FDA Bans Peptides

FDA Bans Peptides? I will make the disclaimer that as of right now, this is the information. It is, however, subject to change at any point in time as I’m sure major lawsuits will be filed and there’s the question of whether or not the FDA can put a ban in place overnight without giving any time for the industry to adjust. But it still showcases the absurdity of this organization and the lack of knowledge about substances and their effectiveness. Also shows how much power Big Pharma has over our government. For the Absolute BEST HRT Clinic in the Entire Universe, www.VikingAlternative.com Link to Banned Substances: https://www.fda.gov/drugs/human-drug-compounding/safety-risks-associated-certain-bulk-drug-substances-nominated-use-compounding


Sam Ridgeway discusses the benefits of the healing peptide BPC-157, which he and his wife have used to aid recovery from injuries and surgeries, often surprising medical professionals with the rapid healing. However, the FDA has banned many peptides, including BPC-157, citing potential side effects and concerns about sanitary compounding conditions. Sam questions the FDA’s logic given their existing oversight of compounding pharmacies and points out inconsistencies in their decision-making, particularly concerning another peptide, Thymus and Alpha 1, which showed promise in treating COVID. He critiques the FDA’s alignment with Big Pharma’s profitability rather than patient health, suggesting that these bans will push people towards unregulated black-market solutions. While Sam acknowledges the risks of seeking banned substances, he warns against clinics that offer these products, emphasizing the legal consequences and potential compromise on other health fronts.




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Every time I have an injury, every time my wife has an injury, we take this healing peptide called BPC-157. Between the two of us, we’ve had three relatively major surgeries, and we’ve taken BPC during all of them. On every occasion, the doctors have said, I’ve never seen healing like this. It must be because the two of you live a healthy lifestyle. And we explain, no, it’s a healing peptide. And then they’re like, Is that even legal? Now, I’m not going to dwell on this, but if your job as a medical professional is to perform surgeries, how do you not know about a substance that significantly reduces the time it takes to heal a wound? But anyway, during one of those times, my wife told the doctor about the peptide and he got mad. He told her, Well, obviously you don’t need physical therapy anymore, so I guess you’re healed. Now, keep in mind she still had weeks of physical therapy on the books. That’s how well this peptide helps the healing process. I mentioned these stories because the FDA just came down with this ban on a long list of peptides claiming they can cause adverse side effects.

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And my question is, have you ever heard the list of potential side effects from the drugs advertised on television? Liver failure, blindness, increased chance of stroke, heart attack, and somehow those are acceptable risks for clearing your skin of psoriasis? Really? Because it’s not like you can go pick these things up on a shelf at Walmart. They’re prescription medications. They require a licensed medical professional to prescribe them. It requires a licensed US pharmacy to fulfill them. It’s not like we’re talking about the Wild Wild West out there where peptides are being sold in gas stations. It’s not like the creation of drugs and the distribution process is a mystery. The FDA already inspects compounding pharmacies. They already have a list of every medication dispensed, as well as the name of the doctor who wrote it. If all of this isn’t enough to make you scratch your head, another one of the justifications for banning the peptides was the potential lack of sanitary conditions under which they’re being compounded. Let’s talk about the logic on this one. If there’s a dirty compounding facility, why wouldn’t that be resolved during one of the many visits the FDA already performs at these places?

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Do they think there’s a staging area for all other medications, but in some damp, dark corner of the basement, that’s where peptides are made? But let’s get even crazier. The FDA banned another peptide that worked wonders for the immune system called Thymus and Alpha 1 or TA 1. And why did they ban that? Because people were using it as an alternative to treat COVID. So, of course, it had to be removed as an option if it was an alternative to that vaccine that clearly works so well. And yes, I’m being facetious. If that’s not crazy enough, they recently posted a trial study and on the FDA’s website, it showed TA1 significantly reduced the death rate of those infected with the virus. And yes, you’re following me correctly here, they banned it and then posted a study clearly showing it was massively effective at keeping people from dying. It’s like if you look up the word retarded in the dictionary, it says refer to FDA, but money makes the world go round. And if Big Pharma can’t pump out pills, they can’t generate record profits. If something isn’t able to be patented, it’s not going to make any money.

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And if something heals people, they won’t need a cabinet filled with substances that merely mask the symptoms, but never really address the root cause of the illness or disease itself. Because we’re being told if you just eat these pills for the rest of your life, you won’t even realize the disease or illness is tearing up your body. That’s a solution? But the government has a final say. They can shut you down, fine you. There could even be jail time if you don’t adhere to their mandates. Common sense isn’t a prerequisite for making decisions at the FDA, but profitability for Big Pharma, that is. So what now? I’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen. The same thing I’m going to do, get my shit from the black market where there’s zero regulation, no oversight. You just place an order, pay with Bitcoin and hope the item shows up. The only way you can improve your chances of getting what you ordered is to work with an illegal drug manufacturing company with a track record of producing quality products. How is that for an oxymoron? An illegal company with morals and ethics? For those of you having an issue with me advocating black market products, if it doesn’t affect you, just shut up, because I’m not going to let an injury to my body linger for twice as long just so some jack-off at the FDA can put his kid through by being Big Pharma’s bitch.

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I have a place I trust with quality products, and the bottom line, the FDA can suck it. And while I’ll put a list of all the banned peptides as a link in the description of this video, I want to be crystal clear about this. Any clinic offering these products from this point forward is subject to litigation, and that’s at the patient level. And if the clinic is willing to risk that liability, I guarantee you their business model is focused on seeing how much money they can pull from your wallet. And it also makes you wonder what other areas are they compromising in the pursuit of profits? And why on earth would a compounding pharmacy make a banned substance in the first place? Because if they’re willing to do that, what other illegal activities are they willing to perform? So while you don’t have to agree with the government, you do have to comply. Because getting old is inevitable, but selling things the government has banned, that’s just fucking stupid.


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