How to Find Cheap HGH – HGH Day 264

Hormone Replacement Therapy can be VERY expensive… especially when it comes to HGH. Doctor prescribed Pharmaceutical HGH will run you around $1,000 or more each month. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard on this channel about HGH is it’s Far Too Expensive. So I wanted to provide information on a possible solution… Where can you find Cheap HGH? All of my videos are informational, not instructional and I’m not a medical doctor… so don’t listen to me. Do your own research, make your own decisions.

If I had to write down the top 5 comments I’ve gotten from our subscribers over the 8 months since I started this channel, I think the Number One comment would be, “HGH sure sounds great, but it’s SO EXPENSIVE.” And I’ve agreed with you every time. In fact it takes an idiot, like me, to pay $1,000 a month to a doctor that pretty much only sends out medications and looks over lab work once every quarter. Still, from my perspective, it’s totally worth it. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy, I know I’m getting pharmaceutical grade compounds, and, as a bonus, it’s perfectly legal that way. But what if you can’t spend that? What if you won’t spend that? There is another option so let’s get to it.

First of all, I’m not a medical doctor because I haven’t spent half of my life in school, I never had the grades to go to medical school, and even if I did, they don’t make enough money to support the lifestyle my spoiled-assed family has grown accustomed to living. So don’t take medical advice from me. I’ve said it countless times, my videos are informational, not instructional. And this information is not for kids. If you’re not over the age of 40, you need to go play Xbox or something while the adults talk. So don’t do something stupid and claim, “Sam told me to”. Because Sam is telling you Not To.

Sam literally just told you Not To.

That said, plenty of people have contacted me about small injuries, asking if I thought HGH would help. I tell them, “I don’t know about your situation, but I had back problems, tendon issues in my elbow, and I had pain in my ankle from breaking it in a freak ice-related incident. I took Testosterone for over a year before starting HGH and I still had these issues. I started taking HGH and, in about 3 to 4 months, every one of those issues was gone. Now let’s be totally honest though… I don’t feel like my left ankle is as strong as my right one, but it doesn’t give me any issues and it doesn’t hurt. My left elbow has very mild, let’s call it a “Ghostings” of what WAS an injury, but it doesn’t hurt. I mean I couldn’t even do curls because my elbow hurt so much. Now I have no problem curling. My back used to go out at least once a quarter. It hasn’t gone out in well over 6 months; probably longer. I’ll get what I call a little “Sting” in my back every now and then when I move weird, pick something up wrong… whatever… but it doesn’t go out anymore. And the weird thing is that “Sting” I described, that’s what I used to feel right before I knew I was going to be screwed for a week while I ate Hydrocodone and Flexaril like candy, waiting for my back to get right again. I don’t have any hard evidence of it, but I’m convinced HGH has assisted in my fat loss, I know it has helped vastly improve the elasticity in my skin, it has diminished the appearance of age spots, it has enabled me to sleep for 8 hours straight… it’s some good shit. And I don’t care what the FDA says about HGH not being officially acknowledged as an anti-aging solution. I’m telling you it makes you younger. Period. Does it have side effects? Everything has side effects. You weigh the good with the bad and see which list is bigger. That’s what grown-assed men do. They do research and make educated decisions after weighing all of the facts. HGH will NOT, in my opinion, fix you if you’re body is seriously jacked up. If you’ve have had a stroke and 7 of your vertebrae have bulging discs, HGH is not a miracle drug. Let’s not pretend like it is.

Stay with me here because I think there’s a possible compromise between good and evil. First of all, your doctor works for you. You pay your doctor money to take care of you. Your doctor makes recommendations, but he’s only making recommendations, not ultimatums. You wouldn’t eat at a restaurant where the waiter brought you whatever the hell he wanted to bring you, regardless of what you ordered… Well, unless you go to an authentic Mexican restaurant where half the time they didn’t understand what I ordered… so THEY pretty much bring me whatever the hell they want… but that’s an anomaly. I guess it should be noted it’s probably a pretty good idea not to get your healthcare at a Mexican restaurant. But I do love chimichanga’s… do you see how easy it is to get sidetracked?

Back to your doctor. Tell him… or her. I’m going to do 2 IU’s of HGH. We can either do this together and you can monitor my bloodwork for adverse conditions, or we can pretend like we’ve never had this conversation and I’m going to do it anyway. What’s he going to say? Any good doctor is going to say, “I don’t advise it, but if you’re going to do it anyway, let’s at least make sure you stay healthy.” If he doesn’t say that, do a Google Search and you’ll find a hundred other doctors in your area. All of which will prescribe you a Z Pack when you show up in their office with the “sniffles”. They work for you. Not the other way around. Unless you have a rare medical condition, a doctor is a doctor is a doctor. I go to the Urgent Care when something comes up with me. I don’t have to make an appointment, I’m in and out in like 30 minutes, they can prescribe medications and they even have those meds on-site… it’s convenient. And I’ve never had a bad experience, even though I see a different doctor every time, because I go maybe once every 3 years. Plus, your doctor isn’t the one feeling like shit and gaining weight like a fat lady at Golden Coral. has what’s called 191AA, which stands for 191 Amino Acids. This is what HGH is comprised of; a string of 191 amino acids. They guarantee it’s pharmaceutical grade and claim they will send a laboratory verification report with the order upon request. I don’t put my name on shit unless I’ve tried it. So, I bought a 10 pack of 10 IU vials and I’ve been supplementing my doctor prescribed Omnitrope for the past week or so. I’ve been doing 1.5 IU’s of Omnitrope in the morning and 2 IU’s of 191AA at night. Now understand that Omnitrope, Humatrope, Norditropin… every HGH brand that you can get your hands on… every one of them is a string of 191 Amino Acids. It’s just different brand names on the box. I’ve felt a sensation in my wrists, I’ve felt a bit of water weight, which are two of the symptoms I would expect to experience on a larger dose of HGH. Therefore, I believe it’s legitimate. Everything else from PureRawz has been legit so I don’t anticipate their brand of HGH is any different.

So let’s talk about price. I currently pay around $40 for one IU for pharmaceutical grade HGH. That’s expensive. Through PureRawz you can get Ten vials with 10 IU’s per vial for $374. If we do the math, you have 100 IU’s in total for $374, which comes to $3.74 per IU of HGH. I pay $40, you pay $3.74… who’s the idiot again? Yes, me. There’s no reason to even continue this video because if you’re still listening to me, I haven’t done a good enough job of explaining you can have Pharmaceutical Grade HGH for $3.74 an IU.

How do you get it? You could go to and do a search. Or an easier way is to go to , choose Products from the menu, then Supplements, and you’ll see the 10 vials of 191AA with a button to purchase. You’ll be directed to PureRawz, but at least you’ll know specifically what to order. And don’t forget to use the code VIKING at checkout because you’ll receive 7% off of your entire order. One more thing, you need to reconstitute the HGH because it comes in powder form. I can explain that to you, but this video is getting too long the way it is. You’ll also need a vial of Bacteriostatic Water when you purchase. This is what turns the powder back into HGH.

To summarize this video… I highly recommend, if you use the information I’ve provided, that you consult your physician first. The best case scenario would be to have your doctor understand what you’re doing and agree that he’ll make sure you stay healthy through quarterly blood tests. If you’re a kid, don’t jack with your hormones. If you order from a Mexican Restaurant, point to what you want on the menu… don’t try to tell the waiter… unless you like surprises.

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