Transcript – BPC-157 A Miracle Cure?

hello YouTube Sam Ridgeway with live

like a Viking. I’ve gotten

plenty of emails from people asking me

how they repair tendon damage how they

repair ligament damage how they repair

minor injuries to their body that kind

of plagued them and it’s kind of an

ongoing thing but I’ve received just as

many email messages from people that

have cured those exact injuries with a

peptide called

B PC one57 so that’s what we’re going to

talk about today now I have to say as a

disclaimer of course that this is

educational it is not instructional this

is a research compound it is not made to

ingest it is not made to inject into

humans therefore don’t do that shit okay

but we’re still gonna learn about BPC

one57 so let’s go so what is B PC one57

and I’m gonna read this because it’s

really friggin long and I’m not going to

memorize it it’s a sequence of amino

acids with a molecular formula of sixty

two carbons ninety eight hydrogen’s

sixteen nitrogen and 22 oxygen atoms

like you give a shit right anyway but

that’s what it is for are you crazy

people so BPC allegedly stands for a

body protecting compound B PC body

protecting compound right and in both

animal and human trials b pc 157 has

shown relatively no side effects which

of course is absolutely amazing now it

can be taken orally subcutaneously or


however logic would kind of state that

normally if you take an oral it’s not

nearly as effective effective as taking

its sub-q or taking inner muscular

however BP c 157 can survive through

gastric juices so the oral form still

actually works but again although I have

no proof I can’t believe it works as

well as sub-q or in a muscular we’ll

just keep it at that now I’ve read that

due to the composition of B PC 157 it’s

not even patentable

can’t patent it which could definitely

explain why Big Pharma hasn’t come out

with this and taking it mainstream of

course if Big Pharma can’t make any

money you know even if it’ll help a

million people they’re still not going

to go with it but I don’t really blame

Big Pharma too much because like I

always say if McDonald’s handed out free

cheeseburgers they wouldn’t be around

that long either so you know Big

Pharma’s got to make big money and if

there’s no money in it you’re not gonna

see it but that doesn’t discredit the

product itself or the compound itself

from being effective now how can you

care for B PC 157 what do you do first

of all you keep out of sunlight but

that’s with all our medications don’t

stick medications sunlight you just

asking for trouble you can store in your

refrigerator and it’ll be good for about

six months

once it’s reconstituted you can store in

the freezer for about two years now what

does BP c15 72 and I’m gonna get read

this list because it’s extensive and I’m

not gonna remember every one of them so

it promotes

tendon and ligament healing and that’s a

big thing for a lot of us right I mean

you lift hard you got tests on your

going and you know those ligaments and

tendons you know they’re not as strong

as the muscle is so sometimes you’ll

start getting that strain it kind of

feels like a little tennis elbow kind of

feeling it every time you you go to do a

lift apparently this shit can fix it

it fixes tendon to bone healing so if

you have a tendon that’s starting to

come off the bone now let me just say

DPC one57 is not going to just like HGH

if you’re jacked up and you’ve got all

kinds of crazy shit wrong with you it’s

not gonna fix it this is for relatively

minor injuries it’ll counter the damage

to the stomach that was done by

long-term use of medications such as

ibuprofen and Advil you take those over

the a long period of time it starts

eating at your stomach wall and this

will actually repair that damage that

you did it’ll repair damage done from

inflammatory bowel disease so if you

have that there you go

you got a solution it can help cure

periodontal disease and periodontal

disease is when you get like plaque that

builds up and well it’s

with a lot of people and it starts going

down into your gum line

and it if you don’t get it taken care of

with these deep cleanings from in every

quadrant by your dentist which is very

expensive to do it will actually start

rotting the bone out so your teeth will

start falling out that’s periodontal

disease and allegedly bpc one57 will

help fix that so that’s another thing

for a lot of people that I think it

could it could help with it will

accelerate bone healing so if you’ve

broken a bone and you do BPC one57

allegedly your bone is gonna heal far

faster than if you just let it do its on

on its own and because it can remain

stable even in gastric juices PPC one57

can cause an anabolic healing effect in

both the upper and the lower GI tract it

also has an anti ulcer effect as well so

if you’re prone to ulcers bbc1 5:7 can

also help with that now there are other

things that PPC one57 does but those are

the main things especially for us

especially for guys that are hitting the

gym and get those tendon and those those

ligament issues if you could cure those

I mean it’s a it’s a different game

right I mean you can hit that you can

hit the weights a hell of a lot harder a

ha lot more frequently it just makes for

an OD you can get a better workout and a

more frequent workout which builds more

muscle and more muscle is what keeps

your metabolism up it keeps you burning

fat to stay leaner so you look all

around you look better now how do you

administer BPC 157 first of all it is a

very fragile compound so you want to be

very careful when you reconstitute you

don’t want to shoot the bacteriostatic

water directly into the powder you want

to stick the syringe in at an angle

where it runs off of the glass and then

runs down into the powder now while

we’re on the subject of reconstituting I

want to make it clear that you will need

bacteriostatic water in order to

reconstitute this a lot of times what

happens is people buy the compound they

wait a week for it to come in and they

finally get all excited because it’s

here and they open it up in its powder

and they’re like okay what am I supposed

to do with this you need bacteriostatic

water in order to reconstitute that’s

what you need so order the bacteria

static water when you order the compound

so they come at the same time now when

you take B PC 157 out of the vial be

careful with it

take the vial turn it over a nicely

upside-down put the syringe in draw it

out nice it’s very fragile I’m not

overstating this so treat it like a lady

and not that hoe you brought on what’s

Friday night I’m talking about treat it

like a lady you take over to mama now as

I said BBC one five seven can be taken

orally so instead of injecting it

subcutaneously for all you needle haters

you can’t actually pull it out and you

can put it in your mouth and when you do

that you’re going to want to keep it in

there for about a minute and a half to

two minutes and do it very slowly

lady remember and then keep it in there

for one and a half to two minutes then

you swallow it and it works throughout

the body now some people say to take VPC

one57 and put it like if you if you were

trying to fix your elbow to put it in

next to your elbow there are a lot of

people that say that there are other

people that say as long as in your body

it’s gonna work so orally subcutaneously

intramuscular whatever you choose I

personally would think if you did sub-q

it would probably be one of the best coz

inner muscular you imagine like trying

to get in there like all the way into

the muscle I mean I’m not afraid of

needles but that doesn’t excite me now

as far as dosing BPC one57 the general

there’s doses all over the place but the

general consensus or if I had to take an

average the median it would probably be

250 micrograms a day and again you can

do it right into the where the injury

happens or you can do it orally your

choice now how long does it take BP c15

seven to start working from the stuff

that I’ve read about two weeks so if you

go 250 micrograms a day for two weeks

you should see significant repair if

you’re gonna get repair to whatever

injury that you’re trying to heal now

you can run it up to four weeks if you

need to but if you do run it to four

weeks you’re probably going to want to

take two

weeks off if it’s still not healed two

weeks off and then jump back on another

up to four week cycle take two weeks off

so the cycle would be maximum four weeks

on two weeks off now where do you get PB

PC one57 first of all you get it from

wherever the hell you want to get it if

you’ve got a trusted source that you use

go for it now if you know if you ask me

I’m gonna tell you go to pure Oz I’m

till you go to pure Oz calm I’m gonna

tell you use code Viking when you check

it out you’ll save 15% off your entire

order that’s with the bacteriostatic

water that’s what the B PC one57 I mean

it’s under $30 for I think the five

milligram with with pure Oz so I guess

it another things I’m not guys I’m not

stuck on pure Oz it’s just what I

recommend I recommend it cuz I trust

their products they don’t sponsor me I

don’t own part of the company I’ve heard

all kinds of shit no it’s just a product

line that I trust and I know their

products are legitimate that’s it

so if you have another source God love

you I mean go for it there’s no

animosity here believe me

I just want you to get I want you to get

in the mail what you thought you were

ordering that’s the ultimate objective

and as long as that happens I’m freakin

happy now one last thing let me set the

expectation level for pure Oz what

happens is by the time that you place

your order until the time that you get

your product is going to be about a week

maybe a week in a day something like

that so I want to set that expectation

don’t think that you’re going to send

something off in two days later it’s

going to come to you oh seven to eight

days that’s what I would plan on from

the time you place that order so keep

that expectation level so you’re not

looking for something that’s not going

to happen now again if you have another

source God love you go but if you do in

pira’s a week week in one day and that’s

from start to finish so that’s about it

that’s BPC one five seven I mean

everything that I’ve read this is like a

miracle compound um any questions

comments concerns put them below but

remember you are never too old to live

like a Viking until next time peace


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