owner of Viking Alternative Medicine. And a very common question we’re asked is, “How Can I switch from Underground Lab Medications (or sometimes called UGL) to Legal TRT? And if I decide to do that, will I have to crash my Testosterone Levels before Viking will take me on as a patient”?


The quick answer is… you can easily switch… and No, you don’t have to crash your levels; but we’ll get to all of that in just a minute.


Because I want to start this video out by saying that nobody at Viking is here to judge you. In fact, a large percentage of people on Legal TRT today… started out with UGL products. It’s very common.


Hell, I started out on UGL meds.


So why in the world would someone choose the UGL route over Doctor Prescribed?


First and foremost… because it’s easy. In 10 minutes you can go online and get yourself a vial of Testosterone… it takes another 5 minutes to go on Amazon and get syringes and needles. And if you’ve done your homework, you might even be savvy enough to get yourself some HCG and an Aromatase Inhibitor to keep your sexual function in order and regulate your Estrogen.


Second, nobody asks you questions, nobody makes you complete a lengthy health history form, nobody makes you submit blood work… there’s no medical professional to dictate your dose… you’re entirely free to do whatever you want. You want to run 600 mg of Test a week… you can. Tren, Dbol… whatever… entirely at your discretion.


And to each his own. More power to you. Live and let live. But I want to give a few words of advice to those that might be thinking about going the UGL route… or maybe those of you that have already gone down that road… but question if you’ve made the right decision…


Because let’s be honest, as long as everything goes well, Hormone Replacement is deceptively easy. You take the same meds week after week… and you basically run on Auto Pilot. But there’s actually more to it than that. And there are risks if you don’t have proper medical supervision.


And I’m not talking about having a stroke or heart attack… while that could happen with extended periods of time using super physiological doses… most people are smart enough to not go there.


What I’m talking about is knowing how to regulate the various medications to really optimize your body. And that takes experience. You have to be able to read labs, listen to how someone feels, know the human body from a medical perspective, understand how different hormones interact with each other. You have to work with tens of thousands of patients, over many years, to really understand how to bring all of this together.


And the chances you’ll achieve this level of enlightenment by reading through a few bodybuilding forums… let’s just say that’s questionable.


But the real elephant in the room is the discussion about the quality of the product you receive when you go UGL.


I know… you get your stuff from an extremely reputable source and it’s highly effective. But let’s be honest… do you really know what’s in that vial? Does the person making it really have your best interest at heart? Do you really think they care if they cut corners as long as you get minimal results? Do you know the conditions it’s being made under? Do you know if it’s created in a sterile environment? Do you know if it’s free of impurities? Do you know if the dose you get this time is the same concentration you got last time?


No. You don’t know any of that. Yet you make a conscious decision to inject an unknown substance into your body… hoping that the person illegally making it… is a genuine human being with morals, ethics, and access to a sterile manufacturing facility… instead of his dirty bathtub.


Now on a personal level, I switched from UGL meds to Doctor Prescribed TRT after I got a batch of Testosterone that put a lump on my leg the size of a golf ball. Same supplier, same vial, same product… same stuff I’d gotten 3 times previously… but it obviously wasn’t the same. Fortunately it went away in a couple of weeks… but what if it hadn’t?


Again, I’m not judging… I’m asking you to think about it… and question whether $110 a month… the price of legal, doctor prescribed TRT, is worth taking those chances.


So back to the original question of how easy is it to switch from the Dark Side into the light? Where your name is actually on the bottle, where you can legally travel with your script… where if you get caught with a vial of Testosterone, you’re not charged with a felony? Where a trained medical professional is making sure you stay healthy?


Here’s how hard it is… submit a New Patient Form on, send in blood work if you have it… or let us help you if you don’t. Then schedule a consultation. That’s it… Done.


And if you’re on UGL meds right now, just be honest with our medical team during your consult. Believe me, you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last.


We help you through this entire process and make it as painless as possible. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of jacked up, self-medicating patients, we’ve fixed. And not one of them has ever said, “I sure wish I was doing this on my own again.”


Or the number of guys “allegedly” doing 500 mg of UGL testosterone a week… and when their labs come back… their test levels are around 300… which would be awesome…


If you were 70 years old.


And lastly, if you’re doing UGL meds, we expect your Test Levels to be elevated. That’s taken into consideration during your consultation. So No… you don’t have to crash your levels to join Viking.


So yes, it’s easy. And yes, it’s obviously the smarter choice of the two options.


But regardless if you decide to stay healthy or play Russian Roulette with your hormones… You’re still Never Too Old… to Live Like A Viking.


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