Free Hormone Therapy For Life Winner Revealed! Even I Didn’t See This Coming..

I put a video out recently, asking for people to email me with the reason I should pay for their Hormone Therapy for life. After so many entries, I chose a winner. And in the process of notifying them I called an audible. Here’s what happened…

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Transcript from Episode – Meet Adam and Mandy Bailey
[00:00:05.650] – Sam Ridgeway
So, as most of you know, I put a video out there and I was going to take on someone for hormone replacement therapy. I wanted a man over the age of 45. I didn’t want a dumpster fire. I just wanted someone who was feeling a little fatigued and was having so maybe a little issues for as injuries. And so on. I put it out there. I got back so many people that submitted the reason why they should be my person for hormone therapy for life. And a lot of that was just heart wrenching stuff.

[00:00:29.940] – Sam Ridgeway
I wanted to give everybody the program, but obviously, I can’t. So I had to choose one person. But the spin on this was when I contacted the one person, Adam Bailey and started talking to him. We started talking about his wife, and so it was kind of just an impromptu thing. And I was like, hey, Adam, what if we take your wife on, too? What if I don’t know him? Of course. But I said, just talk to her, see if she’d be interested, because I kind of wanted to get the whole thing with a couple.

[00:00:59.640] – Sam Ridgeway
I can change a man. I can change a woman. We can do that. But what kind of dynamic happens when you do both a man and a woman’s hormone therapy and see that interaction in that progression when both of them are getting better, sleeping better, better skin, better nails, better metabolism, losing weight, more energy? What happens when that dynamic is in the same house? So Adam talked to Mandy and Mandy said, yeah, let’s do it. I mean, why wouldn’t you it’s free hormone therapy for the rest of your freaking life.

[00:01:32.970] – Sam Ridgeway
Everybody would do that. I would do the hell I would do it. Let’s go now and look at the initial interview that I did with Adam and his wife, Mandy, to get a benchmark of where they are today, what we need to fix where we need to go. And the reason I want to do this is because if we set something now, saying here’s where we are, then in three months, in six months, when we fix, when we’ve changed, when we’ve done these things for these people, it’s going to be real, because here’s where they started and here’s where they ended.

[00:02:05.840] – Sam Ridgeway
So without further ado, let’s get right into the interview the very first time I’ve ever seen Adam or Mandy. Hello, everyone. I’m Same Ridgeway, owner of Viking Alternative Medicine. And what we’ve done out of that time that I wanted to give somebody hormone therapy for life, got in so many different applications. A lot of that stuff is heart wrenching. And I chose one person person out of that. And that’s Adam Bailey. I started talking to Adam initially asked him if he wanted to come on and be my guy.

[00:02:37.220] – Sam Ridgeway
And he was like, sure, as we started talking and we talked a little bit about his wife and I said, hey, you know, kind of an impromptu thing. What if Mandy came in and we did the same thing for Mandy so we could see a couple and how they progressed from the beginning of this hormone therapy with the whole Cadillac plan all the way through the end. And in six months, I want to show you the difference this is going to make in people’s life just individually, but especially as a couple.

[00:03:04.050] – Sam Ridgeway
So initially I need to set kind of a benchmark. This is where we are right now. And then as we go along, maybe every couple of months, we’ll revisit this and we’ll say, okay, how are you guys doing what’s benefited? What has’nt? I just want 100% honesty out of this whole thing. But to begin with, Cortisol levels are huge. Stress levels are huge. So I’d like you guys to just kind of explain your household, you know, kids, cats, dogs, what goes on in your house?

[00:03:34.770] – Sam Ridgeway
That might be stressful or not. So just take it away.

[00:03:38.420] – Adam Bailey
My name is Adam. This is my wife, and we’ve been married for 23 years now, a little bit about us. We known each other long. In 23 years, we’ve got a son that’s 22 years old and a daughter that’s 19 or 22 year old is living out of the house. Our daughter is currently in College right now. When the kids grew up, we finally developed some time for ourselves, and we had me time that I like to call it. And we decided to trying to re devote ourselves to trying to get fit at that point in time, my profession that I do as a pretty stressful profession itself, along with the the stress of having a household and being a family and all the stress that comes with that.

[00:04:30.350] – Adam Bailey
So we definitely needed to come up with a a better system to deal with the stress in a positive manner. I’m 44. She’s 42. Our bodies are broken down from things that we’ve done throughout our entire lives, our metabolism slower. So we’re not losing the weight like we used to when we were 20 and 30 years old. So it’s a lot harder to get back in shape now being in our 40’s. So that’s one of the main reasons why I did some research on you, Sam, and your company, and I really believe in what you guys are doing.

[00:05:09.790] – Adam Bailey
I really think it could help people like us out.

[00:05:12.940] – Sam Ridgeway
I appreciate that. And I think you’re going to see that proofs in the pudding. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t think it wasn’t. And the reason why is I’ve seen just tens of thousands of people that have been helped as well as myself. So I believe in this 100% wholeheartedly, which is why I started the company. Well, you guys have talked about exercise as far as that exercise goes. Where is it you guys? What are you doing for the exercise thing.

[00:05:35.790] – Adam Bailey
So we belong to it’s a local gym called Anchor Fitness. I guess It could best be described as a CrossFit gym. I know it’s a pretty high intensity thing for people in their forties to begin with. That’s usually something for younger people. We look forward to going in there every day, even though we’re we’re busting our butt on giving everything we can for an hour for a work out for the day. But in the end, we we feel good about what we do. But at least for me, my progression hasn’t been on the upward slope that I was wanting it to be.

[00:06:19.300] – Adam Bailey
If that kind of makes sense, we’ve been working out there for maybe a year, and it feels like I’ve plateaued with my progression at the gym, and that’s something I need to overcome. I want to better myself and not remain the same.

[00:06:36.680] – Sam Ridgeway
Okay. And, you know, in this whole entire thing, the cross fit thing is great. The cardiovascular site is great, but there’s really nothing that replaces strength training. It resistance training. And the reason for that is it’s going to build lean muscle, which is going to burn more calories even at rest. And you look better when you are toned. And so when you do the cardiovascular things just solely, you don’t get those benefits of muscle tone, extra caloric burn through the day. Additional because of the muscle, and your body is trying to keep that.

[00:07:08.780] – Sam Ridgeway
So in this, what I would request is do you still do your CrossFit stuff, but maybe take about 20 minutes of that over on the resistance side, the weight training side and do that weight training as well, because that’s going to be an integral part of getting where you want to be. That’s fine. That’s really good. And how about if we talk about your diet real quick? Do you watch what you eat? Do you eat whatever you want? What’s that kind of thing right now?

[00:07:32.640] – Adam Bailey
So prior to last week, I’ve actually been in contact with Shelby Stearns. Yeah.

[00:07:38.020] – Sam Ridgeway
Yeah, we got you, Shelby. We got you on Shelby’s diet plan, so that’s good. Also you can, also Mandy, it’s kind of a similar sort of thing. Obviously, you wouldn’t have as much as Adam would, but the same concepts apply to you in that. So anyway, continue.

[00:07:55.960] – Adam Bailey
Prior to meeting Shelby, I kind of watched what I ate. I wasn’t a big, sweets guy to begin with. I didn’t eat a ton of sweets and stuff. I’m not into soda pop and stuff like that. So I try to watch that, but I really didn’t have a set diet at that point in time. So after talking with Shelby, I truly believe in what he’s got to offer. And I really think that I’m going to stick to that and trying to change my lifestyle to to better myself.

[00:08:29.750] – Sam Ridgeway

[00:08:30.760] – Sam Ridgeway
How about you and you eat what you want? Do you watch what?

[00:08:34.590] – Mandy Bailey
Well, we have a nutritionist at our gym that we go to. And I joined him about three months ago. Three months ago. So kind of I looked at his diet and it’s similar where you track your macros and all that kind of stuff. II’ve had . I think I’ve lost 17 lbs since I started that, but I feel like my energy level still not there. I feel like I’m going to the gym and I’m doing all this and I should be able to sleep at night. I don’t sleep very well.

[00:09:13.610] – Mandy Bailey
And just the little things that I think that I need some help with it.

[00:09:19.120] – Sam Ridgeway
So that goes into the thing about sleep. And, man, you’ve already said that sleep isn’t really what you want it to be. How about you, Adam? How’s sleep go?

[00:09:27.740] – Adam Bailey
I don’t remember the last time I slip throughout the night.

[00:09:32.360] – Sam Ridgeway
Okay, so that’s another thing that we’re going to be working on. And when you balance your hormones again, I want to set an expectation level. That isn’t some pipe dream. It isn’t like you’re going to want to run a marathon, like in a week or something like that. This is kind of a progressive thing, and it gets better. But it’s a noticeable difference in what you’re doing now and what you’re going to be doing in three months, especially six months from now. So that’s why I want to get this on film.

[00:10:00.310] – Sam Ridgeway
I want to get that benchmark set, and I want to say, okay, where are you right now? Let’s talk about injuries. Do either one of you have any persistent, like, little nagging injuries that we pick up as we just age. Is there anything for either one of you?

[00:10:12.630] – Adam Bailey
Yeah. I beat my body my entire life. I’m battling just a sore back. Now with CrossFit stuff. You do some things that require a lot of repetition and stuff like that. So my lower back has been sore for the past couple of weeks. My lower back probably been my my Achilles heel, so to speak. You know that whenever something goes wrong on my body, it’s usually an aching lower back, and it lasts for a few weeks at a time, and it’ll eventually get back to normal. But other my lower back.

[00:10:48.420] – Adam Bailey
I’ve had a couple of knee surgeries, a couple of ankle surgeries, play sports my entire life. So, you know, now.

[00:10:57.520] – Sam Ridgeway
Are there little aches and pains still that kind of Nag a little bit with the knees, maybe with the angle. I mean, every now and then.

[00:11:03.590] – Adam Bailey
Absolutely. Absolutely. There’s some arthritis in there, just like you said, nagging little aches and pains. It’s kind of slow to get up in the morning and walk around. So you got to take your time whenever you first get out of bed. Absolutely.

[00:11:21.180] – Sam Ridgeway
Okay. So that’s another thing we have to fix, right? That’s another thing and maybe not fix, but make a lot better to where it’s barely noticeable, that kind of thing. So there’s another thing that hormone therapy and some of the peptides are going to come in and work on that front as well. They don’t want to get too far into this too deep, because I know it’s probably a sensitive or private subject, but as far as libido goes, if you found that, that’s changed over the years, a lot of times people do it.

[00:11:47.510] – Sam Ridgeway
You don’t have a libido. It’s just that it’s not nearly as, let’s say, aggressive as it once was. Have you found that? Is that not true?

[00:11:56.600] – Adam Bailey
Yes, it’s definitely true with me. It’s very noticeable. Right?

[00:12:05.160] – Sam Ridgeway
We don’t need to go there. That’s perfectly fine on the surface. So understanding this again, this is the benchmark sessions. The very first session we have. So we’re going to get obviously, Shelby Starnes, you’ve been doing that for, like, a week now. I wanted to get you on this as much as possible. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to get at one of our medical professionals to call back. That sounds like you, Adam, we need some bPC. We need some TB 500. We’re going to need some Ipamorelin and CJC 1295 same thing, probably for you, Mandy.

[00:12:33.390] – Sam Ridgeway
Maybe not the TV and the VPC, but definitely something to increase your IGF one. That’s what heals your body. And as far as the hormone levels, we’ll see those on the lab test. So I’m going to get you a lab requisition. We’ll get you in there. Our medical staff will evaluate where you are. They’ll make recommendations. And again, guys, for the rest of your life, as long as I own this company, this is 100% free, so I appreciate you sending in the information in the beginning.

[00:12:58.290] – Sam Ridgeway
I appreciate you coming on here, and all I want to do is I want you guys to feel better. But I also want to show what hormone therapy can not only do for an individual, but what hormone therapy can actually do for a couple collectively. So, again, I appreciate it. We’ll do this again in a couple of months. Just follow the plan if you would to the letter. If you have any questions, call if you have any issues, call all the rest of it. I obviously have a vested interest in both of your success.

[00:13:25.190] – Sam Ridgeway
So thank you very much for coming on, and we’ll check back in a couple of months. All right. Thank you.

[00:13:29.300] – Mandy Bailey
Thank you.

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