How To Get Labs During The Virus Pandemic!

These are trying times for all of us. How do you get labs done in the midst of Stay At Home Orders, Lab Closures, and Sick People at Lab Facilities? This video explains your options… If you want Viking to generate your Lab Requisition, Email: If you want to Purchase Your Own Lab Requisition, visit this Web Link:


 If you want a Home Testing Kit to be mailed to you, Email: Wait for the payment link, pay for the test, and it will be ordered the Same Day. For the Absolute BEST Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic in the ENTIRE Universe, visit, Email:, or Call 1-210-826-8900.


As many of you know, it’s become increasingly difficult to get into lab testing facilities. Since this process is a critical component of your Hormone Replacement Therapy protocol, we needed to make some temporary modifications to our guidelines.


There are a few reasons this issue exists. For one, many States and Counties have issued Stay At Home orders, making it increasingly difficult to leave your house. In fact, in certain places, you can be fined if you’re away from home and your mission is not considered “Essential”. Sounds pretty subjective to me, but the last thing we want is someone getting fined for trying to complete their TRT requirements. Second, there are many labs that are simply not open. This means not everybody even has local access to a facility. Third, many are leery of the people they might find in a Testing Facility… are they there to be tested for the Virus? Who knows? Does anybody really want to risk the health of themselves and their family? I don’t know… that’s a judgement call.


So here are our temporary guidelines until this pandemic subsides:


  1. We have extended the validity of any testing you’ve received in the past 12 months. So if you already have labs under a year old, they’re now good with us. Understand that 12 months is the legal timeframe. Viking requires labs every 6 months because we feel under normal circumstances, 12 months is too long to ensure your remaining healthy.
  2. If you can get into a LabCorp facility, Viking can generate a Lab Requisition for you. We can usually have this completed in a matter of hours. Simply email and she’ll have this generated. The requisition will be emailed to you, you can print it, and go directly to any LabCorp facility. Exceptions to this are in the States of Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey. We can not generate lab requisitions in these areas due to State Legislation. You do need to be an existing patient of Viking to use this option.
  3. You can purchase your own lab requisition online at LabsMD. I’ll put the link to the Male Hormone Panel in the description below. The cost of this test is $73. You complete the order form online, make your payment, and in a few hours you’ll have a Quest Diagnostic lab requisition emailed to you. You can proceed directly to the facility after receiving it. Exceptions to this method are in the States of New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Again, State Laws are the issue. You do not need to currently be a Viking patient to use this option.
  4. You can purchase a Home Testing Kit. This is a kit that’s mailed directly to your house. We’ve reduced the price from $220 to $175. The test covers Total Testosterone, Estrogen, SHBG, DHEAS, Cortisol, and Hemoglobin A1c. You can use these tests in Every State. To get this test, simply send a request to info@VikingAlternative, you’ll be sent a payment link, make the payment and we’ll order the test the same day. You’ll receive the Testing Kit in the mail, you’ll spend about 10 minutes completing it, and you’ll put it back into the mailbox to be delivered to the lab. Return postage is included. The lab runs the tests and sends you the results via email in a few days. This might be the safest way to do labs, but again, we leave it at your discretion. Again, you do not need to be a current Viking patient to use this option, but we can’t discount the Home Testing Kit if you’re not. So for Non Viking patients only, the home testing kit option is still priced at $220.


It should also be disclosed that labs at LabCorp and Quest usually require fasting overnight. So while you can get the requisition in a few hours, you might have to wait until the next day to do the actual testing… after you’ve fasted overnight.


This is just another example of how Viking continuously implements policies to ensure our patient base remains healthy, while still providing multiple options. Decisions at Viking are made quickly, which sets us apart from most businesses. I do not believe in bureaucracy.


So stay safe, keep your family safe, and always remember… You are Never Too Old to Live Like A Viking.


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