Anavar (Oxandrolone) Sam Ridgeway and Chris Neal

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Sam Ridgeway and Chris Neal discuss all aspects of Anavar – Broadcast Live December 17, 2020
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Chris Neal, who is our clinical supervisor and today’s topic, is on Oxandrolone or also known better known maybe as Anavar. And the reason we’re doing this is because there’s a lot of people that want to know about Anavar. We get messages all the time. Can I add Anvar to my protocol? What is it? What does it do? All those things? So Chris and I said, this is a great topic and here we are. So, Chris, why don’t you kind of just your website and just tell them who you are and then I’ll go over like a brief history of Anavar.


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So go ahead.


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  1. Hey, guys. How’s it going, Chris? Neal, you can check out my YouTube channel at Real Science with Chris Neal I am the clinical supervisor for Viking Alternative Medicine. You can schedule a consultation with myself or with any of our our medical staff by just going to the website And if you want to chat with us and this is live streaming like we do take take questions as we go along right down here at the bottom, you go to And Sam, talk to you a little bit about that, too, but check out my YouTube video.


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I’ll be posting another video where I dig into the deeper science behind Anavar. So I call that I call those my geek out sessions. So I do have a geek out session video just on Anavar that I’ll be posting just after this. So I’m excited about that one, too.


[00:01:17.905] – Sam Ridgeway

All right. So that’s who Chris is and that’s where we are and what I want to do first. So we’ll start this thing off with a quick history of Oxandrolone. So but I don’t want to do it to where your eyes glaze over and roll in the back of your head. So we’re just going to kind of briefly touch the topic. Here’s where it here’s so here it goes. It was originally introduced in 1964 by Seares Laboratories, which is now a part of Pfizer, and it was originally prescribed to promote muscle regrowth and disorders, causing involuntary weight loss, a condition I obviously do not have.


[00:01:53.215] – Sam Ridgeway

But things went south because it was abused by bodybuilders. Go figure. And it got a bad reputation as a performance enhancing drug. So it was abandoned in 1989. It was then picked up again in 1995. So there was a, what, six year? It just did nothing. So it was picked up again in 1995 to treat alcoholic hepatitis Turner Syndrome and HIV induced weight loss. But here’s where it pertains to us. It was also indicated as an offset to protein catabolism, and that’s what makes it useful for certain Viking patients.


[00:02:29.245] – Sam Ridgeway

So your history lesson has now officially concluded. So let’s move on to the next spot, which is with with Chris here. And one of the things a lot of people want to know is like, how does this stuff even work? You put this tablet into your body and then, Chris, what happens?


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By the way, I got to say, I like the history lesson. It sounded a little bit like a geek out there.


[00:02:52.975] – Sam Ridgeway

I’m trying baby steps like that.


[00:02:57.365] – Chris Neal

So. So let’s dig into Anavar. How does it work? It is in a pill form, which is which is really cool, actually. You know, I’m not I’m not a big fan of sticking myself. So Anavar,  Oxandrolone,  is another term for it. It’s a synthetic. This is not a chemical that you naturally have in your body.


[00:03:14.975] – Chris Neal

It is it it’s derived from DHT, which is which is known as Dihydrotestosterone. So you’ll see that a couple of times you Dihydrotestosterone. It’s another variant of testosterone. So what happens is testosterone converts into DHT. Once it’s converted into DHT, DHT then does not go back into testosterone. So that’s a huge distinguishing factor for that, because if something is in the DHT branch, then that means that it can no longer convert into testosterone or estrogen.


[00:03:52.055] – Chris Neal

So that’s one of the reasons why Anavar is such a sought after product, because we don’t have to worry about estrogenization effects or estrogen issues with that. So it’s considered a a relatively strong anabolic, but low on the factor of androgenic side effects, which would be mostly from the from estrogen and other sources.


[00:04:15.425] – Chris Neal

So what’s so it’s it’s very it acts very similar to DHT in many, many ways. It is like like Sam was talking about in the history it is used for to prevent catabolic effect. So an anabolic effect is the opposite. There are a lot of anabolic factors out there, but it’s nice because it’s a pill you can take and there’s varying doses for it. We’ll get into that in a little bit. One of the cool things about it is that its half life is about 12 hours.


[00:04:43.805] – Chris Neal

So so you because of that, you know, you take one and then you usually I recommend to my patients, break it in half and take half a pill in the morning, half at night, so that anabolic effect stays in your system all the time.


[00:04:57.815] – Chris Neal

And the easy way that I think about Novar, just in practical use, how it actually works, if you’re not working out, if you’re not stimulating your body, if you’re if you’re you know, you’re just sitting around and Evars kind of a waste of time. You know, you’re you’re not really going to get much out of it. You know, from from the standpoint of more of muscle retention performance, you have to stimulate your muscles. Your body can be as anabolic as it wants.


[00:05:26.705] – Chris Neal

But if you’re not stimulating your muscles, if you’re on some type of like a serious caloric, like withholding diet, then what’s the point of making your body more anabolic if you’re not really feeding it, you know, so so so you have to kind of take that into consideration. You don’t want to waste your waste your time or waste your money with Anavar from that respect.


[00:05:47.645] – Chris Neal

So, you know, take it while you’re working out and you’ll notice that your workouts will be more intense. You usually get about a 20 percent boost in your in your workout intensity and your recovery.


[00:05:59.345] – Chris Neal

And we’re going to talk about fat loss to you to get some fat loss out of that, which is kind of neat.


[00:06:04.705] – Sam Ridgeway

OK, OK, so so here’s here’s one of the thing I don’t want to cover is the reason we could talk about this on YouTube is because it is a prescribed medication. It is legally able to be prescribed to human beings. So this is not some illegal substance, although, as everyone knows, you can go buy it illegally, but you can buy everything illegally. This actually has a medicinal use and it’s it’s legal to to use. So that’s what we’re talking about.


[00:06:29.615] – Sam Ridgeway

We’re not talking about illegal things here at all.


[00:06:32.525] – Sam Ridgeway

So given that and I just want to kind of go over my experience with it just briefly. And what happened was it was it’s what I call kind of slow burner. It starts off where you really don’t notice anything for a while. It’s I mean, you’re taking it like, OK, what is this stuff?


[00:06:47.805] – Sam Ridgeway

Then all of a sudden maybe a week and a half or  two weeks or whatever you coming into it, you’re like, OK, a little bit. And then it kind of comes on really slow. But the advances that you get, even though they’re slow, they feel solid. It’s not like something the balloons you up like Dyball. You get all this water retention and moonface and it’s like you can bench fifty pounds more today than you did yesterday. It’s very slow, but what you get seems to stay with you.


[00:07:15.455] – Sam Ridgeway

So that’s that was my experience throughout the whole entire thing. But now we’re going to get into the benefits of Anavar and what you can expect. So, Chris, if you do it, what’s going to happen?


[00:07:27.785] – Chris Neal

So the first thing like we’ve been talking about all along is anabolic effect. So and that’s where a lot of this goes for for for us, it is. It’s always best to have your foundation of anabolic character going. And that foundation is going to come from your TRT. You know, if you’re not on TRT and you’re  you’re taking Anavar, you’re kind of you’re kind of building a house without without your foundation, so not to say you can’t do it, but it’s just you’re not really solving anything.


[00:07:56.725] – Chris Neal

So. So first off, it’s going to give you a big boost to your anabolic effect. And that means muscle development. That means of recovery right there, recovering from from injuries that has been shown to help with that. You know, but like I said, you have to you have to make sure you you combine that with with an anabolic diet and anabolic activity. And that’s when you start seeing the real benefit of Anavar. So other things that people that I hear a lot, you know, I’ve been on Anavar several times, but I like it.


[00:08:30.115] – Chris Neal

I really like it a lot. Very like Sam said, you know, you don’t you people say that it’s it’s a shredder or it doesn’t you know, you don’t really have that water retention, which I find, you know, I don’t really hold on to water while I’m on it. And I do get a big boost out of a big boost of energy. Essentially, your DHT levels, you know, are kicked up with the use of Anavar.


[00:08:53.975] – Chris Neal

So that’s nice fat loss. One of the cool things about fat loss is that this isn’t this isn’t anabolic. So it doesn’t it doesn’t directly burn fat just by itself. It’s going to make your body it’s going to increase your your body’s want to burn calories and utilize calories, which I guess, you know, burns and burns fat. But it’s not it’s not a direct fat burner. One of the cool things about it, though, is by by initiating an additional anabolic to your to your protocol, it actually releases releases T-3.


[00:09:28.075] – Chris Neal

So it’s that I’m starting to I’m starting to dip into the geek out so


[00:09:32.455] – Sam Ridgeway

easy now, but. Yeah, yeah.


[00:09:34.585] – Chris Neal

So but it’s a really interesting it’s a really, really interesting. So you know that part. So people do notice them some fat loss. But I wouldn’t I wouldn’t jump to that as a fat burner, you know, I’ll put it that way. But there’s other there’s other great benefits behind it. So those are those are the big four right there.


[00:09:49.765] – Sam Ridgeway

You know, Chris, one of the things that I hear all the time about in a bar is it’s one of the only steroids that that women can safely take. Is that is there any truth to that, is there Virilization if a woman takes Anavar because it seems to be the one that both men and women can take.


[00:10:09.755] – Chris Neal

So one of the reasons why it is it is safe for women, women has a very complex estrogen balance and waves, you know, during during their monthly cycle.


[00:10:21.275] – Chris Neal

And estrogen is very important. Obviously, it’s all it’s important for men and for women, but anavar is not going to convert over into estrogen. So that’s that’s big and Anavar does convert into DHT. So with with enough and Anavar, you can get Virilization, certain types of certain types of Virilization, but but usually at low doses, it’s, it’s mild, so mild and it doesn’t, it doesn’t cause that. But I wouldn’t call it the only one.


[00:10:49.115] – Chris Neal

Deca is another one that women can take safely. Testosterone can be taken safely, you know, so, so it’s all about knowing what your you know, knowing what you’re working with. So the if you know, if you’re if you’re managing your protocol medically and it’s in it’s going in a safe way, then you have a lot of tools.


[00:11:10.715] – Chris Neal

If you’re a female, you have a lot of tools accessible to you. So I wouldn’t that’s that’s more of a locker room gym statement here.


[00:11:19.505] – Chris Neal

If you’re a female, just take it. So we don’t want to worry about anything else. All right.


[00:11:24.365] – Sam Ridgeway

That sounds good. So now those are the benefits. And I’m assuming that the women are getting the same benefits of the men are. But if we go into that one, we’re going to now go. There’s it’s not all rainbows, lollipops as with anything. So there are risks to certain things. So what would some of those risks be? What should you watch out for? What could potentially happen to you that could give you that whole, you know, do I want to take this or not?


[00:11:47.805] – Chris Neal

So the just like the number one benefit for and of our being an anabolic, that’s the number one risk is being anabolic. So whenever you have the use of an anabolic steroid, there’s there’s just a list of things that you have to be cognizant of and you have to manage. And one of them, the most important one for guys is our red blood cell count. You know, so if we’re already on testosterone as anabolic, OK, and it’s going to make our red blood cell count start to rise a little bit, OK?


[00:12:15.485] – Chris Neal

And then maybe we have sleep apnea, then we’re rising even more. OK, and then we decide to take Anavar and then we’re rising even more. Now we’re taking Deca, you know, so like we’re going through the roof. So, you know, it is it is something that we have to we have to keep in mind and always monitor. And that’s why that’s why you intelligently you go with a clinic that you know can help you with that.


[00:12:35.495] – Chris Neal

You know, so that’s the first one right there. OK, so go, go, you go, go out with risks, are you? Yeah, so that would be DHT side. So when it comes to DHT is very, very interesting. DHT side effects don’t necessarily come from a specific number persay. There’s a DHT sensitivity level. So the two most common side effects would be women or men can get this acne hair loss. Those are two big ones and the problems that anything from DHT can can cause.


[00:13:08.995] – Chris Neal

So that can either come from an Iraq that can come from testosterone converting into DHT. Either one of those could happen. Usually they just kind of run by themselves. So if you’ve ever wondered, OK, so if you take most guys that are not on TRT and guys, we hear this all the time.


[00:13:25.025] – Chris Neal

You know, guys will say, man, you know, the day I turned 50 years old, I started losing my hair, you know, and you think, OK, so if that’s a hormonal problem. Right. So why is it in most 50 year olds their testosterone, therefore their DHT levels are lower when they’re 50 than they are when they’re twenty five? Why is it that they’re losing their hair at 50 and not at twenty five when they’re DHT levels are two, three times as high.


[00:13:50.605] – Sam Ridgeway

You know, that may go on.


[00:13:51.865] – Chris Neal

So what happens is that there is an internal clock, a genetic internal clock inside your body so that when you get to a certain age and this is determined by your genes. So when you get to a certain age, it makes your body more sensitive. Certain receptors in your hair follicles more sensitive to DHT. OK, so that, you know, a level of DHT that was, you know, 250 before was fine.


[00:14:15.415] – Chris Neal

But now if it goes over 100, then you’re you know, then you start having issues so that we can’t really do anything about your genes. You can’t really do anything about that. But what we can do, we can help to try and block some of that DHC, not all of it, but we can block some of it with a medication called finasteride. I didn’t write that down, but finasteride is a great DHT blocker.


[00:14:39.335] – Sam Ridgeway

Now, isn’t that the one that they talk about for hair, when someone’s losing their hair, they come in and that’s one of the medications you recommend.


[00:14:45.965] – Chris Neal

Exactly. That’s it. That’s it. So finasteride is awesome for hormonal hair loss. OK, so so finasteride is in the category of a five alpha reduc inhibitor. So it’s like a it’s a blocker that blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT. So it decreases are DHT level. But the tricky thing is that if you look at finasteride, the majority of usage of finasteride is used in urology clinics for guys that have  prostate issues. OK, so the standard dose for those guys is around five milligrams per day.


[00:15:24.545] – Chris Neal

Standard starting dose. So so if you look at side effects of finasteride, you’re looking at guys that are there. You know, they’re in their 50s, 60s, 70 year old year olds that don’t have high testosterone to begin with. You know, they’ve got lower testosterone. Now you’re blocking five milligrams worth of a blocker if you’re blocking a lot of DHT. And guess what kind of side effects you’re going to have, because DHT is helpful for your sexual benefit, your energy, your body being anabolic and things like that.


[00:15:53.645] – Chris Neal

So if you’re starting with a testosterone level of like three or four hundred and you’re blocking it with five milligrams of finasteride, you got a problem. So those are the kind of side effects you’ll read about. But from a TRT standpoint, usually, and I think that says usually we don’t have to go above one milligram of finasteride per day know.



So that’s a pretty standard dose. Sometimes we have to go to two, but usually one milligram per day of finasteride to block that excess, you know, to keep you to keep your hair growing. Well, the way it should is does a trick.


[00:16:23.715] – Chris Neal

OK, so so that’s that one and then also it’s also helpful for other DHT sites like acne, if you’re if your acne is related to DHT, there’s a specific way to determine that, then finasteride works well for that, too. And it can be safe and and not have any side effects. It can work really well. So you don’t want to overdo it. But it’s just like anything. It’s a tool. I mean, we like to use that.


[00:16:48.615] – Chris Neal

So other side effects is kind of goes into how it works. This this hormone, this medication.  Anvar, it has a it does because it’s an oral and because it is it because of its structure. It actually can be what I call it mildly liver toxic.


[00:17:09.705] – Chris Neal

You know, and we talked about that a little bit already, but that’s another risk is liver toxicity. So in reality, if you’re using it appropriately, it’s not a big deal. So that’s why I say mild. So and the vast majority of cases, I don’t the vast majority cases when guys come in, we put them on Anvar, but we also check their their liver function first as long as it’s indicated we check their liver function and make sure their livers clean.


[00:17:36.555] – Chris Neal

If your liver is clean, then we can we can start. So if you go through the standard amount of time, which in my opinion is eight weeks, two months worth of Anavar, you don’t really want to go beyond that because of the liver toxicity. But, you know, usually after two months and taking an additional liver cleanse, supplement milk thistle, there’s a lot of really good ones out there. It’s just good.


[00:18:01.035] – Chris Neal

I like to go overkill with that. Like it’s good to take one anyway. Just help keep your liver clean and you’re taking Anavar at the end of the eight months you get another set of labs nine times out of ten, your liver is usually pretty clean, you know, at the end, and we usually don’t see a lot of fluctuation with that. But still, liver is is the liver toxicity is an the only reason why this has this is here.


[00:18:23.135] – Chris Neal

Is because of that little line right here. Because of that piece of this of the three dimensional structure, that’s the reason why it pisses off the liver. So we’ll get into that.


[00:18:34.955] – Chris Neal

I don’t want to go too far.


[00:18:35.915] – Sam Ridgeway

No, no, no. All right. So there we go. So that’s a lot of information already on Amavar. Now. Let’s talk about dosing and maybe for, like men and women, obviously, you’re going to it’s going to vary. But what would be what you would call the standard dose? Because, again, we don’t. We’re not saying to go out and do any illegal stuff, underground lab type stuff, but if somebody was, you know, I mean, a lot of times watching stuff like this from a medical professional is better just because if you’re going to go do this stuff, at least you have an education on things.


[00:19:09.355] – Sam Ridgeway

So while we’re we are well, we are talking about the prescribed medically supervised programs and so on. What are the doses that you might see for men? And then what are some of the doses you might see for women?


[00:19:21.025] – Chris Neal

So standard dose for men is usually somewhere between twenty five milligrams per day and I’d say 20 milligrams per day to 50 milligrams per day. So breaking that in half. So so, you know, taking a 50 milligram tablet, breaking in half, taking half in the morning, half at night, you know, it would be a really solid dose, you know, from four females, usually less, you know, so 20 milligrams for the day, taking 10 milligrams.


[00:19:47.305] – Chris Neal

And in the morning, 10 milligrams a night is a really solid dose for females. Also, you know, to to get you the benefits that you actually know, you actually are feeling what the medication is supposed to be doing and getting good benefit out of it. It’s not hurting you and you’re staying within that range and you’re medically managed with this.


[00:20:04.195] – Chris Neal

Now, I have a lot of I have a fair amount of of that. They’re more they usually fit in more the endurance category of athletes that like to take very, very small doses. You know, and I’m talking like marathon runners, like distance cyclists and stuff. And, you know, they’re into the 2.5 to five milligrams per day, you know, and and I think part of that is because it does give you somewhat of an energy boost and, you know, it helps with your recovery.


[00:20:29.665] – Chris Neal

That’s a very small dosage. But, you know, a lot of a lot of the endurance athletes, they also don’t like to put on muscle mass either because it slows the weight of your muscle mass can slow you down, too.


[00:20:40.315] – Chris Neal

So, you know, there’s different reasons for taking it. But overall, it is it is a it is a very a very good anabolic to take. It’s relatively safe. And, you know, we like to use it for that.


[00:20:51.055] – Sam Ridgeway

All right, Chris, so how long can you take it? Well, let me just I’m going to switch over a little bit over to the chat questions that are coming through. There are a few of them. So I might as well just just hit those in between. First of all, Preston Thomas Thompson. He’s now 94 pounds since he started with Viking in April. So congratulations  Preston.


[00:21:09.265] – Chris Neal

And that is awesome. I mean, it’s awesome. Yeah, that’s right.


[00:21:13.165] – Sam Ridgeway

Sean says we need to spell finasteride with an a.


[00:21:17.635] – Chris Neal

Oh, you’re right. Oh, my gosh. Oh, man. Yes.


[00:21:20.215] – Chris Neal

Thank you. I


[00:21:20.785] – Sam Ridgeway

just wanted to thank you. And then we have  Tardoff. That’s fine. It happens


[00:21:30.775] – Sam Ridgeway

he says, is there a cycle or limit to how long you can take Anvar, which is a great question. What’s the amount of time you may be able to safely take this medication?


[00:21:40.495] – Chris Neal

So, you know, again, everything starts with your liver function. So as long as your liver is clean, you’re not having any liver issues or anything, then eight weeks is a great amount of time. I think it’s a good standard, you know, that you can go two months on, two months off and and just give your body a little bit of a break, give your liver a little bit of a break. But but as long as your liver is clean, then that’s that’s the main factor that’s going to determine that, you know, if you’re on Anavar and you know, you’re out drinking every weekend and stuff like that, you know, you’re you know, what are you doing?


[00:22:10.375] – Chris Neal

You’re just hurting your liver and you’re wasting your money, you know? So that’s a great question.


[00:22:13.915] – Sam Ridgeway

Should you limit alcohol intake while you’re doing something like Anavar ? Is that important to limit and what by limit? What does that mean? Is a beer, two beers, OK? Is it best to just not not drink at all? What’s the recommendation for alcohol when on something like this.


[00:22:30.535] – Chris Neal

So I say limit overuse of alcohol. I’ve said this before. I’m not the guy to say don’t drink alcohol. You know, I think your liver is actually one of the toughest organs , if not the toughest organ in the body. But the problem is your liver is very stoic, too. It doesn’t complain. You know, it’s not going to whine and ache and  cause pain and stuff. It’ll just, you know, unless it’s unless it’s too late.


[00:22:51.205] – Chris Neal

Unless it’s really, really bad.


[00:22:52.855] – Chris Neal

So so so when I say what I say limit overuse, you know, two beers, two glasses of wine every other day would probably be Max.


[00:23:04.555] – Sam Ridgeway

OK, all right.


[00:23:05.725] – Sam Ridgeway

We have Derek. If that comes in, I try to Anavar he says from the pharmacy. So I know it’s real. And on the second day of only ten milligrams, I was getting headaches and some nausea, wondering if that will go away with time. So if you feel something when you start Anavar, let’s just call it a cycle.


[00:23:22.015] – Sam Ridgeway

Will that go? Does it have the potential to go away or you’re just just Anavar  does not go well with you.


[00:23:30.515] – Chris Neal

Well, so in cases like that, I would want to look at everything else that’s going on, looking looking at you’re looking at your diet, looking at your hydration level, that would be the big thing that I would be looking at your hydration level, you know, because the reason why I say that is because chemically, structurally, the anavar is so similar, so freakin similar to components that we naturally have floating around in our body all the time.


[00:23:55.145] – Chris Neal

You know, this is not some like, you know, weird chemical component that your body’s like, oh, my God, what’s that? You know, it causes a headache. And that’s usually the response when, you know, if, like, more allergic response type issues.


[00:24:06.095] – Chris Neal

So that would be really, really rare. It’s possible. Anything’s possible. Anything’s possible. But but I would try and stay hydrated. I would even break it in half and try and take a smaller dose and and keep up with it, you know, for a little bit longer. If if it’s if it gets to the point where it really bugs you, then, you know, obviously call your medical practitioner. OK, and also I want to say I’d want to see if he’s on testosterone in the first place, you know, .on TRT and and then checking that, you know,


[00:24:37.715] – Sam Ridgeway

OK, so if I’m just a regular guy, I’m at some clinic out there and I watch this live stream event and I’m like, OK, why would why would I take this?


[00:24:48.335] – Sam Ridgeway

You know, what would be the benefit? Just some highlights of the benefits that you would say to someone that was talking to you. You might want to think about anavar, what you know, what are some of those reasons why you would want to. That’s just a normal person, not in sports marathons, stuff like that. An average Joe. What would be. So what would be a reason?


[00:25:08.905] – Chris Neal

So if if I’m looking to break through a plateau, I’m already working out, I’m trying to lose weight, I’m trying to maintain, you know, and I’m not really I’m not really seeing the kind of benefits that that I’d like to see.


[00:25:22.675] – Chris Neal

I’ve already been and I want to take things to the next level. So muscle retention, you know, would be if I’m having difficulty with that, if I’m having difficulty with my weight and even some recovery issues, if it’s a good catch, all that can hit all of those in a very easy way.


[00:25:40.375] – Chris Neal

You know, so so without without extra injections or without taking anything in it. And it works relatively quickly. You know, other factors like say, you know, even the growth hormones, the growth hormones can take a while, you know, but this is one that’ll boost your anabolic effect pretty quick.


[00:25:57.935] – Sam Ridgeway

All right, so Bellisle 777 asks extremely good question, he said, is there Anavar at Viking?


[00:26:07.565] – Chris Neal

Let me think about that. Yes, yes, yes, yes. We have two different doses. We have doses for women in dosage for men. So 50 milligrams, 20 milligrams. So, yeah, we absolutely do.


[00:26:18.305] – Sam Ridgeway

So Paul Lapointe’s says Anavar and Deca was a great stack back to the 80s. So not to talk about stack  in terms of, you know, like like performs super for performance physiological enhancement. But let’s just talk about it from a practical standpoint. When you’re older, when you start to feel that you start getting on TRT, if your testosterone levels are low, is it okay to take Anavar and Deca together?


[00:26:43.245] – Chris Neal

Yes, yes. This is the video on this one.


[00:26:48.095] – Chris Neal

This is the anabolic steroid tree. OK, right here in the middle, you have three main branches. All right. You have three main branches. Very important. So you have your TRT branch and your testosterone branch. Right. OK, you have what’s called your 19-NOR Branch or Deca lives in this branch. OK, that’s this branch over here. Then you have your DHT branch over here. OK, so the nice thing about this is that the three branches don’t really interact with each other so, so often when it comes to when it comes to optimizing your anabolic character, which is what all this is about, it’s important to to spread the love to all three branches.


[00:27:31.505] – Chris Neal

And that’s when you get your most benefit in your least amount of side effects. If we overload one branch and we ignore the other two, then this whole thing just looks lopsided and you start having side effects from too much testosterone and estrogen problems and all kinds of other crap going on. So. So you don’t want to overload either one, but if you do a conservative dose on your testosterone, then you’re not going to have you’re not going to have any side effects you shouldn’t have shouldn’t have any side effects from TRT.


[00:27:56.225] – Chris Neal

So same thing with Deca. We talked about that the other day and all the side effects you can get. And if you overdo it, so as long as you keep with it, with a conservative dose, you can get the benefits without the without the the side. And it’s not going to interact with your TRT. Same thing from your DHT branch. This is where Anavar lives. So you can you can take all three, you know, conservatively with small enough dosing and and it’s taking all three is so much better than taking three times the amount of testosterone.


[00:28:26.885] – Chris Neal

It’s way, way more effective.


[00:28:29.485] – Sam Ridgeway

OK, all right, this OK, Ryan, he says so Anavar is good for preventing and it looks like sacapenia when I look that up because I’m not a medical guy. It’s a syndrome characterized by progressive and generalized loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength and strictly correlated with physical with a physical disability. So it sounds like Anavar would be something that could potentially assist with that.


[00:28:54.235] – Chris Neal

Yeah, yeah. So there’s the the anabolic character and catabolic nature. They are they’re like opposing, you know. So there’s a lot of diseases, muscular dystrophy, HIV AIDS, you know, there’s cancer, the sacapenia. There’s like there’s a lot of injuries that just cause your body to wither away. And that’s probably the best way I can describe it. And Anavar is going to, along with either of the others, would fight against that and and to allow your body to maintain its muscle, maintain its bone density, you know, and and maintain your weight, too.


[00:29:29.995] – Chris Neal

So, yeah, it’s it’s great. Great, great for those things.


[00:29:33.265] – Sam Ridgeway

OK, so if we’re looking at if we’re looking at doses because Jonás ask what’s a conservative dose for, for all three of those.  So for the branch of the TRT, the branch of the Decha and then the branch of the Anavar, what might be just a conservative dose for those three branches for the average person.


[00:29:52.675] – Chris Neal

So I cannot I cannot impress enough how important it is if you plan on doing this, to do it under the the good management of a medical provider, because it doesn’t you don’t just want to jump into all three all at once like that. That would not be a good idea, you know, but you start with your with your basic TRT, a really good, solid dose of that. You know, obviously I say this all the time. At present time, everybody’s different.


[00:30:18.505] – Chris Neal

But, you know, two hundred milligrams of testosterone per week is a very solid, very solid branch, are a very solid dose and manage that well with either you’re Gonadorelin your HCG, which is also going to give you additional testosterone, and then you have to manage the side effects with your estrogen. With that, you know, this is your foundation. This is always where you want to start from a 19-NOR Deca branch.


[00:30:40.255] – Sam Ridgeway

We talked about the low dose of Deca, how important that is.


[00:30:42.835] – Chris Neal

One hundred and twenty milligrams of Deca a week is is usually a great low dose starting point where you can get the benefits without the side. Then you shouldn’t have to worry about prolactin issues. Prolactin would be the problem in this branch. But at point three, twice a week or 120 milligrams, you’re usually good. Anavar for guys, fifty milligrams. And this is short term. Fifty milligrams per day for two months. Eight weeks, you know, is is a good, solid way to do it.


[00:31:13.585] – Chris Neal

You know, make sure you take your liver cleanse and that’s that that’s going to put you in a good place, you know, for women. Twenty milligrams per day. But this has to be done in a stepwise fashion, you just don’t jump into all of them at the same time, or else you won’t you won’t know, you won’t be able to respond to what your body is, is is doing with the medication. You know, if you just take off or you won’t know what’s doing what, and if you do have an issue, which you might if you do, you won’t know what’s what’s causing what and it becomes chaotic.


[00:31:40.775] – Chris Neal

So there’s that we have we have a process to to work with that.


[00:31:46.075] – Sam Ridgeway

OK, so if you get to the end of that 60 days or however long you have, you’re taking Anavar. How long do you need to wait before you can even think about taking Anavar again? What’s that? That waiting period


[00:32:00.145] – Chris Neal

That’s going to be determined by your liver? So the first thing I would say, generally speaking, two months on, two months off generally speaking, so but at the end of two months of being on Anavar, if you get your labs done and your liver, your liver function is clean. Then you should be it should be green lighted, you know, you should be ready to go to start another round and you should be OK.


[00:32:21.605] – Chris Neal

OK, generally speaking, it’s always about the side effects.


[00:32:24.655] – Sam Ridgeway

So we’ll kind of wrap this up because there aren’t  more questions coming through. There’s a lot of great questions. Thanks, guys. Would you ask questions? It actually helps because this is the stuff people want to know. So what Chris and I think you want to know isn’t always what you want to know. What you want to know is what you’re putting in the chat screen. So that’s that’s excellent. But one more question before we drop this whole thing.


[00:32:40.875] – Sam Ridgeway

And this has nothing really to do with the topic at all. But I want Vinnie, he posted a question, so I want to get to him. He said, As a heart patient whos had a triple bypass can I safely run an hrt protocol. Currently I run 250 cyp/200 eq and would like to add gh however my cardiologist refuses any answers if this is safe,  So I guess Vinnie’s question here really is if you have a heart condition prior heart condition, is TRT, TRT just off the table or is it something that can still be managed appropriately as long as you watch certain values or or just kind of go over that?


[00:33:20.005] – Sam Ridgeway

Is it bad to do that if you had a heart condition?


[00:33:23.625] – Chris Neal

That’s a good question. That’s a good question. And and really, you have to you have to know what your you have to understand the heart condition. You have to understand, TRT, in order to make the assessment is the same. So what I what I usually do, I like to get medical clearance from the cardiologist, you know, and but but really, there’s there’s very little about TRT that would ever cause, you know, heart issues or heart problems if it’s managed appropriately.


[00:33:54.015] – Chris Neal

And that’s the important part. You just cannot ignore this stuff. Your heart is very, very important, as you know, you know. So but I but, you know, like if there are a lot of unfortunately, there’s still an old stigma about TRT.


[00:34:06.405] – Chris Neal

There’s a lot of misunderstanding. There are a lot of doctors out there, a lot of medical people that that have preconceived notions about TRT. Oh, my God, it’s going to make your heart explode and stuff. It doesn’t work that way, you know? And so so, you know, the it’s a shame that you’re that your doctor is so quick to to say, you know, to not support you in that. But I think it’s worth getting evaluated and getting checked out and then, you know, and then looking at that from other angles, I guess.


[00:34:38.625] – Chris Neal

But, you know, maybe even maybe even getting a second opinion from a different cardiologist, you know, that actually does understand mechanically how TRT works. You know that because there’s been countless studies that show that TRT decreases cardiovascular risk. You know, so it’s just you have to account for that.


[00:34:56.385] – Sam Ridgeway

OK, one more question before that has absolutely nothing to do really with this. But I just these questions keep coming into good questions. So does a high haematocrit.


[00:35:04.785] – Sam Ridgeway

Does it make your AST levels higher? Is there anything that correlates your AST, the liver values,  to a higher hematocrit.


[00:35:13.215] – Chris Neal

No answer. No, no. So those are those are unrelated and those are generally unrelated. All right.


[00:35:22.005] – Sam Ridgeway

All right.


[00:35:22.345] – Sam Ridgeway

So that’s here’s what I’d like to ask. I would like to ask just on Facebook or Instagram or join us on all of those. I mean, you’re obviously here, so join us on all those, because that’s how we put information out. But that’s also how we get requests from you to what we should come on here and do and cover, because we want to we want to make sure again that we’re not just feeding you stuff that we think you want to know.


[00:35:45.885] – Sam Ridgeway

We’re we want you to tell us we can give you stuff that you actually want to know. So go to those different channels and request what you want us to do these live streams on. But is there anything else that you want to cover with ANAVAR


[00:36:00.315] – Chris Neal

No, no, I’m just going to add after this, I’m going to work on my spelling


[00:36:09.975] – Sam Ridgeway

that’s all right, Chris, thank you so much for taking the time to do these things and everybody out there. Thank you so much for taking the time to ask your questions and actually watch this. We really appreciate it., if you want to TRT clinic, that doesn’t suck. So have a great evening.


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