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hello YouTube Sam Ridgeway with Live Like a Viking calm now apparently my last video about the shady business of peptide companies seem to have caused a slight disturbance in the force I had people message me asking me if I I have a beef with PureRawz or if I’ve had a falling-out.  The quick answer is a resounding no!!! I love PureRawz but the core purpose of this channel is to tell it like it is,  to not sugarcoat things,  to

favor the truth above all else and that’s why I made that video.

I wanted to pull back the curtain and expose the real inner workings of the peptide industry.

I wanted to disclose the hurdles they have to overcome the challenges they face,  and I wanted to address the unrealistic expectations many people have when dealing with companies that sell research chemicals.  Now, ironically as I’m recording this video the PureRawz website is down and I’d bet money it’s because their ISP terminated the account due to the types of products they sell now they’re actively working on bringing it back up so there’s no need to panic but this just reinforces my claims that the industry as a whole is shady however to put everyone’s concerns to rest once and for all let me give you an analogy.    Everybody hates going to the dentistand if you don’t you’re just one sick bastard!  Yet everybody has their own favorite dentist but it doesn’t make your visit any more enjoyable. It’s just the devil you know is better than the one you don’t.  Now, I equate this analogy to the peptide industry the best you can do is take the lesser of the evils. 

I like PureRawz because their products are consistently legitimate they have the largest selection I’ve ever seen,

their prices are extremely competitive, and I have direct access to the owner.

Now, how does that help you because I don’t let anybody get screwed under my watch so you’re pretty much guaranteed you’re gonna receive your product when you use code Viking you check out to save 15% off of your entire order.  You see how I suddenly threw that in there it was like almost subliminal?  All right, whatever, maybe it wasn’t subliminal but

I  do wish that they’d ship things faster, of course I do. I wish they communicate better with customers

I order products from them just like you do and I don’t get any special treatment. My order usually takes around 10 to 14 days

to get to my house but that’s not an issue with me it’s not like I wake up one morning and say to myself I sure would like some frag and I loved if it was delivered in five days.  I know well in advance when I need something and I plan accordingly.  I’d much rather have a source that consistently provides quality products over a source that ship scrap products quickly.  You need to be comfortable with whoever you decide to do business with and if those terms are deal-breakers then go wherever you go.  I just wanted to set the record straight and stop any rumors that might be circulating now.

Remember you’re never too old to live like a Viking until next time



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