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Doctor prescribed DECCA is a great addition to any #TRT protocol. This video outlines the benefits and side effects of Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone). For more information, contact my Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic, Viking Alternative Medicine, at 210-826-8900, visit us online at www.VikingAlternative.com, or email info@VikingAlternative.com.

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I put out a recent video about Vikro-Dosing with DECCA. For those that don’t know, Vikro-Dosing is the term I’ve coined for taking daily shots of Testosterone, with an insulin syringe, in the delts and pecs.

In that same video, I added a therapeutic dose of DECCA on top of my TRT protocol. After I made the video, I started getting questions like, “What is DECCA and what can it offer.    I said what a great video topic and here we are.

First,  I’m not a doctor. I don’t pretend to be a doctor. The medications I discuss in this video are legally prescribed to me by a licensed medical professional.   The content of this video is solely comprised of my thoughts and opinions and nothing,  and I mean nothing,  should be misconstrued as medical advice.   Consult your physician before injecting or ingesting any medicinal compounds.   Disclaimer finished.


The real name of DECCA is nandrolone decanoate.   It was originally released in 1962.   This means they’re literally decades of research on this compound.   Decca is in the same family as testosterone but on a different branch of the anabolic tree.   It won’t raise your testosterone levels. Anybody who watches my videos knows I don’t like to get into the history of drugs because that’s what Google is for.  When someone tries to tell me the history of a drug in a video all I hear is blah blah,  blah .  I’m like,  come on,  I just want to know what it does. so let’s get to it.



If you have joint pain, DECCA can help.   This alone makes it worth the price of admission.   It’s been said the results are similar to being on painkillers with the exception that DECCA is far less toxic.   You know when you wake up, get out of bed,  your joints snap crackle pop like a bowl of rice crispies?   Decca to the rescue!



Some of us get muscle cramps, some don’t.  I have to admit I get them from time even when I try to be proactive with a regular supplementation of potassium and electrolytes.   Usually, this helps, but not always.   If you want to reduce the frequency of muscle cramps –  DECCA!



If you’ve been lifting long enough you’re bound to overdo it from time to time.   This can result in small tears to your ligaments and tendons.   When this happens most of us just work through it.   The issue is we never let our bodies fully heal and over time we get quite the collection of small injuries all over the place.  What can help?? – DECCA.



In fact, DECCA is used in old people to reduce weakness and prevent muscle loss.  As you can imagine the same thing happens to people that aren’t geriatric however the strength and muscle gains with DECCA will take time.   It is not a fast-acting steroid.   The good news is the gains are generally sustainable once you’ve earned them.



Decca is one of the best steroids for boosting nitrogen absorption in the body and believe it or not even better than the king of steroids trend alone.  A positive nitrogen balance is critical if you want to be in an anabolic state which is necessary for optimal muscle growth. If you like being in a bollock  – DECCA



In order to repair damaged muscle caused by intense exercise, your cells must produce protein.   This is accomplished through protein synthesis.  If you increase protein synthesis you expedite the repair of damaged muscle fibers.  The faster you do that the faster your muscles can heal and grow.  It also allows you to work out more frequently because your muscles are ready for another beating at a faster rate.  Want faster recovery – DECCA


What you have to understand here is I’m talking about a therapeutic dose of DECCA,  not the amount you do on a bodybuilding cycle.  You don’t even need to cycle a therapeutic dose of DECCA at all.  You can run it for years in conjunction with your trt protocol.  A typically good starting dose is around 120 milligrams per week.   Going above that is when you usually start seeing negative side effects.


DECCA is not all rainbows and lollipops so let’s discuss the possible negatives.   To be clear this is not an exhaustive list of all of the negative side effects and these are possibilities, not guarantees.  Everybody is different.


Potential Negative Effects.

1. Estrogenic effects – DECCA can cause the same symptoms high estrogen can.  Water retention gyno and so on.  It does this by increasing levels of prolactin in the body however, at therapeutic doses,  you’re far less likely to experience these types of issues.


2. CHOLESTEROL  – DECCA can cause a decrease in your good cholesterol and it can increase your bad cholesterol.   Get labs done regularly which you should be doing with or without DECCA.


3. INCREASED BLOOD PRESSURE – DECCA has the potential to raise your blood pressure.  It happens in some,  doesn’t happen in others.  At least there’s an easy way of telling whether it’s happening or not with a good home monitoring device.


4. POSSIBLY THE WORST SIDE EFFECT – SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION –   DECCA has been known to make your man parts,  let’s say,  not work as well as you probably want them to.  Sometimes they don’t work at all.   The good news – doesn’t happen to everybody,  more good news it’s less likely to happen in therapeutic doses,  even more good news if it does happen you simply stop taking DECCA and all should return to normal in a relatively short period of time>


So there you have it The Reader’s Digest version of the pros and tons of DECCA.


If you’d like to see if you’re a candidate for this drug at least through my HRT clinic you have to be an existing patient or you have to become a patient.  Don’t worry,  it doesn’t matter where you live-  we service all 50 states so just go to www.vikingalternative.com and follow the instructions.   DECCA is only prescribed if deemed medically advantageous by our medical staff.  There are no implied or explicit guarantees that you will be approved.

I also feel the need to point out we are a hormone replacement clinic, not a Chinese buffet.  Do not come to Viking asking for DECCA alone to supplement your TRT protocol from a different clinic.   You are either a Viking or you aren’t.   We don’t do partial Vikings and we don’t prescribe medications a la carte.   You’re either all in or you aren’t – that’s not meant to be harsh, but if we’re not in total control of your entire protocol, we’ve had issues with underdosing of medications from other clinics, ridiculous protocols from uneducated doctors, and a host of other things that quite frankly, we don’t want any part of it.


So, in conclusion, I know there’s been a lot of information given in this video, but I want to add one more thing… and that is… Always remember, you are Never Too Old to Live Like a Viking.

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