At Home COVID-19 Testing Kits – 10 Minute Results! FDA Approved Under EUA

Viking JUST got access to the NEW At Home COVID-19 Testing Kits! Approved by the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization. As easy to read as a pregnancy test and performed in the comfort of your home. Available NOW at

today I’m doing an impromptu video on a new product we JUST got access to… It’s a COVID 19 Antibody Rapid Detection Kit. Which means you can tell if you have COVID antibodies in about 10 minutes… from your home. This kit has been approved by the FDA with the Emergency Use Authorization.

Basically it looks like a Pregnancy Test with a Control Line, and Test Region. You use the included lancet to pierce your finger and you put a drop of blood into the Sample Well. You put 2 drops of blood into the Buffer Well. You then wait 10 minutes and read the results. Having 2 or more Red Lines without a Blue Line means you’ve tested positive. A single Red Line in the Control Section means you’ve tested negative. Again, as simple as a pregnancy test… It doesn’t get any easier than this.

You’re going to want a kit because we all have someone in our family that swears every kid in the house has the Rona… or just brought it home… or is going to get it within the next 10 minutes. And we’ve all been places where Social Distancing is… let’s say… questionable. And I know we’ve all felt some kind of symptom from time to time that’s made us question whether or not the virus has finally found us. So what better option than to have a couple of tests sitting around the house if for nothing more than peace of mind?

Karen, chill out… little Tommy doesn’t have the Rona… look… the test is negative.

See how easy that was?

Anyway, I bought a few for my family and since you can only order them in bulk, I thought maybe some people out there would want a few for their family as well. I have 100 units coming and I’m hoping I can order more since they’ll probably sell out quickly.

They’re $39.99 with $5 shipping. I also have an option to overnight a kit at a shipping cost of $35.

A couple of caveats on the kits… because we’re Always above board here at Viking.

One: These kits detect COVID antibodies. This means if you just came back from the beach and you contracted COVID an hour ago, you will probably not show up as testing positive. It can take 1 to 3 weeks for your body to start producing antibodies. Therefore… you should not use this as a solution to detect if you’ve just been in contact with the virus. Again, it will take a period of time for your body to start producing antibodies. However, it also takes about that long for you to start feeling symptoms… so by the time you feel like you might have it… the test should be reliable.

Two: There will be two lancets included with the test. A lancet is a tool you use to prick your finger. You prick your finger because blood is required to do the test. The manufacturer advises against using blood from your finger to use for testing. However, the pharmacy has assured me that the test is extremely accurate when using the this method for collection. So I’m not going to second guess a very large, licensed U.S. pharmacy, with a full staff of scientists far smarter than myself. I just mention it because I want you to be an informed consumer. I will say, on a personal note, if I thought this was an issue, I wouldn’t have purchased thousands of dollars worth of COVID tests.

So if any of this interests you… go to and purchase one or more testing kits. If the order is placed before 2 pm CST, Monday through Friday, your order will be shipped the same day, via UPS, and you will receive an email with your tracking number.

Stay safe out there and have peace of mind with the COVID 19 Rapid Test Kit. Because You’re Never Too Fast to Outrun the Rona.

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