How Awesome is Hormone Therapy?

In this video we hear the testimonial of Scott Kiphart who’s been on Viking Hormone Therapy for 10 weeks now. Listen to the difference it’s made in his life in such a short amount of time and what it could possibly do for you. For the Absolute BEST Hormone Therapy Clinic in the Entire Universe, Phone: 210-826-8900, Email:
[00:00:00.300] – Sam Ridgeway
So if you watch my channel, you’ve seen my progression from day one, the first day I picked up that camera and started filming, that was two years ago. And here we are today. And I’ve had countless tens of thousands of messages from both men and women along the way saying that hormone replacement therapy has changed their lives. But that still didn’t replace us going out and finding just some random person, bringing them in, giving them the nutritional advice, giving them the proper medications, giving them everything that I know today.

Had I known back then on day one when I started, I would have done it exactly that way. We found that guy. We brought him in, and here it is 10 weeks later. So let’s see what’s happened. I am here with Scott Kiphart . Scott is are the Viking in the making. He’s the one that we took in. We brought him in and I did everything with him that i would have done had I started this off from the beginning, knowing what I know now.

[00:01:02.890] – Sam Ridgeway
So knowing that. Scott, let’s just go over the treatment protocol you’re on right now.

[00:01:08.890] – Sam Ridgeway
What is it that you’re on?

[00:01:11.380] – Scott Kiphart
Right now, I’m using the testosterone. We did add the Decca, the Duo Blend, which is Ipamorelin and CJC 1295.

[00:01:20.620] – Scott Kiphart

[00:01:21.700] – Scott Kiphart
The peptides, which I do think are helping quite a bit with healing and aches and pains – TB500 and BPC 157.

[00:01:28.120] – Scott Kiphart
Yep, that’s it. And HCG, Heg, the Anastrozole all and some of the Tadalafil every other day just to have a tablet of that. OK, good, good.

[00:01:41.980] – Sam Ridgeway
And so with that, how long have you been on hormone therapy right now. From the time that we started until today.

[00:01:48.490] – Scott Kiphart
About how many weeks but ten.

[00:01:50.230] – Sam Ridgeway
OK, and then how long was it before you started to see from the time you started, how long was it before you started seeing results and just any results?

[00:01:59.650] – Scott Kiphart
Right. I mean, within a couple of weeks I noticed an increase in my libido, my sleep getting better just in a couple of weeks. Some aches and pains subsiding a little bit. And I had spoke before, of course, I had the back surgery, but I had had a hand surgery and that was really it was healing so slow and it was giving me so many issues. And it’s like a hundred percent now. It’s crazy. It was the padding on the hand here was going just from the nerves and everything that’s pretty much back.

[00:02:27.310] – Scott Kiphart
And my strength feels like it’s 100 percent, which is just nuts. That’s really crazy because I was really struggling with that for a while.

[00:02:33.400] – Sam Ridgeway
How long were you struggling with it? Oh, about three months.

[00:02:36.550] – Scott Kiphart
Three, four months.

[00:02:38.090] – Sam Ridgeway
That TB500, BPC 157. Those two together are absolutely amazing. And you put that Ipamorelin CJC 1295 blend on there. That’s good with you.

[00:02:45.830] – Sam Ridgeway
And of course with the testosterone rest of the stuff.

[00:02:47.540] – Sam Ridgeway
That’s good. Now have you let’s go over some stuff – like have you noticed better sleep by chance.

[00:02:53.140] – Scott Kiphart
Absolutely. It’s almost like and I’ve struggled with insomnia for a while and I still do get it. I still I’ll have a few days where I just don’t feel like sleeping. But with this I’ve noticed a marked improvement. My body’s telling me, hey, it’s time to go to sleep. You know, I’ll get back because a lot of times I’ll work out in the evening and I’ll get home from the gym and have a protein shake or my last meal, whatever I’m doing.

[00:03:16.630] – Scott Kiphart
And it’s like my body’s saying, hey, you’re tired. And I hadn’t had that in so long. I had it was like I’d have to really force myself into the sleep mode.

[00:03:24.340] – Sam Ridgeway
Do you get better quality sleep when you get to sleep.

[00:03:26.900] – Scott Kiphart

[00:03:27.220] – Scott Kiphart
I wake up maybe a little more rested.

[00:03:28.930] – Sam Ridgeway
Yeah. I mean, I think everybody has their times where it’s hard to go to sleep.

[00:03:32.680] – Sam Ridgeway
I mean, I know nothing is just going to fix everything 100 percent, but if we get into a primarily you know, primarily we feel like sleeping. And when we do sleep, we get good sleep, you know, maybe 80 percent of the time. And I find that to be a drastic improvement. Yeah, definitely worth the price of admission.

[00:03:49.690] – Scott Kiphart
Absolutely. Just in and of itself with that. For me, especially with the sleep issues I’ve had, it’s amazing.

[00:03:54.820] – Sam Ridgeway
OK, now how about strength? Have you noticed an increase in strength? You you work out you’re going to get him. And I do.

[00:04:00.190] – Scott Kiphart
I’m working out. I mean, I used to be in six, seven days a week. I was one of those nuts before surgery trying to pace myself. Now, I’m not going in doing crazy stuff, trying to throw up, you know, crazy weight like I used to. But I’m doing I mean, the weights have just gotten so much easier. I wish I was on my old schedule a little bit just so I could say, yeah, you know, my bench went up to this and that.

[00:04:22.570] – Scott Kiphart
I’m not focusing on the weight. I’m focusing on how to feels, but get my weights gone up. My strength is going up quite a bit. And I noticed with the recovery from my back surgery, I have some issues with my leg, you know, where I was always grabbing on to something to get up. Not at all. Just getting out of the car. I thought about it when I got out of the car today. I’m like, holy cow, you know, this is improving so, so much.

[00:04:41.920] – Scott Kiphart
So that’s great.

[00:04:43.390] – Sam Ridgeway
I love these stories now. It’s crazy.

[00:04:44.950] – Sam Ridgeway
So I know we’ve talked a little about your injuries. It’s some with your hand, with your with your leg, everything.

[00:04:50.140] – Sam Ridgeway
So what as far as like what did you have before coming into this? And I know even if you talk about it again, what are some of the things that you’ve noticed as far as from a healing perspective? Because we all get those little aches and pains. Right. And at our age, we just deal with them and they continue to accumulate. And pretty soon we’ve got like a lot of them that we’ve got.

[00:05:10.060] – Sam Ridgeway
So to fix these things would be huge. I mean, especially, again, for someone, because they’re not going to be better unless you get them fixed. So what were some of the things that you had prior to and some of the benefits, the healing to the injuries that you’ve noticed?

[00:05:23.920] – Scott Kiphart
Again, I can’t stress the hand enough. I really can’t. It was what I was started back in the gym, which wasn’t a whole lot longer before I started coming in here, really actually getting a workout in. You know, that hand was just nuts. And noticing that that’s I mean, I want to say darn close to 100 percent, if not a hundred percent. The back surgery they did – I won’t go into the details. But it was a major surgery.

[00:05:46.690] – Scott Kiphart
It was my third one in my life. And a lot of the supporting muscles and things like that, you know, I was being very cautious around them and it seems like those muscles have just kind of kicked in on their own. So I feel a lot more stability in the back. The leg – there was some nerve damage from the surgery, and my other muscles have kind of taken over for the Medialis, which is essentially not there anymore.

[00:06:09.540] – Scott Kiphart
So the other muscles have picked up for that. And that’s why I was saying, get out of the car. Simple things like that, noticing that I’m just kind of standing right up is just amazing to me because I was babying that leg so much.

[00:06:18.660] – Sam Ridgeway
And that’s going to throw off your gait the way you walk. I mean, and it’s going to affect other parts of your body and throw them off. I mean, that’s one of the things with the chiropractic side, it’s not necessarily what’s going on, but it’s the other things that you do to compensate for it that throw those other parts out, that make you walk differently or lead or not get up or do things like with the hand even with your strength training I’m imagining that you can lift more just because your hands good you can actually hold the bar now, whereas at one point in time that might have been difficult, at least at that weight.

[00:06:47.870] – Scott Kiphart
Yeah, that’s one of the things that really struck me, is because I was I was wearing my brace and everything else when I was working out. And all of a sudden I’m like, it feels better and then better and better and now it feels great.

[00:06:56.580] – Sam Ridgeway
That’s awesome.

[00:06:57.870] – Sam Ridgeway
OK, how about weight weight wise? Have you found it easier to and we don’t do this like to get a six pack or anything like that.

[00:07:06.210] – Sam Ridgeway
That’s not why Viking does it. Viking does it to feel better.

[00:07:09.060] – Sam Ridgeway
But with increased testosterone and with the IGF 1 increase and the rest of the little bit of decca in there, it should be easier to at least maintain the weight even if you eat the same amount of food. Have you found that you’re able to keep the same weight at least, or lose a little after you started testosterone? What’s what’s going on with the weight side of things?

[00:07:28.580] – Scott Kiphart
Again, being a 10 week, it seemed like it took a few weeks for my body to even start responding to the diet because I am working with the nutritionist, with Shelby, Shelby Starnes I am on a lot of protein, I mean, a lot of eggs. I would think I’d be gaining weight just because of the amount of protein I’m eating, but it’s essentially staying the same. I’ve gained muscle, obviously, and lost fat, obviously. I mean, it’s plain to see.

[00:07:52.380] – Sam Ridgeway
So your body composition has changed if your weight hasn’t really fluctuated immensely.

[00:07:56.220] – Scott Kiphart
Correct. And I would say that I really noticed that going into about eight weeks is when I hear to that, oh, well, things are getting looser, which is good definitely around the midsection. This jacket’s getting a little more snug on me than it should because I’m just swole. That’s what I’m telling you, if you really feel the difference. Right. And again, I’m not going in the gym working out any longer than 45 minutes.

[00:08:21.120] – Scott Kiphart
Usually I go in, I go through.

[00:08:22.530] – Sam Ridgeway
And have you noticed any mental or cognitive improvements and maybe a little less brain fog? Maybe things get pulled out a little bit better.

[00:08:32.580] – Sam Ridgeway
I mean, have you noticed any improvements in that area?

[00:08:35.370] – Scott Kiphart
I credit some of that to the sleep, but absolutely. With doing the Myers’ cocktail, I’m doing the infusions, without a doubt. Yeah, a lot more clarity. Especially when I wake up. I think I notice it. You know, it’s always I get up groggy, I need my coffee and I’m feeling that a lot more when I get up that, you know, I sometimes I forget to have my coffee for a while because I’m more alert, more focused in the morning.

[00:08:58.020] – Sam Ridgeway
OK, now if we were to go back and before you did this, it was just a concept. Right? Now you’re thinking, OK, this whole entire hormone thing, I hope it can help. But, you know, a lot of times we have the expectation we have is down here because that’s way more things in life are too good to be true. It usually is that whole thing.

[00:09:15.180] – Sam Ridgeway
But going back and looking at it prior to that, if somebody were in your position before you started TRT or HRT and looking at yourself now, what kind of advice would you have somebody maybe on the fence saying, you know what, I’ve got all these problems, I’m feeling these things, but I just don’t know about this whole entire thing. Would you recommend it?

[00:09:33.720] – Sam Ridgeway
Would you I mean, give me, like, your overview. If you were talking to someone who says, I’m kind of thinking about it, but I really don’t know, what would you say to them?

[00:09:42.000] – Scott Kiphart
I mean, I actually have with some of my friends, I just turned 54 less than a week ago. And so I’m thinking just talking with my, you know, some of my friends, I’ve explained it to them that, you know, come in, do the consultation, you know, get get your hormone levels and your all of your blood checked out, see how you’re, you know, see how you’re doing in that respect. And everybody goes to the doctor and, you know, the doctor says, hey, you’re OK if it’s cholesterol or something, but come in and do that, talk to them.

[00:10:10.380] – Scott Kiphart
And if I could look back and tell myself, I mean, there would be no hesitation and there really wasn’t for me because of, you know, different issues, but anybody could benefit from it. You’re going to get better sleep. You’re going to have your sex drive is going to essentially go through the roof, you know, the cognitive being able to, you know, think clearly to focus more on

[00:10:31.440] – Sam Ridgeway
those nagging injuries, the neck injury.

[00:10:33.630] – Sam Ridgeway
it’s just getting those fixes.

[00:10:34.830] – Scott Kiphart
And I like a lot of people our age, I have arthritis throughout my body in different places and joints and everything else. My neck is horrible. And I’ve noticed that’s improved. I’m sure it’s not going to go away. Nothing’s magic, you know, still going to be there. But I mean, it was I was having a hard time turning my neck, things like that have gotten better, feel like somebody’s gone in and lubricated my joints a little bit.

[00:10:53.960] – Sam Ridgeway
That is good stuff, is that that decca will take those joints and just make it feel like you put oil in them.

[00:10:59.560] – Scott Kiphart
That that must be what’s doing it. Because, again, it’s I haven’t been that on that the full ten weeks through the whole protocol. So and I have noticed that more recently. So that would make sense, you know, get to give it a shot, you know, at least come in, think about it, get some good information on it, get checked out. And I would say do it.

[00:11:17.980] – Sam Ridgeway
There you go. Better sleep. We’ve fixed injuries, metabolism. I mean, mental and cognitive abilities. We’ve fixed all of these things with hormone replacement therapy guys. This stuff works and it works for both men and women. So if you’re on the fence about this – stop, I mean, honestly, what do you have to lose to try this? If it didn’t work, you’d go right back to where you were today. So it’s no harm, no foul.

But anyway, always remember, you are never too old to live like a Viking. Until next time. Peace out.

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