Adipotide – The Fat Cell Killer?

Understand first that Adipotide is a Research Chemical. And no, I don’t advise taking it. I advise you DON’T take it. I just like hearing about compounds, what they do, where they are in clinical studies, etc. Adipotide has been around for a while, but we haven’t heard anything new about it. Does that mean it’s still in clinical trial or did they find an issue with it? Regardless, hearing about new compounds is interesting to me. Hopefully it’s interesting to you as well.


One of the things I want implement into this channel are things like this – What if there was a compound that could not only decrease fat but could kill fat cells?   The problem with fat cells is you have a certain number of them and if you get skinnier the fat cell just shrinks.  If you get fatter the fat cell gets bigger.   By reducing the number of fat cells that decreases the probability that you will get fat because you have less places for fat to store.   The way this compound works is –  it adheres to the blood vessel that supplies blood to the fat cell and when it destroys that blood vessel the fat cell can’t get any nutrients so the fat cell dies and the fat scale cell is excreted. It can only targets fat cells.  The name of this compound is Adipotide.  It is a research chemical


Let’s just talk. It’s an injection.  I like this subject so much on the different peptides compounds etc it’s because everything at one point time was a research chemical.  Aspirin was a research chemical.   The reason human beings once lived to 20 and now live to almost 90 is science There are different things entering the market that have promise, and I like to hear about those things.  I like to see where research is going.  I like to see what types of medications are being created and out there and what they did with mice, with monkeys, and then they went to clinical trial.   I like knowing that process. I know that there are a lot of you out there that want to at least know what’s available. That’s something I find to be interesting.  It is something I want to bring to the channel.   As we go along if it’s not your thing it’s not your thing, that’s OK, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to learn about new upcoming medications and what they do.


What does this have to do with hormone replacement therapy?   Absolutely nothing It has no place in hormone replacement therapy.


Adipotide actually went through testing on mice, it went through testing on monkeys.   The monkeys lost 11 percent of their body fat in four weeks.   Then it went to clinical trials.   Before something gets to clinical trials, you have to do a lot of research.  In human trials if they find out that this happens or that happens, and they stop the trial.  It doesn’t mean just because it gets to clinical trial it’s safe by any stretch of the imagination.   In fact, with Adipotide, they found that there are some effects on your kidneys. Not kidney failure, but kidney function was impacted. When the people came off of Adipotide the kidney function went back to normal.  Steroids effect kidney function.  There’s was no permanent damage.   The other thing I think it caused was dehydration.   You would have to stay hydrated.    A compound that targets the blood vessels and then goes in and actually kills off the fat cells so you have fewer fat cells – that’s amazing, right?  I find it to be amazing which is why I’m sharing it with you.

There were a few different people that took Adipotide.   One guy took Adipotide and he said he ate chips and everything and he didn’t gain any weight.  Okay, fine.   Another person said that there was injection pain with it.   Another person said that there wasn’t injection pain, so some people have injection pain other people don’t.   I’m not suggesting injecting Adipotide, I’m just telling you that people said “I’ve done this and here’s kind of what I found”.   There really hasn’t been any super negative stuff about it.  As I said it has been tested on mice,  it went through monkeys,  and then went to clinical trials  Another thing about clinical trials is there’ are differences in clinical trials.

Peptides for Fat Loss

Let’s talk about MK 677 for a second.   We have over a decade of research on MK677 although it is a research chemical.   There are other chemicals such as Adipotide that have been in clinical studies for four months, not even years.   You know even though it’s a research chemical there are different phases that that chemical could be in during the research phase.  I just wanted to bring information on new research chemicals to the channel.


I’ll start bringing new you new compounds, telling you exactly what they do, the phase that they’re in, that kind of thing.  You can buy Adipotide, but again I don’t recommend it because it’s really not that far into clinical trials.   There is promise for the future of Adipotide.



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