Ripped at 50 – Day Zero

Hello. This is Sam Ridgeway with Live Like a Viking. Well it looks like we’re going to do this… I have purchased the services of an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder to guide me through the process of starting out as a regular guy and getting into Amazing Shape. The benefit to you? You get to watch the entire process in what I’ll call a Documentary and participate if you wish. I’ll tell you what I’m eating, what supplements I’m taking, what training I’m doing… the entire ordeal will be spilled out on this channel in it’s entirety… both the good and the bad. What’s different about this documentary? First of all I’m a 51 year-old man… not some teenager with a metabolism burning rocket fuel. I’m also honest about everything I do. If you’ve watched this channel, you know I tell it like it is. So without further adoo… let’s get this thing started!

Today is day Zero, which means I will actually start tomorrow. However, I need to lay the framework now so we all have the same expectation of what’s to follow. As you can imagine, this is a huge and expensive commitment. There will be good days and there will be bad days. Depending upon what my coach recommends, there could be drugs involved. I’m not against Performance Enhancing Drugs. I’m against Performance Enhancing Drugs when you’re not getting blood work done. I also don’t condone drug use. I’ve said it a million times; I’ll do me, you do you.

I encourage you to follow along. While I fully intend to ride this train to the end of the station, you can jump on and off wherever you’d like. That’s the beauty of this… you get to see what a bodybuilder goes through to do what he does and it’s all on my dime. It’s like I’m just dropping a bag of money on your doorstep… you’re welcome.

I also feel it’s imperative that you know me… you know my family… you know my lifestyle. So don’t be surprised if there’s some everyday life stuff mixed in with the eating and the training. I think it rounds out the documentary and brings an element of personalization to the table.

I need to fully disclose all supplements and medications before this gets started. I don’t want to deceive anybody by claiming I don’t take anything. I take 200 mg of Testosterone Cypionate weekly. I take 1.5 IU’s of HGH 5 days on and 2 days off. I take HCG to keep my own production of testosterone going and I take an Aromatase Inhibitor to control estrogen. All of these items are prescribed by a licensed physician and all medications come from a United States pharmacy. I also take 500 mcg of HGH Frag, which I divide up into 2 doses every day. This is not pharmaceutical grade because it’s not intended for human consumption and you should never take it… there’s my disclaimer.

I should also show you where I’m starting… what I look like to begin with. You can’t track progress if you don’t have a starting point…

I think that pretty much wraps up Day Zero. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

And remember, you can live life like a Peasant or you can Live Like a Viking!

Peace out!


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