Does MK 677 really work

Proof that MK 677 Works!

Welcome to Live Like a Viking. I’m Sam Ridgeway and today’s topic is MK 677 and its effectiveness. Through experimentation and documentation, I’ve researched this peptide to answer the question, “Does MK 677 really work”? Let’s do this…

First, a quick update on what MK 677 is for those that haven’t watched my previous video. Its real name is Ibutamoren and it’s a peptide that coerces your pituitary into producing more Growth Hormone. More Growth Hormone means increased IGF-1 levels. This allegedly helps your body build more muscle, reduces muscle wasting while dieting, increases bone density, allows you to sleep better, and a list of other benefits. Sounds like good stuff, right? Well there’s a slight problem… while you can legally purchase MK 677, it’s not for human consumption and should only be used for research purposes. Therefore, this video is not a recommendation, but rather the results of an experiment. I do me, you do you.

Now on to the good stuff. I’ll show actual screen shots of my lab results. Let’s look at my original IGF-1 number in January of 2018. This is before I started HGH. As you can see, I’m at 237. I did another lab test in May of 2018 and I was at 270. Impressive, right? With the upper limit in the normal range to be 205, I’m well above normal at this point in time. It should also be noted that I’ve never upped my dose of Omnitrope. I started with 1.5 IU’s a day, 5 days on and 2 days off, and I’ve followed that exact protocol to this day. I started experimenting with MK 677 around July of 2018, which is roughly 2 months after my last lab results. On September 1 of 2018, two short months later, my IGF-1 was 366… that’s absolutely ridiculous. I don’t even want it that high.

Given these results, it may be possible to save myself over $1,000 a month on pharmaceutical grade HGH and go with MK 677 by itself. Possible, but I won’t do that. There’s something about being under the care of a physician that appeals to me… gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling…

So there you go. There were no other factors in this experiment that would have raised IGF-levels; especially to that degree. So why not do a quick Google Search and get you some MK 677 you might ask? Well, because it’s often faked… and by often I mean very frequently.  You have to find a reliable source and stick with it. I don’t have a problem sharing my source since it’s a legal compound. I use and if you use the code VIKING while checking out, you get a 7% discount. Again, I’m not advocating this peptide for human consumption; merely for research purposes.

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