Eat Your Testosterone for Breakfast! Are Injections History?

Testosterone you don’t have to inject or rub all over your body. The new Testosterone Troche… is it a better way to TRT?

Today we’re adding yet another product to our arsenal of Hormone Replacement Therapy solutions… the Testosterone Troche.

First, let’s talk about what a Troche is. It’s a little square piece of medication that actually tastes pretty good. It comes in a plastic case where each dose is separated by small compartments. You’ll usually want to refrigerate your Troche’s, but as long as they don’t get hot enough to melt, you’re not compromising the integrity of the active ingredients. They’re also pretty  easy to transport. And because your prescription is written right on the label, you’ll have no problem taking them with you when you travel.

Now let’s get this out of the way right now… you don’t eat a Troche. You put it under your tongue and leave it there. You try not to swallow your saliva as the Troche dissolves to prevent the medication from entering your digestive system. Because anything that enters the stomach… is annihilated by stomach acid, leaving it unavailable to be used by your body. So in a nutshell, you want as much of the medication as possible to be absorbed through the skin, under your tongue. You’re going to swallow some of it; there’s no way to avoid that. Just be as careful as you can be and you’ll be fine.

But let me tell you why I’m so excited about this delivery method. First, because Viking now has Testosterone in 3 different forms… injectables, creams, and now troches… which reinforces our commitment to be the absolute best Hormone Clinic… anywhere.

Second, while creams are good for those that prefer not to use needles, they do come with some drawbacks. One, they can be messy. Two, you have to plan your day around sweating or showering because you can’t do either of these within an hour or two of application. And three, when you use creams, you have to be careful to not transfer testosterone to someone else through touch.

The Testosterone Troche removes these limitations. You take half of it in the morning and the other half at night. It keeps your levels stable and delivers the same dose as 200 mg of the injectable form over the span of a week.  And that can be modified to fit your individualized TRT protocol.

Now I know you hardcore injection guys are going to be posting all kinds of manly comments like, “That’s for Sissies” and “You’re wasting Your Money”… but our objective here is to help as many men and women as possible. And the truth is, there are a lot of people that won’t stick themselves with needles. It’s a deal breaker. So to be able to open up Hormone Replacement to that group… to be able to help them better their Quality of Life… that’s the kind of stuff that gets us excited over here at Viking.

Besides, as long as we increase Testosterone levels into an acceptable range, who cares how the hormone’s delivered?

Because Hormone Replacement Therapy is about getting your hormones balanced. It’s about optimizing your metabolism, giving you better mental clarity, more energy, increased libido and sexual function… it’s about making you feel good again, making you feel self-confident… it’s about changing every aspect of your life for the better. And the more options we have at Viking, the more people we can help.

So let’s discuss cost. I don’t like to put prices in videos because pricing is subject to change, but at this moment, you’re looking at $275 for an 8 week protocol. That comes to roughly $135 a month… or less than $5 a day.

The bottom line is, if you’ve been thinking about Hormone Replacement Therapy, but the whole needle thing has stopped you from pulling the trigger…  then today is your lucky day. And if you add in the fact that we have the most knowledgeable medical staff, unparalleled customer service, we buy all of our patients a 30 day Diet Coaching session with the legend; Shelby Starnes… and on top of all of that, as if that weren’t enough, we offer a wide range of supporting medications like HGH, Phentermine, ECA Stacks, Finasteride, ED meds, Deca, and more… there’s absolutely no reason to look elsewhere for your Hormone Replacement Therapy needs.

Because no matter how you take your Testosterone… “You are Never Too Old to Live Like a Viking”.


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