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This and other thoughts and observations from Sam…….  not necessarily politically correct.

I want to share some observations and beliefs that could potentially offend some people.

There is this growing trend of political correctness in our society and at the same time a reduction in the level of tolerance amongst those that disagree with each other.    Basically, people are far more quick today to take their toys and go home when they become offended.   They’ll delete you, unfriend you, and unsubscribe right before they head off to their safe space.

Maybe it’s just the time period I grew up in but we used to say what we thought in the presence of the person, or group, we had an issue with.   We’d say what we had to say and then we’d be done with it.   People didn’t always like you,  but they respected you for your honesty.   Let me give you an example  – when I was a kid if you came to school with a man bun you’d get your ass kicked, and rightly so.   Today we’re not supposed to say your man bun looks ridiculous.   We’re supposed to act tolerant in your presence and only when you’re out of earshot are we allowed to turn to our friend and talk about how stupid that man bun looked.  Who does that help?   Nobody.   The only thing that happens is we become two-faced and the guy continues to wear that ridiculous blob a hair on his head because he thinks it looks cool.

Unfortunately for me  – and it might come as a surprise to many of you  – political correctness was never one of my strong suits!   So here we go….

My first observation

If you’ve been going to the gym for over two months and you aren’t looking significantly better then what you’re doing isn’t working.   It’s that plain and simple.   Stop pretending like it’s gonna miraculously start producing results.

  • Check your hormones.
  • Check your diet.
  • Check your training regimen.

If you don’t see improvements to your physique it’s just a matter of time before you quit.   Quitting isn’t going to help anybody.   I’d be willing to bet that 99% of us don’t really give a shit about our endurance.  We simply want to look better naked.  if given the choice between looking like a fitness model or a marathon runner you’re a damn liar if you choose the runner.  Start focusing on looking better because when you look better you continue to go to the gym.   You workout with more intensity.  You feel better about yourself in general.   That’s the mindset that’s gonna keep you healthy for many years into the future.

My second observation

Don’t do stupid shit in the gym.   Why?   Because you look like an idiot that’s why.  You don’t need to walk around with big rubber bands strapped to your legs as you sidestep from one end of the gym to the other.   You don’t need to balance on a ball while throwing out a kettlebell in the air.   As I’ve said in previous videos I literally want to smack you upside the head when I catch you on the “vaginator”.

If you want to look good naked which is what we’ve all agreed is the objective here,  then stick to weightlifting and moderate cardio. Arnold didn’t do stupid shit.   Arnold looked great.   Be like Arnold.

My third observation

If you’re over the age of 40 and you aren’t making the progress you’d like,  check your hormones.   If you’re trying to work out with a hormone imbalance you might as well stay home.   I was at the gym the other day and I had a guy about my age asked me what he should do to look better.  I told him he was doing far too much cardio and he needed to focus more on weight lifting.  I asked him to look across the entire warehouse of people working out on cardio equipment and show me one person he eventually liked to look like.   There wasn’t one.   I asked him to look over into the weightlifting section to see if there was anyone there he’d eventually like to look like.   There were a couple.  I asked him if he checked his testosterone levels recently.   He said he didn’t want to do exogenous testosterone so I told him our conversation was finished and he should do whatever the hell he wanted to do because it wasn’t gonna matter anyway.   There are genetically gifted people out there that don’t need TRT to maximize their results in their 40s and 50s,  but I’m not one of them,  and neither are you.   You have half the testosterone at 50 as you did at 20.   Acknowledge that and get it fixed.   If you’re not willing to do that then accept the fact that you’re gonna live the rest of your life as being average.   It’s not my thing,  but each his own.

My fourth observation

I have never heard a big guy complain about someone else taking performance-enhancing drugs.   It’s always the small guys.   Why?   Because the big guy isn’t intimidated when you get bigger.   It’s almost comical when I get some comment about how testosterone is gonna ruin my liver.  Let’s forget the fact that the statement has no medical bearing and instead move on to the underlying intent of the message itself.   When I hear this I immediately know the person sending the message is probably shorter than 5 foot 10 inches tall.   I also know that there’s an inferiority complex in play.   How do I know that?   Because he said I was going to ruin MY liver.    Keep in mind that we’re not talking about me ruining his liver.  Why the hell does he care what I do to own my damn liver,  he doesn’t.   The bottom line is me getting bigger reinforces the reality that he isn’t going to, nor will he ever.   The lesson here is if it doesn’t concern you,  if it doesn’t affect you,  if it doesn’t harm you,  just shut up.   Nobody wants to get all wrapped up in your psychosis.

My fifth observation

If you’re overweight, no matter what your wife says,  you’re not sexy.  Not being able to see your toes is not,  nor will it ever be,  a turn-on for your significant other.   I promise the statement “What really matters is on the inside” –  that’s bullshit.  I was fat.   I was fat for a long time.  I know what I’m talking about.   You’re disgusted with yourself and everyone around you is concerned about your health.  The good news is this condition is entirely reversible.   The bad news – only you can change it.   I’m not being judgmental here.  I’m being factual.   If you’re overweight change your circumstances and change them today – life is an entirely different experience when you’re healthy and confident.

My sixth observation

You get special treatment in this world when you are physically in good shape.  When you look good – –  I started putting this together about four months ago –  when I was almost 400 pounds,  I was treated like anybody else.  Nobody was disrespectful to me but I got what everybody else got,  no special treatment.  Nobody went out of their way to make my life any easier.   Now that I fixed my hormones, focused on my diet, and intensified my training,  I’m far closer to where I’d eventually like to be from a physical standpoint.  This has made life easier on multiple levels,  from getting free upgrades on airline flights to people at the grocery store going in the back and getting me the fresh stuff instead of pulling something off the wormer, to people being just generally nicer to me from the moment we meet.  Probably 50% or more people are making an effort to say hello to me when I’m out in public.  I didn’t ask for these things,  they just started happening and it doesn’t just happen to me.   I’ve noticed that other men in good physical condition get the same treatment.

I’m telling you your entire life will change for the better if you spend one year,  just a single year,  getting yourself healthy and working toward looking good naked.

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