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We’re certainly going to give it a shot! With the proper resources and training, you could be well on your way to a new Income Bracket. No promises, but if we don’t make it, it certainly won’t be from lack of trying!

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[00:00:00.120] – Sam Ridgeway
So how would you like to learn a financial skill set that could potentially change the rest of your life? This video is about a partnership I’m forming that could actually make this scenario a reality. So let’s get started. Most of the videos I make are about hormone replacement therapy, and that’s because I believe in it, I’ve seen it change a lot of lives. And if you follow my channel, you know, it’s been the catalyst that literally saved me.

[00:00:33.750] – Sam Ridgeway
But when I originally started live like a Viking, I had a much broader vision. I eventually wanted to help people live better lives, not only physically and mentally, but also financially. And while I’d like to think I’ve made a lot of progress in a couple of these areas. It didn’t make sense to stop until we’ve covered them all. So a month or so ago, I started thinking about the financial component of my crusade. How could I help people better their lives financially?

[00:01:01.180] – Sam Ridgeway
And the reason I find this important is the number one cause of stress in the average household is money, or more precisely, lack thereof. In fact, 61% of American homes aren’t able to cover a $1000 unexpected expense. So it’s kind of an important issue to take on. That was some of you know, I believe Crypto is the way the future. And by that I’m referencing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and other alt coins.

[00:01:29.790] – Sam Ridgeway
I believe these digital assets will eventually become the standard form of global currency. I believe it’s a way to stop governments from being able to devalue the balance in our bank accounts by running into a back room, printing of another trillion dollars, all while continuing to spend far more than was collected through taxation. And I also believe we’re still in the infancy of this crypto revolution, which means there’s literally a fortune to be made if you invest wisely. So about a month ago, out of the blue, I grabbed my laptop and posted a job description on Indeed

[00:02:04.920] – Sam Ridgeway
The opportunity was for a crypto guru and while I’m not going to bore you with the details. I basically wanted someone that had a successful track record trading crypto currencies, someone that could be our financial messiah, leading us to the promised land of financial independence. So over the course of the next few weeks, there were more than 80 applicants. So we’re obviously not qualified, but about 10 looked very promising. I spoke to each and every person on the short list and eventually whittled my options down to one.

[00:02:35.760] – Sam Ridgeway
So what does that mean for you? It means very soon I’ll start another YouTube channel where we’ll not only educate you on the crypto market itself, but we’ll talk about NFT’s, decentralized finance and other related topics. And we’ll present these subjects in layman’s terms so the average person can understand all of this on a conceptual level. And the best thing is we’re doing it entirely for free. Now, that doesn’t replace anything I’m doing now. This is an additional venture.

[00:03:06.300] – Sam Ridgeway
And while we’re not going to provide financial advice because that gets into legal liability issues, I will be investing my own money and showing you what I’m investing in, when I’m investing, when I’m taking profits, where I’m setting stop losses, all of it. And I wanted to cater to the average person. So throwing #100,000 into a crypto exchange account and acting like the average Joe could follow suit was borderline offensive to the general population. So instead, we’re going to be starting out with $5000 and hopefully growing our initial investment from there.

[00:03:40.800] – Sam Ridgeway
And while I know that’s still a stretch for many, I feel it’s an achievable number for most. But you can start off with $1000 if you wanted to. The important part here is learning about the market and how to navigate it intelligently. There are people that literally trade cryptocurrency is maybe two hours a day and make a seven figure income and they’re no smarter than you or me. They simply know what to look for. They know when to get in and they know when to take profits.

[00:04:07.320] – Sam Ridgeway
Now, am I promising a seven figure income. Of course not. In fact, the cards are stacked against that from happening. But what if you could make an extra five hundred a month? A thousand? What if you could own assets that increase exponentially in value over the next decade? That’s the potential of the crypto market. Now, all of this is still in the works right now, so this will happen. But the devil is always in the details and the details are what we’re still working out. Now I will update you as we get closer to our launch date.

[00:04:35.700] – Sam Ridgeway
I merely wanted to plant this seed. And finally, I want to say that investing is a marathon, not a sprint. Very rarely do you get rich quickly, regardless of what you’re investing in, small, consistent gains. That’s how you build wealth. And not every trade will be a winning one. Nobody can predict what the market is going to do all of the time. The best we can hope for is with the proper technical analysis, that we provide our best guess about what the market is supposed to do, and we minimize our losses on those trades that will inevitably go rogue.

[00:05:11.010] – Sam Ridgeway
In fact, you could actually describe a solid investment strategy as one that just mitigates losses. So in closing and keeping with the Viking theme. I’m going to classify this form of entertainment, this new venture as modern day pillaging. But hey, it could be a dumpster fire. I could lose all of my money. It might be the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done. But what if it isn’t? What if I don’t? What if our crypto guru not only makes me money, but what if we all gain a skill set that allows us to eventually work for ourselves, allows us to work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and an Internet connection, allows us to set our own hours and determine our own income.

[00:05:51.650] – Sam Ridgeway
It’s definitely a skill worth learning. But whether you join me or not, always remember you are never too old to invest like a Viking until next time. Peace Out.

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