Cameron Sikes Introduction to Tales from the Crypto

Cameron Sikes is Introduced to Tales from the Crypto and recommends his first BUY

[00:00:00.000] – Sam Ridgeway
So Hello, everyone. This is Sam Ridgeway. And today is the very first episode of Tails From the Crypto. And this has been kind of a long time coming, actually, months being honest. And I had to find somebody who I felt was a guru in this space because it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to do this properly and not lose all your money. And even then, you can still lose all your money. So there’s no guarantees in life. But what I want to do with this first episode is I want to introduce you to Cameron and so you can kind of get a feel for him.

[00:00:31.800] – Sam Ridgeway
And that’s why I think we should start off with that being said, Cameron, why don’t you take it away and just let everybody know who you are?

[00:00:40.800] – Cameron Sikes
Hey, guys, How’s it going? I’m Cameron Sikes, and I’m your new friendly neighborhood crypto guru. Or at least until I can think less cringeworthy title. I spent years working with wealth managers, large private equity funds. I’ve even met a few bond villain type dudes along the way. I’ve worked with a ton of successful and smart people, and Ironically, I realized it doesn’t take a genius to be a good investor, although it certainly doesn’t hurt. Someone doesn’t need to be Elon Musk to understand the concept of buy low and sell high.

[00:01:06.550] – Cameron Sikes
But to make it successful trader investment, they need a game plan. And most importantly, they need enough emotional discipline to stay out of their own fucking way. We’re here because we want to help you do both. We created this show to empower, educate and give you the tools so you can make more money on your crypto trades and investments.

[00:01:21.870] – Sam Ridgeway
Sounds great. And what I want to go into this week – is what we’re not doing here is giving financial advice, because that would create a liability for us that quite frankly, we don’t want. So basically what Cameron is going to do in this whole scheme of things, he’s going to kind of just guide me. I’m going to take my money, I’m going to invest it. And then don’t you do the same thing out there. But in the event that you so choose to do so, that is at your own discretion, it is not. So Cameron, in this whole thing.

[00:01:49.330] – Sam Ridgeway
I mean, I think we’re going to come in with from the ground level and say, okay, here’s an exchange here’s how you start buying things. And while that’s going to be a little under some people because they’re already more advanced than that, I think we need to start off with the average Joe and say, okay, if he’s the person out there just looking to do something, has a few dollars laying around. You know, maybe here’s how he would go about making that more again, not recommended by being but making it more so just kind of lay out the format of how we’re going to do this and what the person can expect to see from this channel.

[00:02:27.160] – Cameron Sikes
Yeah. I mean, everything on the show, we’re going to talk about everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum to stable coins. All coins exchange the walls. We’ll provide you with answers to lifelong questions. Like, what the fuck is a non-fungible token? We’ll discuss news and events affecting the crypto market. We’ll even take time to personally talk about what we’re investing in trading strategies that you could potentially use to make even more money. I think to get the thing started, might as well do a little crash course in what is cryptocurrency and what is Bitcoin.

[00:02:56.220] – Cameron Sikes
So we can get everyone up to speed. In short, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are essentially forms of digital money that can be sent from one person to another without needing a middleman, like a bank. Instead. When you buy or sell crypto, the transaction record is kept in a blockchain. So imagine a written contract stating you own Bitcoin, then place it on a desk. Suddenly you’re feeling surprisingly charitable, decide to give me all your Bitcoin. So we write another contract saying this Bitcoin belongs to me now and stack on top of that old contract.

[00:03:24.600] – Cameron Sikes
Every time a transaction occurs, another contract is a stop stacked on top of the older ones. Sort of like building blocks are linked together to make a chain hence a blockchain. The most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which has been in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, who wasn’t even a real person. It was merely a pseudonym used by a mystery person or persons who did all the work but never wanted to take the credit. Sort of like how Shakespeare wasn’t a real person, rather a pen name. And his plays were actually written by Edward de Vere, 17th century Earl of Oxford.

[00:03:55.560] – Cameron Sikes
But that’s an off topic, controversial tank that we don’t have time to get into today on the show. And next week, I think what we should do is get into a little bit more on Ethereum.

[00:04:03.980] – Sam Ridgeway
All right, that sounds great. And we’re also come out and you’ll tell me this is what I would invest in to make some money. And so I’ll just kind of follow along like that. This isn’t going to take someone with $100,000. When we start off, I’d say maybe $2000 to $5000, something like that. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I want people to understand that. You don’t go and usually 100 x your money. I mean, that’s very rare. And if that happened, everybody would do it. It just isn’t something that happens.

[00:04:35.390] – Sam Ridgeway
But if you make slow, consistent gains and you listen to things that are going to go up from a technical analysis standpoint, meaning the probability this will go up is high. So I think this is what we should do that’s by no stretching the imagination to guarantee that it’s going to go high. It could totally turn the other way. You could lose all of your money. And I just want people to understand you never put a dollar into the stock market or crypto. If you don’t expect, or if you couldn’t lose it, you have to come in with that mindset that this could be gone tomorrow, and you have to be okay with it. Another thing I think you have to have.

[00:05:11.870] – Sam Ridgeway
And I’m going off of my experience is don’t invest in something and then 30 minutes, look at it and be like, oh, my God. Things are going to fluctuate. It’s a very volatile market. It goes up and down and up and down. But if you stick with it, just let it ride until it gets to that point to where you say this is where we should sell it or it’s it’s a stop loss, meaning the wrong went rogue on us. As long as you just follow that, I think everybody is going to be just fine.

[00:05:40.370] – Sam Ridgeway
So in that vein, when are we going to start actually coming out with some things where we’re like, okay, here’s something you might want to look at investing in, Sam. And then I go ahead and I place some trades.

[00:05:53.260] – Cameron Sikes
Yeah. I mean, I’m happy to talk about some what might take us in the market right now and some of the coins that I’m actually investing my personal money in right now.

[00:06:02.420] – Sam Ridgeway
Yeah. Let’s just do a little that I don’t want this to last too long. Again. What I wanted was the introduction. I wanted people to see you kind of start to get to know you. You’re like, yeah, that guy sounds like he’s a really sharp individual. He’s got the credentials and so on. Like I said, I had so many applications to come in to be the crypto guru. And I went through a whole ton of them. And in the end, you’re the guy that I trusted to be someone to stake my reputation on and come out there and say, okay, guys, if you want to build a little bit of wealth, this is the guy I think that can get us to that promise.

[00:06:35.630] – Sam Ridgeway
And so maybe you just talk a little bit about your portfolio and just an overview so people kind of get an understanding of what they might be in for.

[00:06:44.660] – Cameron Sikes
Yeah. I mean, I have that one that I wrote out for you, like, talking about after the month long market correction. I talked about NKN. Would that be too much, or should I just kind of give a brief?

[00:06:55.710] – Sam Ridgeway
I love that because the crazy thing about that and that’s one of the examples that I was giving. You tell me about it, right. And I go out and I purchase it. Well, it just starts going up the next day. It’s up, right. I’m like, Cameron’s is genius. Right. And then I’m sitting there and finally it goes up to $500. It comes back down to negative 50. Again, a volatile market. You have to understand these things. It goes back up to 500, comes back down so about three or four times after seeing that I’m like, Fuck this, I’m going to go and I’m going to sell it 500.

[00:07:24.930] – Sam Ridgeway
I’m going to buy it back. I go and sell it about 500. I look 2 hours later and it went up to almost $5,000, it was absolutely ridiculous. Now I don’t want to say obviously that that is going to happen hardly at all. I don’t want that impression. What I want to give the impression of is you need to have diamond hands. You need to not let emotions affect your trading. You need to do it off of technical analysis and other things that..Emotions will get you in trouble all the time.

[00:07:59.610] – Sam Ridgeway
So that one, that game was amazing. But anyway, I don’t want to interupt.

[00:08:03.070] – Cameron Sikes
You got you’re absolutely right about the emotion thing . If you read The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham and that was like Warren Buffett’s Bible, essentially, the biggest takeaway that I got from that is that investing really isn’t rocket science. Like buy low, sell high is a very easy concept that essentially anyone could possibly understand. But what gets in everyone’s way is their emotions. Once they go put their money in there, they freak out and they see it go down a little bit and they just they can’t handle it and they get out and they sell at the wrong times.

[00:08:35.190] – Cameron Sikes
So as long as you are able to separate your emotions from this investment and all you do is buy low and sell high, you’re going to make money, you just have to be smart and be able to separate your emotions from the whole thing. With that said, I’ll give you my take on what’s going on the market right now and some coins that I’m really into. So after a month long market correction, which has seen coin prices fall off a cliff. It appears we’ve actually hit the bottom.

[00:09:00.300] – Cameron Sikes
The dead cats are bouncing and we may even see some new life. So what’s next? Data shows the market is in a bit of a holding pattern. I see the market as a whole moving sideways until at least September. October ish at which point we’ll probably see a new bull run begin. Until then, here are my thoughts and some coins you can make money on. In the interim, Quant Network (QNT) is a project focused on blockchain connectivity and Interac building. Its goal is making it possible for developers to build apps that can run on multiple blockchains simultaneously.

[00:09:27.560] – Cameron Sikes
Quant is a bit of an anomaly in this space as somehow defies gravity as it continues to move up the charts during this huge sell off. I bought Quant at $85 in late June and currently it’s around $177 just below its all time high of $191, based on the magnitude of their technology relative this point where we are in the current market cycle, I anticipate will breach the all-time high of $191 by September and will be trading well above 200 before the end of the year.

[00:09:55.600] – Cameron Sikes
Probably my favorite coin in the market right now is NKN. NKN is for a new kind of network, and NKN is all time high of $1.48 in early April before falling all the way down to $0.17 in July 20. I’m long in both QUANT (QNT)and NKN, which I bought $0.21. The rapid drop actually had more to do with the decline all crypto assets as a whole and not based on any of NKN’s incredible fundamentals and future prospects. NKN was currently trained around $0.27 and it’s up over 25% in a month.

[00:10:29.500] – Cameron Sikes
Right now. It’s actually up over $0.30. I’m currently buying up as much as I can under $0.50, and the momentum buying with the market cycle leads me to believe that NKN will actually be trading well above the mid 30’s by September and probably well over the mid 50s by the end of the year. And if this last weekend is any indication, I wouldn’t be surprised if on the good side, we were actually at over one dollars by the end of the year at this point.

[00:10:54.110] – Sam Ridgeway
And I think a couple other things I want to say, first of all, Coinbase is where I buy and where I bought NKN at. I mean, there are different exchanges out there and we’re going to get into exchanges and where you go. And that kind of thing will tell you where you go, but you can’t just go to any exchange, get any coin. Certain coins are on certain exchanges. Another thing I want to bring up and you could probably go into this a little bit better.

[00:11:14.490] – Sam Ridgeway
Cameron is people are like, oh, I don’t want to buy Bitcoin because it’s $46,000 to $48,000 for a coin, but you don’t have to own a full coin. When you put $300 into Bitcoin, you’re buying a fractional portion of that Bitcoin. But if it goes up 20%, you still made 20% on your money, regardless of whether you bought a full Bitcoin or not. 20% gain is a 20% gain, so I don’t want people to get into this whole mindset that if I can’t afford a full Ethereum, I can’t afford a full Bitcoin then it’s not even worth it.

[00:11:45.730] – Sam Ridgeway
It doesn’t really matter. We’re talking about percentage making percentages of the money that you invested. So if you make 100% on $1,000, you’ve made $1,000 regardless of what you put your money into.

[00:11:56.740] – Cameron Sikes
Yeah, absolutely.

[00:11:57.770] – Sam Ridgeway

[00:11:57.980] – Cameron Sikes
It’s not like a traditional stock exchange where if Apple is priced at X amount of dollars. In order to buy one share, you have to go pay that amount. The great part about crypto is whatever amount of money you put in there, you buy that percentage of that asset right there, and so you could buy those fractional shares and you’re able to see gains on it without even having to own a full share itself.

[00:12:18.520] – Sam Ridgeway
Right. And the crypto market right now is such in its infancy. I mean, it’s being adopted more and more by entire countries as we’re going on. The United States just passed legislation on crypto. I mean, this thing is coming about in an incredible way, and it’s going to change like fortunes. People’s fortunes. It is going to change the money in people’s hands based upon how much crypto they have, because governments around the world are just printing money. And in the value of the Fiat currency is going that it’s unreliable.

[00:12:50.960] – Sam Ridgeway
You just will print another trillion dollars when you need it. But cryptocurrency takes all that out with the decentralized servers, with the ability to just pay someone across the entire world, not having to use a bank, just a transaction, a transaction. There’s so many benefits. And I’m sure get into those of cryptocurrency. And the reason why this is going to be the main source of wealth and currency for the entire world, not just for the United States.

[00:13:17.950] – Cameron Sikes
Absolutely. I think there’s been a lot of criticism, skepticism about crypto in general, and that’s all fair arguments. But then the day what I think makes it absolutely inevitable, like inevitable way of life that is actually going to come to fruition is the fact that it will be adopted by major banking institutions and governments around the world. And the reason is because we’re basically in the midst of a global debt supercycle. Just imagine constant watch, all moving together, and all those little cons are all many mini cycles.

[00:13:52.030] – Cameron Sikes
So we’re basically about to hit a point where all those cons basically meet into one point, essentially ten year debt cycles, 20 year debt cycles, 100 of your debt cycles are all kind of meeting a certain fulcrum point. And inevitably, once that happens, the world would essentially collapse unless they pay that back, which is never going to happen. Or we have to create new financial instruments to shuffle the deck and to be able to create additional leverage. And that’s exactly what the crypto space is doing.

[00:14:23.200] – Cameron Sikes
We’re creating an entirely new ecosystem of essentially infinite financial instruments that we can go and put money in but also create additional leverage because leverage is what makes economies grow. And so this is inevitability. It is going to happen. It’s not a matter of if it is a matter of when. If the economy is going to continue expanding and growing rather than collapse itself, crypto has to be adopted. There’s no way around it. It’s just going to happen.

[00:14:51.140] – Sam Ridgeway
Right. So I think I don’t want to make this too long again because people have a certain attention span. They only have so much time in their lives to be able to look at these things. But what I wanted to get out of this was I wanted to introduce you, which we have. I wanted to tell everyone that I’m putting my full faith in you to point to where I’m going to invest my own money in recommendations. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is. And I just wanted to give maybe like a currency out there that someone might want to look at.

[00:15:22.020] – Sam Ridgeway
NKN – I think that’s a perfect example because at $0.27, $0.30, $0.35. I mean, you say as long as it’s under $0.50, it’s a good buy. So you purchase that coin and just hold it, just keep it, keep it in there. And don’t expect that you’re going to get a thousand X off of your money overnight. This is again, this is a process. But if it comes up, you’re buying for $0.27, $0.30 today and it goes up to a dollar. I mean, you’ve made three times your money, right?

[00:15:49.820] – Cameron Sikes
Oh, absolutely. I sold Ethereum at $300. Let’s put it that way. I sold that there at $300 years ago. And you know what? I made a good return on it. But if I would have just held that six years later, that my return would have been in the thousands. So I think the key is patience, don’t get caught up into the day to day and just let it grow by hold. And over time you’re going to make money, that’s all that matters. The name of the game is making money and that’s what we’re here to.

[00:16:20.840] – Sam Ridgeway
I’m do here to do it too. So let’s say let’s do it. So anyway, Cameron, thank you so much for coming on. I think we’re going to try to do this one on Wednesdays. Yeah, the stuff in. I think eventually we’ll get a Telegram group going also so that people can join that. It could be an instant sort of thing. So with NKN, some news comes out at about NKN and it’s bad and we have people holding it and we know that maybe we can send out a Telegram message to all subscribers saying, hey, time to sell it off.

[00:16:45.280] – Sam Ridgeway
So we can have far better, quicker access to people to let them know kind of what to do and it could grow into something more. But I think at least on Wednesday would be a good time just to come in and say, okay, here’s a new coin. Let’s look at the progress we’ve made so far. Here’s some more information in the industry itself. I mean, just things like that to get people more tuned into this exploding thing called cryptocurrencies. Absolutely.

[00:17:10.140] – Cameron Sikes
Well, I’m excited to be a part of this and I’m really looking forward to getting this going.

[00:17:13.800] – Sam Ridgeway
Alright. Sounds great. Thanks so much, Cameron. Until next Wednesday. Alright.

[00:17:17.140] – Cameron Sikes
Thanks so much. You have a great one.

[00:17:18.510] – Sam Ridgeway
You as well.

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