Stenabolic SR 9009

Today I wanted to discuss the research chemical Stenabolic, also known as SR 9009.  As a research chemical, it’s not intended for human consumption and there are no published human trials that I’m aware of to date. In fact to my knowledge research at this point has only been done on mice,  however, this compound has been around for quite a while and there are plenty of humans that disregard those warnings and use the compound anyway.  If you are interested testimonials can be found all over the web. 

My disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor I don’t pretend to be a doctor SR 9009 is a research chemical only and is illegal for humans to consume.  This video is informational, not instructional please consult your physician before injecting or ingesting any medicinal compounds.

What would possess a person to take SR 9009? What are the benefits seen in mice?  What are the benefits that a human subject might find enticing? 

  1. It has been shown to help reduce weight.
  2. It has been shown to decrease cholesterol. 
  3. It has been shown to reduce inflammation in the skeletal muscle. 
  4. It has been shown to decrease anxiety. 
  5. It has been shown to increase energy levels
  6. It has been shown to reduce the abnormal growth of your heart, which is probably in my opinion, one of the most promising benefits this compound has to offer.


SR 9009 allegedly helps your body create new mitochondria and it speeds up the process of eliminating old and worn-out mitochondria.  To understand why that’s important –  mitochondria is found in every cell. It turns sugars, fats, and proteins into forms of chemical energy that allow our bodies to live.  No mitochondria no life.

It also purposely kills off various cells that exceeded their lifespan and usefulness because if left unchecked these cells can go rogue turning into things like cancer.  It’s very important that the policing of cells be closely monitored.  They also break down waste products, even converting some of that waste back to energy for the cell to use again.  This boosts your metabolism and helps burn fat even without a caloric deficit.  It also helps increase the oxidation of glucose into the muscle which helps your body tap into fat storage as an energy source,  but as I’ve said in other videos diet and exercise are critical variables in the weight-loss equation and SR 9009 is merely a tool, not a solution.

Another benefit of increasing the oxidation of glucose into the muscle is a boost in endurance and stamina.  In fact it increased the endurance of mice up to fifty times normal capacity this is similar to the benefits offered by with the exception that because of its short half-life of around four hours SR-9009 must be dosed multiple times throughout the day.  Cardarine, on the other hand, can be dosed once a day, SR 9009 has also been shown to decrease anxiety.  In fact, in the mice studies anxiety was severely reduced in just three to ten days.   Regarding cholesterol,  there was a noticeable reduction of levels of triglycerides and total cholesterol after about 10 days of usage. 

The most promising thing I think SR 9009 brings to the table is its ability to improve heart function. This would be advantageous to both natural athletes as well as those taking exogenous anabolics. Why is this even an issue at all well your heart’s just another muscle or a muscular organ to be more specific. When we stress it, or especially when we use anabolic substances to stress it, your heart can grow just like your muscles. This is especially true in the left chamber which is your pumping part. There is even a name for this condition which is Left ventricular hypertrophy.  

As a side note, this condition can also result from other things such as prolonged exposure to high blood pressure. SR 9009 showed improved heart function in just 28 days.  It also decreased the heart size and weight of mice that had their heart surgically enlarged,  and it did all of this without affecting blood pressure.

So, there you have it,  the highlights of SR 9009. What are the side effects?  Well, I haven’t found any, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be side effects if this compound ever went to human trials.   As of right now it doesn’t seem to impact lipid levels.  There is very mild suppression, if at all. It doesn’t aromatize and it’s not liver toxic.  One last time,  it is a research chemical so you shouldn’t take it.

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