ECA Stack – Does It Work?

My personal experience with an ECA Stack. This is a prescription medication that assists with weight loss. Does it work and is it better than other alternatives?

one of the solutions we offer at my HRT clinic is an ECA Stack. Now an ECA Stack is generally used as an appetite suppressant for weight loss. So I wanted to make a video on not only what it is, but also on my own personal experience with this medication… and whether or not I think it’s worthy of your attention. So let’s get to it


First, let’s talk about what an ECA Stack is… it’s basically an acronym for three ingredients. The “E” stands for Ephedrine, the “C” stands for Caffeine, and the “A” stands for Aspirin. Hence the name ECA. And the “Stack” part is because there are three medications, “Stacked” on top of each other, to form a single product.


Now Ephedrine works by stimulating the Central Nervous System. It does this by releasing Norepinephrine… which one of the components that creates the Fight or Flight response in your body… basically, it amps you up. That sounds like a good thing to me, but it also can increase your blood pressure and constrict your blood vessels… probably not an issue unless you have a predisposition to hypertension.


Caffeine… everybody knows this one. We all know it’s a stimulant and can increase your heart rate. This can also raise your blood pressure and, since we’re stacking it with Ephedrine, you’ll want to be double cautious if high blood pressure is a problem for you or if it runs in your family history.


Lastly there’s Aspirin. And while I think we’re all familiar with aspirin as a pain reliever, it’s job in the ECA stack is a bit different. Aspirin, in this equation, prevents norepinephrine levels from decreasing. In other words, it helps keep the Ephedrine working in your body for longer periods of time.


So now we know what an ECA Stack is… But does it work?


On the scientific side, there are trials that showed the ECA Stack allowed participants to lose approximately two extra pounds per month over dieting alone. So if that sounds good to you… then yes it works. Although I think we’d do much better than a bunch of random people that decided to participate in a generic study. Why? Because we’d eat clean, train hard, and optimize our hormones… therefore, I believe our results would be exponentially better.


Now on a personal level it worked well for the first few days and then, like always, my body started building a tolerance. How does it make you feel? Well, you feel energetic. And when you feel energetic, you’re always less hungry. The effects for me lasted a few hours so it didn’t work for me nearly as well as Phentermine. It made me feel jittery at times and, when it wore off, it’s not like I necessarily crashed, but it didn’t really let me down gently either.


So if you’re looking for a weight loss solution because you can’t seem to keep your hand off your fork… which is always my problem… Phentermine, in my opinion, is far superior to an ECA stack. I do have to say there are certain occupations that prohibit the use of Phentermine though… one of those is being a truck driver. So the ECA Stack would probably be a viable alternative if that’s your occupation.


But to be totally honest, I personally like our product The Magic Pill more than I liked the ECA Stack… and it doesn’t even require a prescription. I’ll put the link to The Magic Pill in the comment section below. In my opinion, The Magic Pill is the best non-prescription energy pill / appetite suppressant I’ve ever taken. And I’m far from the only one that thinks so.


But before I give the ECA Stack a bad review… I need to acknowledge that different medications affect people in different ways. So my take on the ECA stack might be entirely opposite of someone else’s.


And one more thing… the ECA Stack is a prescription medication so it does require a consultation with a licensed medical professional. Fortunately for all of us, Viking has the most knowledgeable staff out of any Hormone Clinic you’ll come in contact with.


So in conclusion, my preference, when it comes to weight loss products, are Phentermine, then The Magic Pill, and finally an ECA Stack.


But regardless of your choice… Always Remember… You Are Never Too Old to Live Like A Viking.


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