Rippped at 50 – Day 19

Hello YouTube! Sam Ridgeway here and we have our first change to the Ripped at 50 diet plan. But before I get into that, I owe all of you a great big Thank You because we just hit 1,000 subscribers today! I say WE because without you, I’d just be a guy with about $3,000 in Audio and Video equipment, sitting around his house and talking to himself. And, since I don’t own 20 cats, that would look a bit weird. So I want to sincerely say, “Thank You” for the support and encouragement. As far as the Trolls go, the ones that post comments that aren’t productive, constructive, or encouraging, you guys can still go fuck yourselves. So let’s get to it!

By now, most of us know I’m eating 3,700 calories a day. Ironically, and against everything logical, I have gained muscle and definition by doing this. 3,700 calories was about a 1,000 calorie increase over what I had been eating before the Docuseries. My last video, which included pictures, clearly shows I’m making progress. I hope you also viewed another video I did where I explain how you can follow this diet, regardless of your weight, by calculating the difference in your body mass from 300 pounds. As an example, if you weighed 200 pounds, you would eat 2/3 of what I’m eating because you weigh 2/3 of what I weigh. I’m convinced that a large part of the success I’m having is from the types of food I’m eating. The only true variable here is quantity. Figure out your unique quantity and you have the blueprint to get into excellent shape. I just saved you a couple thousand dollars. You’re welcome.

So, for those new to this channel, my coach is an IBFF Professional Bodybuilder. He’s telling me what to eat, how to train, and what supplements to take. I pass this information onto you. Now I chose this route because no matter what I did on my own, no matter how many websites I read or videos I watched, my progress was marginal at best. I use professionals in every other facet of my life so why would this be any different. And so far it’s paying off.

My coach told me he’s very pleased with my progress. He said I’m losing weight and gaining muscle. He said it’s time to cut back on carbs a little; nothing too drastic. He said every other day I’m supposed to eliminate the carbs from my eating plan. Therefore, every other day I will remove the oatmeal, berries, rice, and potato from my diet. The remaining days will include those foods. We’ll run that for a week and evaluate our progression, or regression, in 7 days. You can refer to Day 1 of this docuseries if you don’t know what foods I’m talking about. Cardio is still 4 times a week for 40 minutes and we train every other day with weights.

That’s the change. So let’s do what the man says. Obviously we’re making small, incremental modifications to our diet plan so our bodies don’t go into starvation mode and shut down our metabolism. This part makes perfect sense.

I also want to encourage you to ask questions in the comment section. Because questions need answers. And answers require research. And when you put all of that together, you end up with great, informative videos, which everybody benefits from. I also wanted to let you know I’ve created a Facebook page and Instagram Account, which was requested on multiple occasions. Both Social Media sites are named VikingLivesMatter. I’ll update those periodically too.

Thanks again for your support and I’ll keep you updated on how to get Ripped at 50… or 49… or 48… you get the point.

Always remember, you’re never too old to Live Like a Viking!

Until next time, Peace Out!



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