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You need 3 things to be truly successful with Hormone Replacement Therapy. You need to work on Hormones, Exercise, and Nutrition. But all HRT clinics just throw you meds and walk away. Viking is changing that with FREE Nutritional Coaching by IFBB Pro and Nutrition Coach Shelby Starnes! You can even get Strength Training Coaching for a bit extra. Sign Up Today

Most of us already know Hormone Replacement Therapy changes lives. But if you want to optimize your results, you have to actively work on 3 components simultaneously… Hormones, Exercise, and Nutrition. I call it the Trifecta of Success.


Now all the average person wants out of HRT is to feel great, have more energy, and look better naked… but 90% of the struggle revolves around nutrition. It’s the fuel your body uses to function. If you fill your body with shitty fuel, you’re going to get shitty performance. And I’m not just talking about sugars and processed foods… I’m talking about how your body operates on more carbs, less carbs, more protein, less protein… we’re all different and if we want to be successful, each of us needs an individualized nutritional program.


Understanding that here’s the problem… Every HRT clinic I know of just throws you a box of drugs and walks away. And as I was sitting in my living room the other day, I thought to myself, “Why Can’t Viking be better than that”. If nutrition is 90% of the battle, why would we ask our patients to figure out 90% of the problem on their own? Does that really sound like we truly care about their success?


So I broke out the iPad and started writing a job description to hire a Nutrition Coach. And then… I had the craziest idea… “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get Shelby Starnes to be our guru?” I mean this is the guy that took me from 330 pounds down to 285… and that’s after I had spent months listening to “Self Proclaimed Experts” on the Internet, getting Zero results. I mean Shelby is an absolute Wizard. He works with all walks of life from the couch potato to the professional bodybuilder. And he works with both men and women. He not only does this for a living, he has a long track record of unprecedented success. But then I thought, “That’s ridiculous to think an IFBB Bodybuilder and Professional Nutrition Coach would work for Viking.”


Still, on a whim, I paused the writing of my job description and reached out to Shelby. And then I was enlightened to the reason clinics don’t offer this service… because it’s frigging expensive. Just to give you an example, the negotiations began at a base salary exceeding 200 Grand a year. But I wasn’t giving up yet… Intense negotiations followed… and eventually, Shelby and I reached a mutual agreement.


So I’m happy, elated, dumbfounded, surprised… but most of all extremely appreciative that a person of Shelby Starne’s caliber has now become a member of our Viking family.


And here’s how it works. Beginning May 18, 2020…which is next Monday… If you’re an active Viking patient, we’ll pay for 30 days of nutritional coaching with Shelby Starnes. That’s right, this is absolutely free, just for being a Viking.  We’re going to limit the number of patients to 25 a month, which ensures everybody gets quality time instead of trying to run people through like a herd of cattle. We want Quality, not Quantity.


You send Shelby pictures of yourself on a weekly basis and he modifies your nutritional program, based upon your results. The whole program is both Simple and highly effective. The only thing we ask is that you take this seriously. You eat the foods Shelby recommends, you eat them when he recommends to do so, you give this program your best effort and you throw out what you think you know… and listen to everything this man tells you. And if you’re not willing to do that, please don’t occupy the spot of someone who is.


So how do you sign up? Go to VikingAlternative.com/Coach-Shelby and complete the form. I’ll put the link in the description below. We’ll put you on the calendar and you’ll receive an email with your start date. This is on a First Come, First Serve basis so the faster you apply, the sooner you’ll begin.


But I still didn’t have a solution for the third leg of the Trifecta, which is exercise. So I discussed that with Shelby too. And here’s what we came up with…  If you want Shelby to coach you on how to lift weights, you can add weight lifting to your program for just $100. And what does that get you? How about 12 weeks of strength coaching from an IFBB professional bodybuilder? That’s for 3 months. It doesn’t get more comprehensive than this people.


And if you’d like to continue with the nutrition program beyond your Free 30 day Period, you can do so for just $250 a month; a substantial reduction from what Shelby charges everybody else.


So what Viking has done here is fill in the gaps. We’re giving you professional help with your Hormones, your nutrition, and we’re providing the option to weight train under the guidance of a true master. We’re covering all the bases and giving you the best chance of success you’ll find anywhere.


And this isn’t some Bait and Switch offer designed to give you just enough to be interested, but not enough to see real results. 30 days is more than enough time to understand how your body reacts to various foods. And learning how and what to eat is information you can use for the rest of your life. You would be absolutely insane to not take advantage of this program.


This is just one more example of how Viking is pioneering the HRT market through options and innovation. And more importantly, it’s a testament to our slogan, “Patients Before Profits”.


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