HGH Day 234 – MK-677 VS HGH Frag

Are there similarities between MK 677 and HGH Frag? If so, which one is better? I provide information, you make the decision.

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I’ve spoken about both MK 677 and HGH FRAG in previous videos but I get so many questions about the two that I think the topic needs to be revisited.  I am comparing these two compounds,  what do they both have in common?   You just have to stick around and find out.


Both these compounds are research chemicals and are not intended for human consumption so let’s get to it.


MK 677 has so much interest because it’s been said it can replace injectable HGH.   That’s significant because it’s a fraction of the cost of HGH.   Is this true?   Well, I won’t stake my reputation on it,  but I did make a video that shows MK 677 increased my IGF-1 just as much as on the Omnitrope. For you that don’t know Omnitrope is the brand of HGH that I use.   I’ll put the link to that video below,  but in my study, I did a blood panel before Omnitrope,  I did another blood panel after months of Omnitrope,  and right before starting MK 677 and I did a final blood panel after a few months of taking MK677.  The results showed that MK 677 increased my IGF-1 just as much as injectable HGH.   I actually stopped taking MK 677 because my IGF-1 was 330 which is a little higher than I want it to be.   More isn’t always better when it comes to hormone replacement therapy.


In business, it’s location, location, location.  In HRT it’s moderation, moderation, moderation.


I’m not going to go into the science behind MK 677.   You can do a google search and read about that.  For our purposes – it tells your body to produce more growth hormone.


Let me go on a little rant while I’m thinking about it.   Don’t comment on this video about how I’m going to put poison my body, how my heart is going to explode by using MK.   If this isn’t your thing, it just isn’t your thing and I respect that.   Nobody here thinks we’re talking about vitamin C Captain Obvious.   It’s already been said this is a research chemical and it’s not intended for human consumption so if all you’re going to do is tell me it’s not good for me, you can take your infinite wisdom elsewhere.  The food you eat can kill you, the water you drink can kill you, the air you breathe can kill you,  and if you say stupid shit on this channel I’d like to kill you.   Rant finished back to MK 677.


There are some downsides to MK 677.  It has the potential to make you very hungry, it can increase insulin sensitivity, It can cause you to retain water, etc.  In fact, it has the same negative side effects found in HGH itself.   The question now is what does MK 677 have to do with HGH FRAG what are the similarities between these two compounds?


Mainly, it’s the desired outcome. Not all but most people that ask me about either MK or HGH FRAG are ultimately looking for one thing  – weight management.  They’re looking for a compound that helps them reduce body fat –  period.    Since MK 677 just gets your body produce more growth hormone.  what we’re really doing here is just comparing HGH to HGH frag. HGH is a long string of 191 amino acids.   HGH FRAG is a small portion of the tail end of that string or a fragment of that string which is why they call it HGH frag.  Specifically, it’s 176 to 191 of that amino acid chain so you may see it referenced by its full name which is HGH FRAG 176 to 191.   Let’s just refer to it as FRAG in this video.


What’s so good about FRAG?   It’s said to be 12.5 times more potent for fat loss than HGH itself.   That’s pretty significant in my book.  It doesn’t affect insulin sensitivity, doesn’t make you retain water, no headaches, no Carpal Tunnel, or any of the other potential side effects of HGH. I’ve never experienced any negative side-effects from HGH except for mild headaches for the first couple of weeks.   On the flip side, it doesn’t carry many the benefits of HGH either such as better sleep, better skin, the creation of satellite muscle cells, cell repair in general, etc.  FRAG’s single purpose in life is to control weight gain.   It not only helps to metabolize existing fat but it slows down the process of storing new fat.   Sounds pretty good right?.   Normally when someone says “sounds pretty good right”  t’s usually followed by a list of bad things but not in this case.   If weight management is your objective, FRAG is your answer, or at least it’s something you need to do some research on.   I would also mention that while HGH is recommended for the older population, FRAG would theoretically work for anybody over the age of 25. Why over 25?   Because I personally believe you’re borderline retarded until you get to be at least 25 years old and have absolutely no business making decisions that could affect the rest of your life until then.   I’m sure there are those that would disagree and they’re probably all under the age of 25.   It’s also important to mention that you didn’t get fat overnight and you’re not going to get skinny overnight either. Have a reasonable level of expectation with any compound.  It takes time for these things to work.  I would say you’re looking at about a month before you could see any noticeable results from frag, and that’s with a solid workout routine and a relatively clean diet.   I guess what I’m saying is you can’t sit around eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, shooting frag, and expect results.  Well, you can expect anything, I suppose, but you’re not going to get it.  FRAG is a tool, not a solution.  As far as dosage goes you usually want to stay between 400 to 600 micrograms a day split into two separate injections.  You don’t want to eat for about an hour before and you don’t want to eat for about an hour after injecting.  Cycling – there’s some controversy.  Some say you don’t need to cycle at all,  others recommend you cycle every six months or so.  I’ll leave it up to you to research specifics because I want this to be educational, not instructional.


To summarize,  because you know I like to summarize if your main objective is weight management you’ll want to give FRAG a closer look.   You could very well get better results with a fraction of the potential side-effects you could experience from HGH or MK 677. Sources for either MK or FRAG –  I’ll put my preferred vendor in the box on Youtube.


Full disclosure I have a coupon code with these guys you save money off your order if you use this coupon code at checkout. I get a kickback of like 5% so when you spend a hundred bucks I get five back.   I can assure you my family has already spent more than five dollars before I completed that last sentence,  so I don’t do this for the money.  In fact, if you’re looking to make money from YouTube videos you’re going to be broke and disappointed.   I asked them for a coupon code because I know their products are legitimate and since they are US-based shipping is fast as well.   If you decide to get either one of these compounds,  get it from wherever you want.   I simply want to be open and honest about my affiliation

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