You Need Growth Hormone… And Here’s Why

Growth Hormone, under a medically supervised protocol, provides multiple benefits for both men and women. Here’s my take on HGH as well as an overview of the process from the Clinical Supervisor of Viking Alternative Medicine, Chris Neal.

Chris Neal’s YouTube Channel:

Today I want to talk about growth hormone because it’s an amazing substance.

Now I’m not making medical claims here, I’m speaking from personal experience.

I’ve gotten better skin ailments that have plagued me for years have healed. A majority of the color in my hair has returned. Wounds heal faster, my metabolism has been optimized, my immune system has been strengthened, I sleep better, I recover faster from workouts. I’m stronger and when coupled with testosterone replacement therapy, the results from TRT are magnified exponentially. Women benefit immensely from growth hormone as well. Case in point I did not get my ass kicked in a bar fight. I had Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, five days ago. Five days ago sections of my eyelids were sliced off of my face and what remains was stitched back together. I said this in the last video I made but because I was awake during the surgery, I would swear I saw through the cutout portion of my eyelids as the procedure played out. That’s what happened to me five days ago and today, at 53 years old, I’m healing like a Wolverine. While I am running a couple of other peptides with HGH, this isn’t what happens to normal people.

I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be this video is educational, not instructional.

It always confuses me Because if there’s something available, if there’s something that can have such a positive impact on your life, if that solution can be medically supervised by licensed medical staff, if it can be legally prescribed, and if it comes pharmaceutical grade, manufactured by a licensed US pharmacy, then why in the hell aren’t you using it? That’s like saying, I don’t think I’ll use my car to go to work today. All that new-fangled technology is just too scary. I think I’ll walk. For the love of Jesus. Do you see how stupid that sounds? The science is here. The technology is here, use it. So to understand what growth hormone does, let’s have the clinical supervisor of Viking Alternative Medicine, Chris Neal, tell us a little more about growth hormone and how it affects the body. You can watch Chris’s full video explaining all of this in detail on his YouTube channel, Real science with Chris Neal. I’ll put the link to his channel in the description below. So let’s get educated.

Where does growth hormone go by itself? It goes to a bunch of different places. Where are the receptors for growth hormone? It goes to the cartilage, your ligaments, your tendons, right, it goes to your bone, bone density, you know, it really helps heal those things and activate those things. There are receptors in there for all of the growth hormone. So it goes to your brain. It goes to the nervous system. It can, it can heal and recover nerves. It’s amazing what it can do. It goes to your fat, it actually travels to fat. There are receptors in your fat cells for growth hormone, and as soon as growth hormone hits those receptors, then growth hormone initiates the fat cells to let go, let go of the fat, release the fat and fatty acids, okay, very important. All right. That’s how growth hormone allows – or one of the ways, one of the many ways growth hormone allows you to lose weight. Okay, and stay leaner.

So the last place, the biggest place, or the place that has the most receptors for growth hormone is the liver. Very, very important. Okay. So in the liver, two big, big, big things that it does – the first thing it does is it is going to release IGF.

Okay, so there’s a whole family of IGF factors, okay, there’s IGF One, two, there are protein binding factors and a lot of things. These IGF factors, they are also factors that go throughout the body and have receptors all over the body, to the muscles, to the bones, to the skin, to the hair to the nails, the immune system – all over. It does all kinds of things to help modulate and improve and bring back a youthful appearance and help you lose weight, strengthen your muscles, increase your bone density, and your ligaments, help you recover, help you heal. That’s where a big part of it happens is right there in the IGF.

I understand the fact that legitimate human growth hormone is prohibitively expensive. In fact, you can expect to spend around 1200 dollars a month for a single anti-aging dose of two IU’s a day. I also understand there’s controversy as to whether or not HGH can even be prescribed for anything other than a medically documented Growth deficiency?

The answer is yes, it can be, but the controversy still exists.

And lastly, it is true that the FDA does not acknowledge HGH as a solution to slow the aging process. Even though there are more than enough studies and anecdotal testimonials that clearly show it most certainly is. But we’re not going to go into the reason why it’s not acknowledged. And I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination. But what I can tell you is that drug companies with all of their billions of dollars, their lobbyists, and their control of politicians, let’s just say it doesn’t take a GED to figure out, these juggernauts of medicine simply can’t be profitable in a society that isn’t sick.

So if real HGH is so expensive, what are some reasonable alternatives? What are some compounds that have the same effect but are reasonably priced? How about IPAMORELIN or CJC-1295, or even MK 677, maybe even a blend of these.

Now, how on earth could these be just as good as an expensive product like HGH, isn’t it the more expensive something is, the better the results? To answer that? Let’s go back to Chris Neal.

The thing about hormones that is most interesting is that mechanically, a hormone is just a signal. It’s just a message. It doesn’t actually do anything, but it carries a signal. What actually does the work is the receptor. The receptor is set, it’s fixed in a fixed location. It’s a three-dimensional object, like this right here. This is our growth hormone-releasing hormone. I just drew a picture but the idea is that it’s a three-dimensional object and only one thing will fit into this, it has to be like a lock and key. And it fits just right into the receptor. As soon as growth hormone-releasing hormone fits into this like a lock and key, boom, there we go. We have production of growth hormone, this actually does the work. It sets a chain reaction going that produces growth hormone. Huge. It’s really, really cool.

So now that we know that, and now that we know that that’s how the body actually works and actually does it. How can we go in and supplement, and work with that, and make that better and get more performance out of that? What can we do with that information? This is where it gets really cool. So there are synthetic mimics. So synthetic secretagogues is another name for it. They’re basically a molecular structure that looks and has a similar three-dimensional shape that fits into the receptor that produces the same response, It’s awesome. It’s awesome. And so we’re able to produce these secretagogues or mimics, okay, that can cause the exact same process to occur. So as far as growth hormone-releasing hormone is concerned, it doesn’t know or care whether it’s actually hit by the actual hormone itself or one of the secretagogues, it doesn’t know doesn’t matter. Okay, it gets hit, it turns on boom, and it makes growth hormone. There you go. It’s as simple as that.

So for a fraction of the cost, you can do the same thing as taking HGH and you can experience the same benefits. Choose between injections, Troches, or pills, depending on the solution you choose. Now keep in mind, we also offer the expensive stuff, if that’s your thing, but for the average person, the more economical choice can offer the same benefits at a fraction of the price.

There’s no reason to not look into this. Most HRT clinics, don’t offer these compounds, which means most HRT clinics aren’t optimizing your protocol. They’re simply not allowing you to get the most out of hormone replacement. But you could be. And if you’d like to switch to a clinic that does, it’s extremely easy to move to Viking. I’ll also put that link below.

Growth hormone, in my opinion, is a critical part of the HRT equation. And it’s something I personally won’t go without for the rest of my natural-born life. And all I’m suggesting is you do some research, you ask some questions, you come to Viking – have a free consultation with one of our medical professionals. You educate yourself and explore your options because you are never too old to live like a Viking!

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