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      Sam Ridgeway

      Let’s look at the 10 MG vial offered by http://www.PureRawz.co (Use Coupon Code VIKING at checkout for a 15% discount on your ENTIRE Order). You’re looking for roughly 250 mcg per day. Options for dosing your Dirty Little Hamster are Oral, Subcutaneous (SubQ), and Intramuscular (IM). I believe SubQ would be the way to go, but some say you have to inject near the injured site, others that SubQ anywhere is fine, and still others that swear if it’s simply ingested it will work.

      10 MG Version: Reconstitute with 2 ML of Bacteriostatic water. Once Reconstituted, every tiny line on the insulin syringe is 100 mcg. Need 250 mcg per day. Therefore, you’d need roughly 3 lines a day. As you’ll see, this is a very small amount.

      NOTE: If that’s too small to dose properly for you, double the Bacteriostatic Water to 4 ML and then you’d administer 6 lines on the insulin syringe each day.


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      I just ordered from PureRawz and should have my BPC-157 later this week.

      Using this peptide calculator

      It says that for a 250mg dose I would use 4ml Bac Water and then inject 1 IU

      My Easy Touch 30 gauge syringe has 10 ticks per IU and 100 ticks for the whole thing.

      Please advise.

      Thanks for all you do, I am learning a great deal from you. Plus the VIKING code saved me 50 bucks.


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      Sam Ridgeway

      Thank you Max.

      Your calculator works out to the exact same dose as I posted. Reconstitute a 10 mg vial of BPC with 2 ML of Bacteriostatic water. Each small line on your syringe will 100 mcg. Therefore, in order to do 250 mcg, you’d do roughly 3 small ticks on the syringe. It’s a very little amount. If you put 4 ML of water into the vial, as you suggested in your post, you’d simply double the required liquid to get the same dose… so you’d do 6 small lines on the insulin syringe if you used 4 ML of water.

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      Thanks for all the info you put out, I’ve learned a lot. Can you mix BPC-157 in the same syringe with say, HGH or other peptides? I assume it’s ok, but don’t know for sure.

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        Sam Ridgeway

        Thank you! Yes, it’s perfectly fine to do that. Your Test Subject won’t know the difference.

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          Sorry, my comment was in regards to his 100 tick syringe. Most are 5 ticks per unit, therefore 100 mcg per tick is right.

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        I believe your math might be off. 10mg in 2ml means that each full syringe of 1ml has 5mg of the peptide. Tha means each line on the syringe is actually 50mcg. It would be 25mcg per line in 4ml of bac. 10 lines to get 250 therefore makes sense. You were probably thinking 1ml of bac. Then each line is a 100mcg.

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      Sam, I just ordered the 5ml BPC-157(10ml our of stock) but not sure if this is ready for use or needs to be reconstituted? I noticed it mentioned a syringe is included but does it also come with the bacteriostatic water or do I need to purchase this separate? I’m very new to this and have never injected anything into my body before so Really want to get it right the first time! I’m rather nervous doing this but also desperate to heal joints and tendons that my dr can’t seem to fix and have suffered with for years with now.

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      robert clayton

      I would like 5mg of bpc 157 and enough bacteriostatic water and a needle to use it. What is the total? How do I start the order.’
      Robert Clayton. CEO at Greenfrog nutrition.

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        Sam Ridgeway

        It depends on which route you want to go. If you want it Doctor Prescribed, you’ll go through my Hormone Clinic, VIKING ALTERNATIVE. You will need to submit labs and get a phone consultation. You don’t have to come to our office. This is the legal way, with a doctor’s prescription, and you get Pharmaceutical Grade BPC 157: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vwq2IQM8Tw&feature=youtu.be

        The second way is to go through a Peptide/SARM company like http://www.PureRawz.co. This doesn’t require a prescription or consultation. Here’s the link to the BPC: https://purerawz.co/product/bpc-157-lyophilized-powder-10mg/. You can get bacteriostatic water and syringes from them, or you can search Viking Talk on this website, in the Supplies category, and get links to those items from U.S. vendors.

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      You can also consider adding CBD to improve recovery. CBD is known to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms, relieve pain and anxiety. Thus, there is no question that it can be a great supplement for people who like training and exercising intensively.

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      Nelson Dela

      can I reconstitute BPC 157 then use that to reconstitue the TB 500 powder?

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      Andy Orwig

      I have syringes for my normal TRT. Will they also work? If I don’t need to purchase insulin syringes I’d be happy.

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      Hello I bought 10 mg box 157 and I need to do 800 mcg a day how much bac to make it easy

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        2ml of water gives you 50mcg per little line on the syringe. 16 of those will get you 800, but that might be overkill. You can achieve the same effect with 500 i think. If you are set on 800, simply use only one 1ml syringe to reconstitute your powder and then each line is 100mcg. 8 lines will do you.

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          My math here was for a 100 tick syringe, sorry. Most are 50 ticks. You need to half all my numbers. Sorry!

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        Hi. I have a 5mg of the bpc157. If I add 2ml of bac how much will each line be? I’m planning on taking a 250mcg doses, I believe that’s correct. I’m very new so any help would be appreciated.

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      Mike Smith

      I’ve got a 6mg vial and dose of .250. Would that be 3ML of the water? thank you!!

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      Brian Ruggiero

      If I am mixing PR BPC-157 5mg/TB500 5mg how much bac should I reconstitute with? And how many CC and how often to help with tendinitis in my forearms? Thank you.

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      I’m about to have surgery to repair torn bicep. I have 10mg on hand of BPC and TB 500
      what should dosing look like post op?
      – thanks

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