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Let this video serve as proof that you never know what you might find on this channel. But what I try to do is choose topics I feel people might be interested and/or things I think might benefit the average person. So today, let’s talk about recent opportunities in the stock market.


Here’s the reason I feel this topic is so important. We had an extremely strong economy. The stock market was at an all time high… some people might even argue it was over-valued, but record highs nonetheless. Then we have the COVID-19 issue, and the market goes into a freefall. So yes, that really sucks if you were planning on cashing in anytime soon. But it’s an incredible opportunity if you have some extra money sitting around in a Money Market account, earning you 1 or 2 percent. Or a savings account earning you absolutely nothing.


But first, here’s my disclaimer… I am not offering you financial advice. I am merely giving you my opinion. Do not invest money you can’t afford to lose… because you definitely could lose it… all of it. Historical performance is not a guarantee of future growth. Disclaimer finished.


So what we have to look at here are stocks that are normally strong, but took a beating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the industries we need to look at is Travel. Airlines, Cruise Lines, Hotels, Rental Cars, etc. Understanding that, I recently purchased stock from Carnival Cruise Line at $11.50 a share.


Now I’m not going to turn this into an instructional video on how to invest because I’m not even certain I understand Market Caps, P/E Ratios, Dividend Yields… whatever… but what I do understand is when the 52 Week High was $56.04 a share, and the company gets temporarily slapped with a “No Sail Order”, and investors drop the stock like a hot potato because of that… well, then it’s one hell of a buy at $11, $12, $13… in fact, it’s a hell of a buy at $15 a share.


Why? Because old people love cruises. Families love cruises. I love cruises. Unless you’re an alcoholic, they’re cheap! They’re also entertaining. You get to visit different places, and you can eat yourself into a food coma 24/7. And if you don’t think after this COVID thing clears up that the cruise lines are coming back with a vengeance… well then… I can’t help you.


Even better, if you like cruises yourself, owning at least 100 shares of Carnival or Royal Caribbean stock gets you up to $250 in onboard credit when you sail with them. And no, I don’t work for Carnival and nobody is paying me to talk about this. I simply think it’s an incredible buy and I wanted to pass along the good fortune.


One last point… I like stocks that are affordable. $12 a share… that’s affordable. I don’t prefer stocks like Apple where a single share runs you $276.


Let’s say you took $12,000 and purchased CCL (which is the ticker for Carnival) at $12 a share. You now have 1,000 shares. Every dollar in value that it gains… you’ve made $1,000. So lets say it returns to it’s 52 week high of $56… You’ve made $44,000. You’re welcome.


So, what I’d like to do now is… anybody watching this video that has a pick of their own… I want you to put it in the comment section below, along with why you think the stock is a bargain. I’d be interested and I think a lot of other people would be too.


Buy Carnival, don’t buy Carnival… I don’t care. But always remember, You Are Never Too Broke to Invest Like a Viking.

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