Does Nugenix Actually Work? We Did Labs to Find the Truth!

Does Nugenix Actually Work? We Did Labs to Find the Truth!



Today’s video finally answers the question “Does Nugenix Work?” This is probably one of the most involved videos I’ve ever done because I actually started this experiment back in February of 2019. And since then I’ve had so many people ask me when I’m going to release a video showing the results… Well, today happens to be that day. So let’s get to it…


First, let me remind you of the claims Nugenix makes with their Testosterone Boosting Product. Here’s an excerpt from my original video in 2019… and the claims back then are the same claims made today.


So my experiment went like this… I put out a YouTube Video asking for Test Subjects. The requirements were… One: they had to be men over the age of 40. TWO: They had to be entirely natural; meaning they couldn’t be on Testosterone Replacement Therapy or any other Performance Enhancing Drugs. And THREE: they had to be smart enough to follow simple directions.


I had no problem finding people to satisfy the first two criteria… but the third… let’s just say I’m surprised some people are allowed to live by themselves. I went through 9 people before I found a total of 3 that actually followed the instructions to a T. Because if they didn’t follow the instructions…


You’re Fired Series…


I sent out two Testing Kits that measure Testosterone Levels… along with 30 day supply of Nugenix Total T. The instructions were as follows…


Complete the first Testosterone Kit and send it back to the lab for processing. This establishes a baseline Testosterone Level… or in other words, the Before Value. Once you’ve done that, start taking Nugenix every day for 30 days. On the day you take your last Nugenix pill, complete the second Testosterone Kit and send it to the lab for processing. This establishes your After Value.


So we look at your Testosterone Levels before Nugenix and we compare those to what your values are a month later. A very simple experiment that uses scientific data to prove unequivocally… if the Nugenix product works or if it’s a total scam.


And the results were as follows:


Subject One: Started out with a Testosterone Level of 131. After 30 days on Nugenix his Test Level dropped to 111.


Subject Two: Started out with a Testosterone Level of 57. After 30 days on Nugenix his Test Level dropped to 37.


Subject Three: Started out with a Testosterone Level of 87. After 30 days on Nugenix his Test Level dropped to 71.


Now keep in mind that every one of these Test Subjects had ridiculously low Testosterone Levels to begin with. Primarily because you’re not going to sign up for this experiment unless you’re feeling like crap and searching for help. But the other part we have to keep in mind is… with beginning Testosterone levels so low… it should have been extremely easy for the Nugenix product to produce results. What I’m saying is… The bar was set pretty low.


But it didn’t help at all. And I didn’t expect it to. If I’m being blunt… anybody that believes you can walk into a GNC store as the worn out, shell of the man you used to be… grab a non-prescription product off of the shelf, and miraculously transform back into the Alpha Male you were two decades ago…


Is fucking stupid.


But I’m not finished yet. I want to address one more issue… Frank Thomas… the spokesperson for this Nugenix product… I understand you haven’t played baseball in years. I understand money was probably getting a bit tight. And I understand that a man has to provide for his family.


But if the day ever comes where I’d sell my soul to rep a company that clearly produces a scam product… the day I’d be willing to assign a dollar value to my integrity… the day I’d somehow find a way to internally justify deceiving people for my own financial gain… well let’s just say that’s the day I’m ready to check out.


Shame on you Frank Thomas.


And Shame on You Andy Van Slyke.


And Shame on You Doug Flutie.


I guarantee you all three of those bitches are on Testosterone Replacement Therapy… injections… bio-identical Testosterone they shoot into their bodies, with a needle and syringe, on a weekly basis. And for them to try and pretend otherwise… is a damned lie.


So in conclusion, it shouldn’t have been necessary to do this experiment in the first place. The average person is smart enough to know you’re not going to raise your testosterone with a few non-prescription pills you grab off of a store shelf. But since Nugenix is an extremely popular product.. It’s blatantly obvious there are more than a handful of men willing to open their wallets, while at the same time, shutting off their brains.


Gentlemen… the only way to increase your Testosterone Levels and get your old self back… is through Hormone Replacement Therapy. This isn’t rocket science… you give your body the exact hormone it’s deficient in.


And miraculously you’re once again able to build lean muscle, you have an increased libido, your metabolism is optimized, you’ve reduced brain fog, decreased depression, and you’ve vastly improved your sexual function. Your self confidence returns and you’re back to being a positive influence to everyone around you.


In fact Testosterone gives you exactly what Nugenix claims to… except it doesn’t have that sleazy scam part.


***She’ll like it too Video


I suppose if she’s in to gullible idiots, then yeah… looks like you’re gonna get lucky.


So you can choose to be an Alpha Male with the real deal… or you can choose to be a Weenie with Nugenix… but You’re Never Too Old to Live Like A Viking.

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