Covid-19 Six Month TRT Supply in One Order

Due to recent events, Viking is offering over 6 months of TRT supplies in a single order. Make sure you’re well stocked! This is a Limited Offer!


Due to recent events around the globe, there’s a possibility that issues could begin to arise with services like guaranteed delivery dates by the major carries such as UPS and FedX, a decrease in the availability of certain medications, pharmacies running behind because they’re slammed with trying to fulfill an increased number of orders, etc. Now we haven’t experienced any of these issues yet, but logic states that one or more of these situations could easily become a reality at any point in time.


Therefore, in an effort to stay on the cutting edge of the Hormone Replacement Therapy industry, Viking is offering a 30 Week TRT protocol. For the mathematically challenged, that’s over 6 months of TRT supplies in a single order. That’s 30 weeks of Testosterone, HCG, Anastrozole, Bacteriostatic Water, and all required syringes.


This offer is available to existing Viking patients when it’s time for your next refill. It’s also available to new patients joining the Viking family. In fact, even if you’re currently with a different TRT clinic, if you’d like to be in better control of your medication reserves… Viking can help.


So how does this benefit you?


  1. You’ll be assured you have the medications you need, when you need them. This offer removes any unforeseen issues with the delivery or supply chain… because you’ll have over 6 months worth of everything you need already sitting in your kitchen cabinet.
  2. You don’t have to mess with the refill process as often, which saves you time and aggravation.
  3. You are locked in to current pricing for over 6 months into the future.
  4. We’re offering a discount when you take advantage of our 30 week protocol.


So let’s talk about the discount first. Our standard 10 week TRT protocol costs $320. Since this new offer gives you 30 weeks of treatment, or 3 times the standard protocol, you’d normally pay $960 for the same medications over the course of this same period in time. However, because it’s less paperwork and shipping for us, we’re discounting that price to $895. So to be clear, you get 30 weeks of TRT supplies for under $900. Keep in mind that all medications are required to be paid for in full, so there are no monthly payment options or any other types of payment plans.


Now let’s answer some questions I know will come up.


Question 1: Does this mean you won’t hear from Viking for over 6 months?


Absolutely not. We’ll still check in with you along the way, as we always do, to make sure everything is going well. And even though you’ll have over 6 months of supplies, consultations with the Viking medical staff will always remain free of charge. At any point in time, if you’d like to speak with one of our licensed medical staff, just schedule a consultation through our website. This allows you to choose the date and time that works best for you.


Question 2: What if changes need to be made to your treatment plan?


Modifications to your program can still be made throughout the 30 week protocol. If it’s determined between you and our medical staff that your medications should be increased or decreased, we can still make adjustments along the way.


Question 3: Can you make additions to your protocol if you take advantage of this offer?


Absolutely. Let’s say you start experiencing joint pain. You schedule a consultation and it’s determined that Deca could help. There’s no problem with us filling that prescription and getting it shipped out to you, independent of your 30 week TRT protocol. So additions are perfectly fine at any point in time.


Question 4: How long will this offer last?


I don’t have a timeframe for you because we don’t know what the future holds. However, this will be available until the chaos subsides from the current global pandemic. But personally, I would take advantage of this offer as soon as possible if you have the financial resources.


Question 5: Who qualifies for this offer?


Any current Viking patient that is coming up on their normal refill date. Understand that you can not take advantage of this between refill times due to legal regulations. Also, anybody joining Viking, that has never been on TRT before or if you’re  a transfer from a different TRT clinic and your medications are up for refill… those situations qualify as well.


So let’s recap… You save time, you save money, and you have the peace of mind that your TRT protocol will not be interrupted for over 6 months into the future. If that’s not putting Patients Before Profits, I don’t know what is.


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