Day 202 HGH – Lab Requisition for Hormone Replacement Therapy

You can see what’s going on outside of your body, but how do you know what’s happening on the inside? The answer is Blood Work. You get your blood drawn, it’s sent to the lab, and you get a report back in a couple of days. You do need a doctor to be able to get your blood work done, but you don’t need YOUR doctor. Here’s how I do it…

There are many reasons you might not want to ask your primary care physician for a lab requisition. The doctor may not agree with your Hormone Replacement Therapy protocol, you might be fine tuning your protocol on your own, your insurance company might have a limit on the number of times you can have labs run on their dime. And there are a host of other reasons…

I get my labs done about every 2 to 3 months now. But when I started Hormone Replacement Therapy, I needed to find my own personal Sweet Spot. So I ran different protocols and I had my labs done every few weeks. It took about 3 months to fine tune everything. Let me show you where I go to get a lab requisition in about an hour:

If you’re still dialing in your perfect protocol and you feel great one day, grab a lab requisition and get your bloodwork done. While there are many factors that affect your mood, it would be nice to know what your Testosterone, Estrogen, and possibly your IGF-1 numbers are at that point in time. Those are 3 variables you can control by yourself by increasing or decreasing your dose of medication. I’ve found those three factors to be instrumental in how I’m feeling overall. Especially Estrogen. Once you find out how much Testosterone gets you to your perfect T Level, how much Aromatase Inhibitor controls your estrogen, and how much HGH it takes to find your perfect IGF-1 level, you’ve won 99 percent of the battle.

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