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      Sam Ridgeway

      Based in England, http://www.PureRawz.co has one of the best selections in the Research Chemical industry. Couple that with their competitive prices and consistent purity and you have a great company to work with. PureRawz is a small organization and I have become friends with the owner. I have never had someone purchasing a product under my coupon code (VIKING) not receive their item. Claims of compounds being bunk or underdosed are few and far between and I’d bet a vast majority of these few cases are simply that the user doesn’t respond well to the medication.

      PureRawz.co is by far my recommendation for all Peptides and SARM’s. The down side, shipping can take around 10 days from order to receipt and Customer Service has plenty of room for improvement. However, I can help if your order is over 10 days old without a shipping update.

      Visit http://www.PureRawz.co and use coupon code VIKING at checkout to save 15% off of your ENTIRE purchase. And for a limited time, shipping is FREE!

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