Can You Actually Control Estrogen Naturally?

Viking Laboratories has created a Natural Supplement to control Estrogen Naturally. This can be used in place of or in addition to an Aromatase Inhibitor. And it was created and developed by the Clinical Supervisor of Viking Alternative Medicine… a gifted Licensed Medical Professional that has helped tens of thousands of men and women with Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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So how about a natural alternative to your Aromatase Inhibitor that effectively controls estrogen levels, clears testosterone related acne, and a host of other benefits… it was created by Viking and now available at Viking.

Hello YouTube, Sam Ridgeway here, owner of Viking Alternative Medicine. And if you’re on Hormone Replacement Therapy, whether it’s under the care of a doctor or self-administered, you’ve likely heard the controversy over how to control Estrogen.

To catch everybody up on why the controversy exists, our bodies convert testosterone into estrogen, which we need, through a process called Aromatization. But when we supplement with exogenous Testosterone, our bodies often convert more testosterone to estrogen than is required… because there’s more testosterone available to convert. The rate at which this happens is individualized; some convert more, some convert less. But the issue with elevated estrogen is it can cause problems like acne breakouts on your back and shoulders, moodiness, irritability, water weight gain, sexual dysfunction, gynecomastia (aka Man Boobs), and a host of other unwanted side effects. In fact, elevated estrogen levels can negate all of the benefits of TRT if left unchecked. So it’s extremely important to find a way to control this process.

Now one way to control estrogen is though a medication called an Aromatase Inhibitor, also known as an AI. Anastrozole would be an example of this. The AI is taken to block specific receptors in the body, which limits the amount of estrogen that’s converted from Testosterone. One would think that’s the solution; Problem solved. But the issue is there’s an entire camp of people out there that believe AI’s do more harm than good. And I call them the “Never AI Group”.

Full disclosure… at Viking we believe AI’s are an integral part of the TRT process for most people. In fact a vast majority of TRT clinics prescribe an AI… and it’s not because they want to kill you. It’s because they work. And while there are risks to every medication, we believe, if you need it, the benefits of an AI far outweigh the potential side effects. So what I tell the “Never AI Group” is saying Nobody needs an AI is just as silly as saying Everybody does.

But we’re still sympathetic to those that want to limit the amount of AI they take and to those that want to eliminate it from their protocol altogether. So we created a solution. Our clinical supervisor, Chris Neal, formulated an Estrogen Control supplement from scratch; choosing each ingredient for a specific purpose. We had the product created, labeled, and packaged. And Viking Laboratories Estrogen Control is finally available.

Without going over every ingredient individually, you get antioxidants, liver detoxification, an estrogen metabolizer, prevention of cancer in the breast, liver, colon, lung, skin and prostate as well as lower cholesterol. It increases bone strength, brain function, stamina, and libido. It balances mood, and specifically for women, it improves PMS and Menopause symptoms.

And of course… it is a natural Aromatase Inhibitor that not only improves your overall estrogen balance, but it actually pushes bound testosterone off of SHBG, which increases the amount of usable testosterone in your body.

Now I’ve personally used this product for over two weeks in place of my Aromatase Inhibitor. And the results have exceeded expectations. I’ve been doing this whole TRT thing long enough to know when my estrogen is elevated and I’ve had zero estrogen-related symptoms; I feel great, no water retention, I have mental clarity and my libido is through the roof… and if you don’t believe that last one, just ask Susan.

Another one of our patients and his wife had acne all over their backs. They tried multiple remedies with no success, and Viking Labs Estrogen Control cleared it up in less than a week.

So whether you need a little more support in addition to your AI, or if you’d rather not take an AI at all, Estrogen Control is a viable solution that can naturally regulate your estrogen balance while providing a host of other benefits at the same time.

Obviously you need to consult your physician before changing your HRT protocol. But with consent, visit for an Estrogen Regulating Supplement that actually works.

Because just as important as controlling estrogen is knowing… You Are Never Too Old to Live Like a Viking.

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