10 Signs Your TRT Clinic Sucks

Sam outlines the top 10 Signs that you are at the wrong TRT Clinic

First, my disclaimer:   I am NOT a doctor.  I don’t pretend to be a doctor.  This post is comprised of my thoughts and opinions.  Nothing I say should be misconstrued as medical advice.  Every medication discussed in this video is prescribed by a licensed medical professional.   Consult your physician before injecting or ingesting any medicinal compounds,  DISCLAIMER FINISHED


I want to give you my top ten reasons why your current TRT clinic just might suck. The information I am going to share with you is from feedback received from literally thousands of TRT patients I’ve been in contact with over the course of the past two years.  This outlines the most common mistakes many people are subjected to.   Now before anybody starts getting defensive,  there are great clinics out there and you could definitely be with one of those but the bad ones seem to outnumber the good ones by at least twenty to one. I thought I’d give you some insight into what I’ve learned along the way.


The first sign that your current TRT clinic sucks:


You are not told to do multiple injections throughout the week.   I can’t even count the number of times I’ve spoken with people who are told to inject testosterone once a week, once every two weeks or once every three weeks.   That is absolutely ridiculous.  By the time the second week starts to roll around your test levels are going be that of a 90-year-old man.  You will feel like crap.   In fact, injecting testosterone even once a week is stupid in my opinion.   You want to inject at least twice a week – evenly spaced across seven days.   Why?   Well, let’s look at this scientifically.   When you do a full one cc of testosterone in a single injection your body senses the surge of exogenous testosterone, your receptors get saturated and your body has a hormonal overload.  So, what does your body do, it starts converting some of that excess testosterone into estrogen through a process called aromatization.   That’s why I encourage Vicro-dosing, which is small injections every day, or every other day. When you Vicro-dose there is far less of a surge,  far less aromatization,  your red blood cell count doesn’t skyrocket, and your testosterone levels remain far more stable.   This keeps you from going on a rollercoaster with your emotions and possibly dipping into a slight depression.   Less water retention, better mental clarity,  better sexual function, and a host of other benefits.  I realize there are people out there that dose once a week and are fine with it and I’ll have to respectfully disagree with that decision. I believe that those people tried Vicro-dosing they would not only feel better but they’d find using a small insulin syringe in their shoulder is far better than a 25 gauge needle in their leg.


The second sign that your current TRT clinic sucks:


Nobody tells you about HCG and/or an aromatase inhibitor.   I fully understand there are people that don’t want to use HCG or Anastrozole.  The choice to not take it is not what I’m referring to here.   I’m talking about the people that aren’t presented with a choice at all,  This happens with a lot of general practitioners.   The patient complains about possibly having low testosterone and the doctor writes a prescription for testosterone, nothing else, just testosterone.   Everything is fine for a week or two and then the symptoms start – water retention, sexual dysfunction, moodiness, the desire to cry when certain commercials come on.   That is all due to elevated estrogen but neither the patient nor the doctor understands this.   The patient complains about these side-effects, the doctor concludes the TRT obviously isn’t working,  the patient’s protocol is discontinued and the doctor says he doesn’t want to hear about low testosterone ever again.  “You are fine”, he says your levels are in the low 200s which fall well within the acceptable range for a man your age.   This is easy for the doctor to say since he’s not the one feeling like shit every day.   This entire scenario could have been avoided if the doctor was better educated on hormone replacement therapy which by the way is not part of the standard curriculum in medical school.  This is a very specialized field, it takes years to master.   Fortunately, Viking has a medical staff that has treated thousands of HRT patients.  The bottom line is – it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re prescribing physician has the required experience to keep you safe and healthy.  It’s not a given by any stretch of the imagination.


The third sign that your current TRT clinic sucks:

You are prescribed less than 100 milligrams of testosterone per week.  This one almost feels like the doctor is pacifying the patient by giving them just enough testosterone to shut them up but not enough to really make a difference.   I’ve seen fifty milligrams per week prescribed,  seventy-five, ridiculously low amounts that could potentially drop your test levels below where you started.  Why?  Because your body is going to shut down its natural production when it’s getting testosterone from an outside source.  SHGB will prevent some of that test from being usable.   Aromatization will convert some of it and when it’s all said and done you’re left with barely any testosterone at all.   I’m not saying this done maliciously but does it really matter?  Again, it all comes back to a lack of education.


The fourth sign that your current TRT clinic sucks:


After a month or more being on TRT, your testosterone levels are still under 500.   To be clear, we don’t base success or failure on testosterone levels at Viking.  We go off of how you’re feeling.  Still, there are certain things that don’t make sense.   If you’re being prescribed 150 to 200 milligrams of testosterone per week and after a month your test levels aren’t above 500 I would check to see where your medications coming from.   Maybe there’s a medical reason for the low numbers, regardless,  this needs to be investigated further by a licensed medical professional.   To be honest it wouldn’t be the first time a clinic was using grossly under-dosed medication and passing it off as pharmaceutical-grade.   Use your head.  If it doesn’t make sense- question it.


The fifth sign that your current TRT clinic sucks:


Your aromatase inhibitor comes pre-mixed in the same vial as your testosterone.  People’s bodies convert testosterone to estrogen at different rates.   The speed of aromatization varies widely from patient to patient so why would anybody prescribe the exact same amount of an estrogen blocker to every one of their patients?  It doesn’t make sense.   If you separate the two you can dial a patient in by raising or lowering his AI dose.   You can’t do that when the same dose is given to everybody.   Additionally, it only stands to reason that if the AI itself is taking up space in the vial you’re not getting the entire amount of testosterone you were allegedly prescribed.   Always separate the AI from the testosterone.


The sixth sign your current TRT clinic sucks:


The people running the clinic looked like a cross between fat bastard and the cast from Revenge of the Nerds.   Call me superficial if you’d like but this matters.   If this whole TRT thing is so good if the clinic claims they can get you looking and feeling your best,  then why wouldn’t the people working there practice what they preach.  I would seriously question someone’s ability to help me if they can’t even help themselves.   I’ve said this before, would you hire a financial adviser who lives in a trailer,  with a car up on blocks in the driveway with a raggedy-ass couch thrown out in the front yard?  NO!  You want your financial adviser to be wealthy.   It’s the same principle you want from the people running your TRT clinic.  Make sure they have the knowledge to keep their own house in order before they try to tell you how to fix yours.  I guarantee you if your heart and soul are truly in this business,  you live the lifestyle each and every day not because you have to because you want to.   Leadership by example – it is not too much to ask.


The seventh sign that your current TRT clinic sucks:


You can’t schedule a free consultation with a licensed medical professional whenever the hell you want.  A lot of clinics want you to pay for your meds and shut up, go away don’t bother them anymore.  If you’re dialed in and everything is working that might be okay with you but if something comes up, something stops working,  you have a question,  you want to talk about additional products,  if anything out of the ordinary happens you should be able to jump right on the clinics website and schedule a consultation with a medical professional at a time that’s convenient for you.  if this option isn’t available find a different clinic where it is.


The eighth sign your current TRT clinic sucks:

You’re paying more than $160 a month for all of your TRT supplies.  You wouldn’t believe what some people pay for TRT – $400 – $500!  It’s absolutely ridiculous. Granted, a clinic is a for-profit organization so there’s nothing wrong with being profitable.  You just don’t want your clinic screwing you on pricing in an effort to maximize income while sacrificing quality care because clinics that price gouge you are the same ones that try to squeeze profitability out of everything including medications.  While we’re on the subject, you don’t want to work with a low-cost provider either. Any clinic that claims they can give you all TRT supplies for under 100 a month, run.  I consider myself to be a reasonably savvy businessman and I couldn’t keep the doors open at 100 dollars a month.  When you have salaries for a medical director, physician assistants, an entire office staff so your orders get placed, orders get tracked,  patients get amazing customer service,  labs get ordered,  and the other hundred things we do on a daily basis.  You can’t provide pharmaceutical-grade medications and expert knowledge at rock-bottom prices. You have to cut corners somewhere.  Remember, you always get what you pay for.  Obviously, there are times when finding the cheapest price is a smart decision, just not when it comes to when you’re injecting things into your body.   Look for a fair price, not the lowest price.


The ninth sign but your current TRT clinics sucks:


You are asked to pay a monthly membership fee and/or sign a contract locking you in for a specified period of time.   At Viking, we strive to provide the kind of service that makes you want to stay with us instead of contractually forcing you to do so.   In my opinion, signing a contract for TRT is just a problem waiting to happen because there’s a reason they need to put that contract in place. Believe me, it’s not to protect you.   The only reason I can imagine a clinic would feel the need to implement a contractual agreement is if they have far too many people leaving for one reason or another.   You do the math on that one – the same thing goes for a membership fee,  in fact, let’s just make a blanket statement here – any clinic that charges you an automatic recurring fee for anything is bad. I can almost guarantee you the words “Patients before Profits” is nowhere to be found in their business plan.


The tenth sign your current TRT clinic sucks:


The name on the building doesn’t say Viking Alternative Medicine.   If you’re not a Viking then who are you?


So, take this video to heart and check your clinic.   If you’re with a great place right now, then god love you.   If you’re not, it’s extremely easy to switch to Viking. Viking didn’t become the best HRT clinic in the universe by accident but in the end, we just want you to be taken care of by a reputable medical staff.  We want you to pay a fair price and we want you to receive unparalleled customer service.  We want your protocol to be properly dosed. We want you to have access to pharmaceutical-grade medications and we want you to be under the care of those that practice what they preach.  I honestly don’t think that’s too much to expect.

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